He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/15/18

Prof: I’m sure you all want to know my thoughts about the Marlins and Braves game. Well, friends, this is a family website and I pride myself on trying to be decent on here, so I’m not going to recap that. ūüėõ Just know that I am…. heated. Scout will be doing the write up on that one. I will let my captain, the irreplaceable Frederick C. Freeman, speak for me:


Red Sox 4, Phillies 7Prof: Big night for Philadelphia, holding off the best team in baseball handily. Bad night for Joe Kelly who gets the loss even though he only gave up one run – it’s just that the one run was the one that kinda put the Phillies over the edge. Big debut for Wilson Ramos, who slipped on the pinstripes for the first time and had 3 hits and 3 RBI on the night.


Mets 16, Orioles 5Scouts: Man, when you let the Mets hang 16 on you, it’s time to rethink some things in your life.¬† Whoof.¬† Three triples in a smaller ballpark.¬† A grand slam.¬† Brandon Nimmo had 5 hits alone.¬† Dylan Bundy, what happened to you brother?¬† You were supposed to be the one bright spot on the roster.¬† Just yuck.

Rays 6, Yankees 1Prof:

  • Looks at the Yankees lineup.
  • Looks at the Rays lineup.
  • Looks again.
  • Huh.

Tampa took New York behind the woodshed last night, and I’m still not sure why. Could be because Aaron Judge is still out of the lineup, but that shouldn’t affect Stanton and the other guys. The Yankees pitching in this game, though, was lousy. Two guys with ERAs over 5 isn’t going to help your cause.

Spiders 4, Reds 3Prof: I was so mad about the Braves game that when I was writing up the scores on this one I forgot to write Spiders, haha. My small child, Scooter Gennett, went 2-4 in the loss, which is better than Joey Votto who was 0-4. The Magical Land of Cleve won off of a Melky Cabrera home run in the sixth inning.

Marlins 2, Braves 5Scouts: Spineless.¬† Gutless.¬† Petulant.¬† Childish.¬† MLB needs to step up here and make a statement that cowardly acts like Jose Urena performed last night needs to stop right here and right now.¬† One of the brightest young stars in the game was assaulted right before our very eyes, for simply doing his job well.¬† It’s utter bullshit.¬† Thankfully the Braves were able to keep their heads and not get themselves further punished while they are pushing for the playoffs.¬† Meanwhile, the Marlins who are going no where fast, have nothing to lose.¬† Urena after the game gave the same bullshit excuse of “I was just trying to come inside”, which we all know is a load of crap.¬† That pitch was 100% intentional and he needs to be sat down long and hard by MLB for his despicable, deplorable actions.¬† Enough is enough.

Bonus outrage: Keith Hernandez.  You need to shut the hell up you disgusting human being.

Rockies 1, Astros 12Prof: This is what’s called a butt kicking. It was over in the second inning, if we really want to be honest. At that time Houston was up by six, thanks in part to multi-RBI performances from Carlos Correa and Yuri Gurriel, and a sac fly from Alex Bregman. It was all down hill from there. The only Colorado score was off the bat of Trevor Story. Evan Gattis and Tyler White each hit two home runs.

Blue Jays 6, Royals 5Scouts: Curtis Granderson launched a grand slam in the fourth as part of a 5 run inning that pretty much buried the Royals right then and there.  KC attempted a comeback in the 9th, but came up short.


Nationals 2, Cardinals 4Scouts: Things just keep getting worse and worse for the Nats.  The Cards hung their 8th consecutive win over them in a game that was no where near as close as the final score would indicate.

White Sox 6, Tigers 5Prof: First things first – our dear friend and fellow FI blogger Historio contacted me today and let me know that she’s having problems with WordPress! So that’s why she hasn’t been commenting or posting lately. Of course, that has nothing to do with why Detroit lost this game against the White Sox. That has everything to do with Jose Abreu and Matt Davidson, who each hit a two run homer.

Pirates 4, Twins 6Prof: Chris Archer currently has a 5.65 ERA and allowed four of the Twins’ six runs in this game. However, he gets the no decision because Ervin Santana just didn’t smell baseball enough. This was a sloppy, error filled game. I bet it was hard to watch.


Brewers 4, Cubs 8Prof: Well, the Cubs are now three games ahead in the NL Central. Anthony Rizzo had himself a day, though. Rizz went 2-5, had a homer and three RBI. Jason Heyward went 3-5 and had two RBI. My question is this – what happens when Kris Bryant can return to the team? What will they do with David Bote, who has really made the most of his callup? I certainly wouldn’t want the team to send him back down – he’s outplaying a lot of the regulars.

Mariners 2, A’s 0 F/12Prof: That’s right – scoreless in regulars, it took Dee Gordon to hit a home run. Please reflect on this. Dee Gordon. A man who has hit 12 dingers in his career. Wild.


Angels 3, Padres 2Scouts: Rene Rivera returned from a three month DL stint, and boy did he bring the fireworks.  Rivera homered to break a tie in the 9th and give the Halos another feel good victory.

Giants 3, Dodgers 4 F/12Scouts: LA ended a 5 game slump in walk-off fashion, delivering a sac-fly in the 12th by Brian Dozier.  The game only went into extras because the bullpen gave up a game-tying three-run homer to Andrew McCutchen in the 8th.

14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/15/18

  1. What happened last night Acuna was absolute horseshit, just as it has been absolute horseshit every other time a young player (or any player, really) has been thrown at as some sort of ritual indoctrination into the game, or just for being good at baseball, or because unwritten rules. It needs to stop, but I’m sure it won’t, because again, unwritten rules. I applaud the Braves for their on-field restraint in not throwing at Realmuto or anyone else, because unlike the Marlins, the Braves have something to play for this year, and can’t risk suspensions or any injuries that might come from a brawl.

    As for the Nats, I’ll just quote our old friend Mr. Calcaterra from his site today:

    “Meanwhile, the Nats have been trailing by a lot of games for many weeks but this is the week we‚Äôll look back on and say ‘Yep, that‚Äôs when they broke. That‚Äôs when they gave up on the 2018 season.'”

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    1. I’m proud of my team, and as much crap as I have given Snitker I’m proud of him, too. He was defending our kid, and not unjustly.

      I understand pitching inside. I get it. My favorite pitchers made an art out of a scary fastball that made you jump back. But there’s a huge difference between a message and a straight up assault. Ure√Īa aimed and fired. There was no brush back, no inside. That was a shot to the elbow or the ribs and at 98 mph, the hardest he’s thrown all year. Spare me your fake apologies and your gutless excuses, you (redacted) spineless bastard. You are slime and a gutless weasel. I hope we go to Miami and defeat this worthless team so badly that people cry. I hope we beat them so soundly that the home run statue spontaneously erupts in flames.


      1. It’s difficult to make people cry when they don’t give a damn in the first place, Prof. Look at the Feesh website (especially if you’ve been having trouble falling asleep lately) and compare it to the Barves web site. The latter featured about four hundred comments (quite a few of which were idiot trolling but even so…) and the Feesh fan site featured – ready? Two original comments (one by me) and two replies to one of the original comments (one by me). So totally have the combined animadversions of Scrooge McLoria and Beep Beep laid waste to the South Florida baseball market that a discussion site once featuring many dozens of commenters is now down to maybe a half dozen at best. My guess is even if the Feesh began a totally improbable run to the postseason tonight, no one would care and no one would show up.

        Getting fans back into Macondo Banana Massacre Field would be like using DNA from frozen carcasses to clone mammoths and repopulate the Siberian tundra. The difference is, Russian biologists know how to clone a mammoth.

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        1. Maybe Donnie can cry. I don’t really care lol. Maybe they can bilingually cry so Jeter will pay attention.


  2. The Cleveland MLB team has distanced itself from it’s racist caricature logo and we’ve done a good job of even avoiding using their chosen name. So now let’s move on to another reference that has to stop. Why are the Braves using the hashtag ChopOn and not getting any heat for it? Isn’t that also disparaging to Native American culture as it paints them as savages? As the resident conservative in the FI family I am the furthest thing you will find from a SJW, but I also value consistency and I think it’s a bad move on the part of the Braves organization to use that.

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    1. I’m definitely not a fan of the Chop. ūüė¶ I think that a lot of people try to justify it by saying the Braves took it from Florida State. I don’t have a problem with the name, as it can be an honorific, but the Chop is kinda gross and I agree with you there.

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    2. Also, I HATE when we use the Screaming Brave iconography. It’s embarrassing. It undermines everything positive that we could do.


  3. Two topics for today: 1) how can the Orioles and Royals both be so damn bad? When the Mets repeatedly eviscerate you, you’re damn bad. And when Chris Davis is somehow still in your lineup……2) it’s interesting that Aretha passed away the day after everyone started yelling about pitching inside. We’re going to all hear “Respect” hourly today and yet the old-school baseball POV says you’ve got to pitch inside to “earn respect.” Our culture is certainly changing quickly these days (in some ways only, to be sure). I thought Urena either threw inside on his own or JarJar winked him on to it. And yet, it wasn’t a pitch up-and-in, which is the only thing that would’ve sown this level of outrage just a few years ago. I’m surprised Urena was tossed, and I’ll be surprised when he gets a long suspension for it. But I’m not surprised somehow that this will turn out to be the highlight of the Feeeesh’s season.

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      1. Ouch on Davis. In most cities that strategy would be called “rebuilding.” The truth of the matter is closer to “scuttling the ship to collect insurance money and then taking welfare to save your privately owned business.” As in, revenue sharing is helping to finance these teams that are tanking (in the guise of rebuilding) and it’s the only way they could “afford” to do it.


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