He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/16/18

Prof: It’s appropriate that it’s a Girl Power Friday because we have lost the undeniable Queen of Soul, the woman whose powerful voice changed popular music as we know it. Today we’re paying tribute to the irreplaceable, supremely talented Aretha Franklin. I chose my favorite Aretha tunes, please feel free to put your favorites in the comments.

Cubs 1, Pirates 0Prof: Ian Happ’s solo homer was all Chicago needed to rise above divisional rival Pittsburgh. Jon Lester gets the win and eight strikeouts on the night.

Nationals 5, Cardinals 4Scouts: Probably a little too late, but the Nats finally won one.  They are going to have to win a whole lot more if they want any chance at doing anything this year.  Royce Harper drove in three runs and Tanner Roark was able to do just enough to eek out a win.


Rockies 5, Braves 3Scouts: Ronald Acuna Jr was able to return and lead the game off with a single.  The coward who assaulted him, Jose Urena, was suspended a pathetic, wussy ass 6 games by the cowardly Commissioner, which for a starting pitcher is basically nothing.  A meaningless slap on the wrist that will do NOTHING to stop this sort of assault in the future, and will only increase the odds the Braves take matters into their own hands in the future.  Good job you pansy-ass fraidy-cat.

Any ways, the Rockies picked up 3 in the 9th thanks to a combination of Brad Brach’s less-than stellar pitching and some less-than good fielding.


wtf blond dudeMets 24, Phillies 4 (Game 1)Prof: What the hell happened in this game? I mean… seriously. What the everloving hell is this game? Here are some of the highlights for this ridiculous matchup:

  • Joey Bats hit a grand slam.
  • The Mets score ten in the fifth inning alone.
  • Did I mention Joey Bats also had seven RBI?
  • New York set a franchise record for most runs in a game.
  • The Phillies were so demoralized they used not one but two position players to pitch for the final three innings.
  • The Phillies also had four errors.
  • Catcher Kevin Plawecki went 4-4 and had three RBI.
  • Even relief pitcher Jerry Blevins got in on the offensive act, with an RBI of his own.


Mets 6, Phillies 9 (Game 2)Scouts: Philly was able to recover from their brutal murder earlier in the day and after starting the game 2-0, they scored 3 in the first and 3 in the second.  It was all downhill from there.  Steven Matz is now 5-10 with a 4.60 ERA.


Angels 6, Rangers 8Scouts: A 4 run 8th wasn’t even the best part of this game.  We had a triple play in the 4th.  This was some true little league stuff that involved a lot of embarrassing base-running by the Angels.  If you can call it that.


Blue Jays 2, Royals 6Prof: After a short delay of game, the Royals were able to get one over on Toronto. Good performances from Whit Merrifield, Jorge Bonifacio, and Rosell Herrera.


Tigers 8, Twins 15Scouts: Big day for big numbers.  By the end of the second the Twins had 8 on the board, and followed up with a 7 run 6th.  Of course all anyone wants to talk about is Nick Castellanos’s bat flip.


Rays 3, Yankees 1Prof: Blake Snell is the forgotten ace. I even forget that he’s still playing for Tampa Bay, if I’m honest. But he’s at a respectful 14-5 for the season, and helped lead his team to a series win at Yankee Stadium; the first for the team since 2014.

Diamondbacks 5, Padres 1Scouts: Clay Buchholz was spotted 5 runs before he even stepped on the field, and took it and ran.  Buchholz threw a complete game allowing just 1 solo home run and 5 hits.


10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/16/18

  1. RIP Queen Aretha…

    A few years ago, I was an avid golfer of fair to middlin’ ability, and then I stopped playing the game for several years due to other life commitments. I started back up again this year, and every now and then I see vestiges of what my game used to be, and what it will hopefully someday be again. I’ll be embarrassingly bad for several holes, play a few where I look competent or even good, then struggle again, etc.

    So it goes with the Nats this season, where a game like last night serves as a reminder that Tanner Roark has been a serviceable 3rd starter and can be again someday, perhaps as soon as next year, and that the Nats overall can one day be a good team again, also perhaps as soon as next year. However, just like needing to finish with two birdies to break 100, winning now, when they’re eight back with only forty left, is too little, too late for this year.

    Golf’s fun again, though…

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  2. A pissant swap on on the wist fwom the Commisioner. Urena is a lowlife. 3-12, 4.74 ERA, so that’s how he pitches. I can’t wait until the gutless wonder faces the Barves again.

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