Bits and Pieces Dog Days of August Weekend Edition

Some weeks ago we looked at the possibility that we will end up with three one hundred win teams and three one hundred loss teams. Since we’re at the 3/4th point of the regular season I thought I’d check in to see how the last leg of this historical race looks.

The Race To The Bottom

To lose a hundred or more teams must achieve a winning percentage of .383 or lower and we still do have three teams soaring along at that pace or lower. The Fightin O’s are taking advantage of their proximity to the Yankees and Red Sox to maintain a sterling .295 pace and are playing solid 200 ball recently. The Royals are close behind with a .303 mark and are playing steady 300 ball. The White Sox still meet the mark with a .372 mark but have tarnished themselves with a recent 3 win streak.

Even more exciting there’s a good possibility that we could wind up with as many as 5 or 6 teams in the hunt for glory as the Marlins (.387) and Padres (.384) begin to make their move. The Tigers (.407) are also suddenly showing great promise. The Marlins have ripped off 6 loses in a row and with the exception of a White Sox team fighting to avoid notoriety of any sort, you have to look back at least a few days to find a slip towards win 63.


Phillies 4 Mets 2 | Yankees 7 Blue Jays 5 | Nationals 8 Marlins 2

The Race To The Top.

This one’s dicer.  To win a hundred or more a teams has to sport a winning percentage of at least .617. The Red Sox (.707) are a shoo in and the Yankees (.623) are still a solid bet, but Stex’s boys (.607) have slipped. Hopefully the Astros will get it going but if not the surging Athletics (.598) may be able to pick them up.

Sadly this may or may not happen as the National League’s socialist proclivities just won’t let go. You’d think that at least Evil Empire Midwest or Evil Empire West would rise to the occasion but alas there is not a single team with at least a 600 or better record over in the no like see ball go far league.

Stay tuned.

Cubs 1 Pirates 0 | Indians 2 Orioles 1 | Reds 2 Giants 1

Catchers Pitching

So far, 43 different position players have accounted for 54 pitching appearances this season. That’s already the most position players to appear as pitchers in a season since 1961 when the regular season was increased to 162 games. Do the math and by season’s end it will be our pleasure to watch a position player relive his high school glory days when he was the big star at any position he wanted to play, 72 times. Oh well, if it’s a boring blowout why not have some fun. They’d never do that in football.

If you want a breakdown on how that’s been working out (not so good) hit the link below.

Red Sox 7 Rays 3 | Rockies 11 Braves 5 | Rangers 6 Angels 4

Borg Moon Shots

A while ago the Borg were on the way to break the team single season home run record. I think I’ll go over and see if they still are. Back in a few minutes.

The Mariners set the record with 264 in 1997. The Yankees are currently sitting at 197 which puts them on a pace to finish at, just a sec,…262. And Judge is out with a wrist injury. Looks like close but no cigar. Oh well, don’t forget to enjoy your wild card death match.

White Sox 9 Royals 3 | Twins 5 Detroit 4 | Cardinals 5 Brewers 2

A Season Comes To An End

I briefly met three year old Eric at the second birthday party of his cousin, who we have been taking care of since he was ten weeks old. At the time Eric, who was shortly to become two, was undergoing chemo etc. The outlook was grave but hopeful. In the last week the doctors have said that the tumor has grown and expanded to a point in the spinal cord which leaves them with no further treatment options. They forecast that a shunt previously emplaced will mostly alleviate his pain for the next three or four weeks. After that pain medication will have to be increasingly used and that his life is likely to end in the next several months.

If you were his dad or mom what would you tell him over the next few weeks while he is still as cognitively functional as a three year old can be? His parents are non religious and have no beautifully embellished fairy tells with which to enthrall him. Do you tell him nothing, let him enjoy his favorite toys and treats without limit for as long as possible, and let him slip into the unconsciousness of his pain treatments and then into death without letting him know what is coming? Eric will not live long enough to develop enough to understand that Santa Claus is just an idea, and that that idea is love. I have no answer.

But if I get the chance and have the courage I will tell his father that I know from the death of my daughter that he will never ever get over it, but it will become a part of him and that that part will be the best part of him, and Eric will never die.

Athletics 4 Astros 3 (F/10) | Dodgers 11 Mariners 1 | Diamondbacks 9 Padres 4

9 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Dog Days of August Weekend Edition

  1. Heartbreaking, happy. Some choices are losses in having to make them.

    And, for some teams, we should be talking elimination numbers — unless you want the end to pass quietly.


    1. It looks like it became mathematically impossible for the Orioles to catch the Red Sox about ten games ago, they are on the cusp of the same with regards to the Yankees, and three or four games away from the same with regards to the Astros and Athletics. It’s probably already too late to break through the morphine and let them know.


  2. It would be good if we had relegation in MLB. Send ’em to AAA if they lose 100, that would change some strategies pretty fast. Speaking of bad teams, I wondered whether, in this age of WAR consciousness, the entire Royals or Orioles roster could be thought of as “replacement level?” Would that make them a “replacement-level team?” (Or, a WART.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I find it very interesting that the guys who were “successful” (at it was) on the Orioles’ roster were traded and kinda went pffffft, whereas Kevin Gausman and Brad Brach, for example, have very nearly blossomed from being away from that godawful pitching situation. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ll continue to say it until people actually pay attention: Roger McDowell is a terrible pitching coach and should not be anywhere near a young, developing staff or anyone who has ever had surgery.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I agree. I lived in Britain long enough to be convinced that being dumped from the Premiership was always more costly to somnambulistic ownership than spending the money to improve their team.

      By the way, speaking of somnambulistic ownership, I thought immediately of our guy in Virginia when I saw how the Feesh pounded the Gnats’ pitching staph infection today. That’s…that’s…unnatural. Gio Gonzalez got handed his ass like nobody since Rozhestvensky at Tsushima. He was left in to absorb an eight run shellacking in four plus innings and the boolpen, mostly Tommy Milone, coughed up four more.

      I don’t know whether you can pound Rizzo for sitting on his thumbs at the trade deadline or whether the Lerners cut him orf at the knees and left him unable to deal. It was pretty obvious to everyone that the Gnats needed some pitching help, especially in the pen. But nothing. Is Harper gonna wanna resign with this organization? Could New York take a Mormon seriously?

      The Feesh are finally making their move (giggle)!

      Liked by 1 person

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