He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/26/18

Prof: Happy Monday, FI Fam. How was your weekend? I chose today’s music. I hope you aren’t too surprised! Emo kids might become adults but we’re rarely well-adjusted. Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great day. Let’s get started.


Yankees 5, Orioles 3 – Scouts: Nothing quite like a trip to Baltimore to help rejuvenate your playoff hopes and aspirations.  New York picked up their 8th win out of their last 9 and drop the deficit to a paltry 6 games behind Boston.  So close, yet still so far.

Phillies 8, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Rhys Hoskins and Carlos Santana went back-to-back in the first to set the tone for this one.  Kendrys Morales went yard for a 7th straight game, one shy of a MLB record.


White Sox 7, Tigers 2Prof: Michael Kopech was called up last week and while he pitched well in his first outing, he was foiled by his teammates whose lousy efforts caused him to get a no decision. However, in yesterday’s outing, Kopech continued his impressive debut in the bigs with a win – six innings, one earned run, and four strikeouts. – Scouts:

Nationals 15, Mets 0Prof: Well. This was a thing. The Nationals had gone 32 straight innings without scoring, but then Juan Soto’s ground out lead to a Treat Urner run and it was on like Donkey Kong. The eighth inning saw Soto walked with the bases loaded, and Bryce Harper hitting a three RBI double, among other delights. In the ninth inning, Spencer Kieboom was also walked with the bases loaded. What a mess.


Braves 4, Marlins 0Scouts: Tell me if you’ve heard this one before.  Starting pitcher leaves Baltimore and Suddenly looks like a damn Ace.  Kevin Gausman went 5 allowing just a single hit setting the bullpen up to complete the shutout over Miami.

Red Sox 1, Rays 9Prof: So, it took until August, but the Red Sox was finally swept, and they were swept by the Tampa Bay Sea Creatures. Blake Snell, the forgotten ace, gets his sixteenth win of the season. The only Boston run was off a Mookie Betts sac fly.

Pirates 4, Brewers 7Prof: Oh, I remember when Braves Twitter was mad at the front office for choosing Kevin Gausman over Chris Archer, and were upset when Archer went to Pittsburgh. It feels like the Braves made the wise choice. Archer gets another loss after giving up six runs in the third inning with no redemption to be found. Taters mashed by the Moose, Jonathan Schoop, and Manny Piña.

Athletics 6, Twins 2Scouts: Matt Chapman went deep twice, helping Oakland complete the series win over the Twins.


Spiders 12, Royals 5Prof: This was a good weekend for Jason Kipnis. He hit an inside-the-park homer and four RBI in this game, and hit his 100th home run of his career during this series. It’s a big achievement in Kipnis’ career. Shane Bieber (whose Players’ Weekend Nickname was “Not Justin”) got his eighth win of the season.

Reds 0, Cubs 9Prof: David Bote is just killing it. The replacement third baseman is making it difficult for the Cubs to justify sending him back once Kris Bryant comes off the DL. Bote hit an RBI single and a two run homer in this win. The Mighty Schwarbs also hit a two run homer. Homer Bailey took the L, and is now 1-12 on the season. Good god, that’s some kind of terrible.

Cardinals 12, Rockies 3Prof: Matt Carpenter… possible NL MVP candidate? I think so. Lately he’s been playing on a different level, and last night was no different. Carpenter hit four doubles in the game and drove in two RBI.


Rangers 1, Giants 3Scouts: Steven Duggar left smoke on the base-baths legging out a two-run stand-up triple in the second that you just have to see.


Astros 3, Angels 1Scouts: Framber Valdez picked up his first career win as a starter, just 5 days after picking up his first career win as a relief pitcher.  All he had to do was hold the Angels to a pair of hits and a single run over 5 innings.  The win was Houston’s 5th in a row.

Padres 3, Dodgers 7Scouts: Justin Turner racked up 5 RBI on the day, and Manny Machado chiped in with a homer on his end as the Dodgers picked up a much needed series sweep of San Diego.  L.A. is still in third place in the division, but is now just 2.5 games back in a race that looks to go down to the wire.

Mariners 2, Diamondbacks 5Prof: I did not know this, and I’m impressed – Paul Goldschmidt has now hit thirty homers in the season. My boy Zack Greinke gained a win finally, after a month of trying, and the Gritty Snakes clawed a win out of the Arizona desert.



7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/26/18

  1. The Nats outscoring the Mets 15-6 in a three game series but losing two of three while doing so is peak 2018 Nats.

    Interim closer Kelvin Herrera pitching the 9th in a 15-0 blowout (pre-ordained, because he hadn’t pitched in five days and wanted/needed the work) and hurting his foot to such a degree that he’ll be out for a while is even peak-er 2018 Nats.

    Then, there’s this:

    In which Mr. Svrluga makes an argument for the Nats to sign Harper now, and includes a hypothetical contract of 10 years, $280 million, with opt-outs after years 4 and 5, that seems oddly specific enough to make me wonder if perhaps one side isn’t using him to float trial balloons. Regardless of what happens, the Harper domino has to fall early so that the Nats can execute on their winter plans.


    1. Ouch, someguy. Calcaterra had nicknamed them the Washington Deadcats, and I commented we would see how high of a “dead cat bounce” we would get. Not too high, evidently.

      I feel your pain, but I wonder if at this point just hanging onto Harper cures many ills. This just feels like an underachieving team that needs to get blown up. I may be way off base, but it seems like you have enough valuable pieces that it could be a quick rebuild.

      My condolences otherwise.


      1. I’m of the opinion that this will be a reload, not a rebuild.

        Let’s say Harper leaves in free agency… That’s going to mean that the Nats willl enter the off-season with roughly $110MM committed to guys currently on the roster, and here’s what that roster could look like:

        OF – Eaton, Soto, Victor Robles, Taylor – those first three will cost about $12MM per year, combined, through 2021, and they’ll need a 5th OF

        IF – Rendon, Turner, Difo/Kendrick (if recovered from Achilles tear), Zimmerman – they’ll need to sign a Matt Adams-type to platoon with Zimmerman, and Carter Kieboom is waiting in the wings to learn how to play 2B if necessary.

        Rotation – Scherzer, Strasburg, Roark (who’s been brilliant since the ASG), Joe Ross (back from TJ), others, definitely need to find a mid-rotation guy here, preferably a lefty.

        Catcher – shrug

        Bullpen – Doolittle is still here, plus some other younger guys that have shown promise, but they always need to find arms

        Can you sign a mid-rotation lefty, some bullpen arms, a catcher, a Matt Adams type, and a 5th OF, and maybe have money left over to extend Rendon for, say, $70MM? I think so.

        Alternatively, they sign a free agent outfielder (could be Harper, could be others), trade Robles and other pieces to the Marlins for Realmuto to address catcher, and figure out the money for the rest.

        They should compete for years; might not win the division in any given year, but they should be competitive.


        1. They’re nuts not to pick up Realmuto. The Feesh have no use for him down there in the basement, where they’re going to wallow for a long time. And by the time this season limps to its conclusion and they tally up the gate, what he’d win in arbitration ought to brown their accountants’ trousers. He’d be a tremendous spark for the Gnats – and he wants out so badly he’d play his ass orf for ye.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. The emergence of Stassi as a viable option has changed the equation somewhat, but I see the Astros as being in the mix for Realmuto. I don’t expect them to re-up with The Sheriff (aka McCann), and their minor league depth is poor at catcher.

          They could definitely use better defense at the position.


        3. Because the Nats are currently playing the Phillies, and because nostalgia is a helluva drug, Wilson Ramos is being pined for as a once and future Nats catcher in some quarters, his lack of speed on the basepaths notwithstanding.

          The coming market for free agent catchers is so thin it’s anorexic, so the Nats are going to have pay dearly, either in cash to one of the few FAs out there, or in prospects to the Marlins for Realmuto, if they really want to address the position.


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