Omg I’m a loser…

Hey fam, I totally forgot that Scout is on vacation until…just now. So no post today. I’m so sorry, guys!!! I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise.

Love from Prof

18 thoughts on “Omg I’m a loser…

  1. Speaking of losers, how ’bout that Shane Greene 9th yesterday. Can you spell b-l-o-w, boys and girls? I know you didn’t think we’d inch back up to .400. I love losing to the Chi-Sox after splitting a series with the Yanks. Speaking of, it looks like the AL Central decided to give some brutal losses to the AL Beast just because we can, even if we suck. I only wish we could play spoiler this season. R-E-S-P-E- sit down, child, you are embarrassing us.

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  2. In their never-ending quest to fail to escape the Strange Attractor, the Nats have made it to 69-69 (with a +68 run differential), a record that has prompted many “nice” comments on Twitter, where everyone is a twelve year old boy.

    Soon to be former (probably) Nat Bryce Harper managed to overcome his tuberculosis (seriously, he’s been battling some kind of nasty cough for a week or more) long enough to hit a game-tying home run in the ninth and a walk-off sac fly in the tenth, no doubt causing The Best Fans In Baseball to cry into their Budweisers and Busches.

    Harper’s heroics spared Max Scherzer (7IP, 3ER, 4H, 11K, 1BB) yet another ignominious defeat in a game where the Nats went 1-10 with RISP and managed to strand 15 baserunners, a number that would be considered eye-popping for most teams, but is just par for the course for the soon to be golfing Nats this year.

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