He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/20/18

Prof: Today’s musical selection is a bit obscure. While I’m not a huge fan of this band on the whole, Anberlin came out with an album called “Cities” in 2007 which became one of my favorites. In the interests of trying to post music y’all might not be familiar with, I’m posting a few of the songs I like most in today’s recap.

Giants 2, Mets 1 F/13Prof: The Mets keep finding a way to be stupid, I swear. The left fielder and the shortstop must have been wearing industrial strength magnets, as they ran into each other, causing the shortstop to drop the ball and allow Andrew McCutchen to score the winning run. If you can find video of this stupid play, watch it and feel bad for Mets fans.


Rangers 0, Athletics 9Scouts: Oakland was the complete package in this one, allowing just 3 hits, while racking up 9 runs.  Mike Fiers went 7 very strong, 1 hit innings, and Ramon Laureano hit a pair of homers as Oakland is looking really strong in the West these days.

Cardinals 5, Dodgers 3Scouts: The Dodgers are in quite a bit of a lull right now, and if they don’t get it together really soon, they will find themselves the best team sitting at home come playoff time.  Closer Kenley Jansen made his return yesterday, only to be welcomed by a blown save, a loss, and a pair of solo homers given up.  He also wakes up to find his team currently two games back to the, you guessed it, Cardinals for the final Wild Card spot.  A extremely costly inning indeed.


Astros 4, Mariners 7Scouts: Robinson Cano is officially back, after launching a three-run homer in the 8th to put the M’s up for good in this one.  Houston is suddenly looking extremely vulnerable.

Braves 1, Pirates 0Prof: Yet another young kid literally old enough to be my son made his pitching debut for the Braves last night. This time, it was Bryse Wilson, a kid who was pitching for his high school team two years ago. Wilson, 20, was called up Monday morning and ended up winning his MLB debut  on foreign soil (that is, Pittsburgh). Chris Archer – another pitcher that the Braves had been rumored to be after – left the game early after tweaking an injury during an at-bat. Archer gets the loss as he had given up an RBI single to Nick Markakis in the first inning.


Orioles 3, Blue Jays 5Scouts: Kendrys Morales hit a pair of homers and the O’s got one game closer to that top draft pick I’m sure they will screw up.

Spiders 5, Red Sox 4Prof: Rick Porcello is back to his old tricks, but I’m going to give him a pass because he was hit by a line drive. It’s just that afterwards he coughed up a huge home run to a Cleveland player named Greg Allen. Who is that? I’ve been paying attention to the Magical Team from Cleve all season and I don’t recall this guy at all. Anyway, Porcello gets the loss, and the Klubot gets the win and a share of glory as he is now tied for most wins in the majors (sixteen).


Royals 0, Rays 1Prof: In a matchup between two boring teams, the winner is the one who falls asleep last. I guess in this case it was the Tampa Bay Sea Creatures, as a single from Willy Adames drove home Joey Wendle.

White Sox 8, Twins 5Scouts: The Twin’s number 5 prospect had himself a rough outing, lasting just 1.1 innings, and allowing 4 runs.  Matt Davidson picked up 3 RBI, including a two-run homer.

Reds 2, Brewers 5Prof: Before we get into last night’s matchup, let’s talk about Homer Bailey. I always find it amazing that Bailey has two no-hitters and is such a terrible pitcher overall. His no-hitters prove that on any given day any major league player has what it takes to be a hero. Especially when you think about his performance this season: Bailey is currently 1-11 and has an ERA of 6.21. We all know wins/losses are bogus, but if you’re like me you can use it as shorthand. I mean, obviously you look at the other stats as well, but very rarely does a good pitcher have a record like 1-11, no matter what other circumstances there are. Also, Homer Bailey is 32 years old and he looks like Bizarro Gary Cooper in High Noon. ANYWAY. So many home runs from both sides – for Cincinnati it was Phillip Ervin and Eugenio Suarez; for Milwaukee it was Travis Shaw and Christian Yelich.



10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/20/18

  1. One of those abbreviated Mondays of baseball. The Gnats doubtless awakened with hangovers so it’s just as well they got to sleep this one orf. Today the bruised and battered Borg with the Iron Giant, who incredibly seems to be the only one of them who has not been injured this season, visit Macondo Banana Massacre Field, which means they’ll push local attendance into double digits for the first time since Bark at the Park (I suspect they counted the dogs for that one). Pleasant irony for non-Borg fans: remember the Bomber blogs at the time of the trade – “Insane, he’s always injured” and “Give him a few weeks to sprain something’? So of course he’s healthy all season but a contagion of injuries sweeps through the rest of the team.

    There is nothing simple about karma. Shantih, shantih, shantih Borg fans.

    Speaking of dogs, Chef Amina made up a bunch of authentic French hot dogs for yours truly, who took the clan to Cote Gourmet for brunch on Sunday to celebrate my daughter’s selection of a wedding dress (the big date is April 20, which also happens to be my wife’s birthday). Chelsea (my daughter) remembered buying these monsterae deliciosa (that’s a translinguistic botanical pun, by the way) orf the wooden carts by the Paris opera house when she was around twelve years old. Note: I figgered since I didn’t have a game to discuss, I could at least discuss hot dogs, this being a baseball blog and all.

    And the Feesh? They’re thinking that if they could beat the Gnats maybe they have a shot at turning their season around (right, I know, but that’s how the Feesh think). With two consecutive wins under their belt for the first time since before the all star break, they really shouldn’t be thinking about turning around.

    PS – what happened to the rest of “there is algebra in gasoline”?

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  2. To say the Astros “suddenly look vulnerable” is to be generous in assessment. They have looked pretty damn vulnerable for a month now, and the last two weeks are supremely awful. Any vestige of timely hitting has abandoned them, and suddenly a couple of those tremendous starters they initiated the season with are looking tired.
    Oakland is playing way over their heads. A one-game play date with the Yankees is suddenly looking all-too-possible for the AL West big dogs.


  3. Mets just served that one up on a platter to the Giants. Two errors, and the horrific “relief”.
    Anberlin, interesting music, thanks prof.
    Most of you are back east, no? Check out Cave In (I like the Jupiter era stuff)- Mass. band.

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    1. How twoo, how twoo. That play was just soggy with nostalgia.

      Of all the Massachusetts bands, I remain obsessively loyal to Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Here’s why:


    2. Thanks pal. I’ll have to give that band a shot. Always looking for new tunes. 🙂

      That Mets play is like a metaphor for their whole season.


      1. A little history. The Modern Lovers’ keyboardist was Jerry Harrison, who joined Talking Heads when the first iteration of Modern Lovers broke up in 1974. Jonathan Richman went to to all sorts of fame, including his fifty-or-so-chorus marathon of his song “Ice Cream Man” at the famous New York punk club CBGB. He is best unrecognized for his stint as the deus ex machina (IE, the arboreal guitarist-singer in the banded sweater in There’s Something about Mary, for which he wrote the title tune.


    1. I think what Fiers did to keep the Astros well ahead in 2017 while they recovered from pitching injuries was underrated. He has trouble putting together a great full season, but he will chew up those innings for a team. That ability is not valued as much as it should be.

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  4. Last night was disappointing. Gonzales was making his MLB debut at 6:10 instead of the usual 7:10, meaning that I would likely be conscious for the whole thing. A gal derned rain delay happens and by the time I time I tune in, because I’m watching something else while I wait, the young man’s night is already ruined. Star Trek Voyager reruns don’t suffer from rain delays, why should baseball?! Put a roof on the thing!!! My cheap ass big ass TV demands justice!!!

    Oh well, first pitch in 40 minutes and Manafort has gone done and Cohen has flipped. The wheel of life.


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