He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/14/18

Scouts: Not too much to talk about today. Guess we are at an end of Summer lull, just waiting for the season to change.  There was a bit of a fight in L.A.  Some rookies did some pretty cool things.  And Puerto Rico finally got power back, just in time for hurricane season.

Diamondbacks 6, Rangers 4Scouts: Patrick Corbin threw 7 innings allowing just three runs.  Paul Goldschmidt and Alex Avila both homered.  That’s pretty much how Arizona expects to win ballgames.

Pirates 2, Twins 5Scouts: The Twins have won 15 of their last 19 games at home.  It’s a shame it took them this long to finally wake up.  Hopefully this is something they can build upon for next season.


Rockies 5, Astros 1Prof: Nolan Arenado was the DH in this game. It was a good choice; he hit a two run homer in the sixth off of Justin Verlander and it was all a Rocky Mountain High from there.


Blue Jays 6, Royals 5Scouts: Kevin Pillar hit a two run homer in the 8th that was the deciding factor in this one.

Nationals 4, Cardinals 6Prof: John Gant, the pitcher of record for St. Louis, had never connected on a hit before. That is, until he matched up against Gio Gonzalez. Suddenly, John Gant was the newest member of the “Chicks Dig The Long Ball” Squad, with a two run solid home run in the second inning. Washington tried in the eighth to get a rally going, with a two run homer from Bryce Harper and an RBI single from Daniel Murphy, but it was too little, too late.

Mariners 2, Athletics 3Scouts: Mike Fiers held the Mariners to 2 runs over 6 innings, but the loss wasn’t the biggest blow to Seattle.  James Paxton was hit in the arm by a comebacker in the first and had to leave.  Felix Hernandez came on in relief and pitched pretty well considering, but the loss of Paxton could be devastating for the Mariners.

Giants 2, Dodgers 1Scouts: Benches cleared in this one as Yasiel Puig and Nick Hundley got into it after a foul ball in the 7th.  Seems Puig slapped at the bat after the foul, and Hundley pulled the bullshit “showing up the pitcher so we gotta fight” mantra, and well, we all know it doesn’t take much to push Puig over the edge.  Puig shoved Hundley twice, then ducked around teammates for a third slap/shove thing.  There was some pushing and shoving and a few guys ended up on the ground, but nothing too major came of it.  Both players were ejected, and Hundley was pretty irate over it, arguing that he didn’t throw a punch, but you can clearly read the lips of the home plate umpire saying “You started it.”  The game itself ended up being pretty mundane otherwise.  Alen Hanson singled in both of the Giant’s runs, one in the second, one in the 9th.  Manny Machado had a single RBI to tie it up in the 8th.


Angels 7, Padres 3Scouts: Taylor Ward made his MLB debut and went a very strong 2-3 with an RBI as the Angels took another one in San Diego.  Justin Upton remained hot, going 3-5 with a two-run homer.

Brewers 7, Cubs 0Prof: Lots of interesting things in this game. Jhoulys Chacin went seven and struck out ten Cubs. There were four Milwaukee dingers and two of them were hit by Ryan Braun (one of which was a super impressive 433 foot monster). On Chicago’s side, the normally mild-mannered Ben Zobrist was ejected from the game. Why? Because he told the home plate umpire that bad calls like the one Zobrist believed he got was why players wanted an electronic strike zone. Touchy much, Blue?


Mets 3, Orioles 6Prof: Good lord, how bad do you have to suck to be doubled up by the Orioles? To have Chris Davis – who laughs at the Mendoza Line – absolutely crush a homer off of you? Man, the Mets stink on toast.

Rays 1, Yankees 4Scouts: Things haven’t been looking so good in New York recently.  CC Sabathia is on the DL, Luis Severino has been slumping, so the Yanks really needed J.A Happ to step up, and boy did he.  He went 7 shutout inning, allowing just one hit to the Rays who are surprisingly a game over .500 even with the loss.

Red Sox 2, Phillies 1Prof: Rick Porcello must have heard about my trashing of him from the last time he took the mound, because he kicked ass and took names last night. Porcello went seven innings, struck out ten, and even had a hit in the game. Brock Holt hit a pinch-hit homer to win the game.


White Sox 6, Tigers 3Prof: Lucas Giolito somehow dug himself out of a hole and secured a win in this matchup of AL Central also-rans. Jose Abreu continues to be better than the White Sox deserve.

Spiders 8, Reds 1Prof: Corey Kluber gets W number 15, while Jose Ramirez hit his 36th homer of the season.

Marlins 6, Braves 10Prof: Ronald Acuna, Jr. is the way, truth, and light. He is the youngest player in the history of baseball to homer in five straight contests. He actually hit two bombs last night, but he wasn’t the only Brave to go yard. Freddie Freeman reminded everyone why he’s forever the leader of this group with a blast to center which tied the game up in the sixth inning. Atlanta is now two games up in the NL East.






14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/14/18

  1. Feesh and visitors steenk after three games. If the Mutts stink on toast, I guess you’d have to say the Feesh steenk on Cuban tostada. Twenty six under, twenty one out, falling at thirty-two feet per sec/per sec. Barves go for the sweep tonight, with all eyes on Acuna Matata.
    Suck on it, Jeter.

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      1. I read it. It fails to mention the way the fans have abandoned him in a manner unprecedented since the St. Louis Browns drew crowds in the hundreds. They’re so far behind the Rays, who are in second-to-last place in attendance, it isn’t even funny. He’s also now decreed that all Feesh who don’t speak Spanish must learn it.

        Really. Better the narcissistic fool ought to teach his last place team how to play baseball.

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        1. I have to say that the lackluster bench clearing in the Marlins side was kind of a sign that they weren’t too happy with ol’ boy either.


  2. One hesitates to use the term “death spiral” for the Astros right now. They still have by far the most talent in the AL West. But things are getting a Nats-like look around Minute Maid lately. (Sorry, someguy). What is with that stadium that the Astros can’t win at home?

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      1. Well, Houston has a problem. A lot of people would probably feel like that doesn’t mean that “we” have a problem. A lot of people are probably thrilled with them coming back down to earth.


  3. It’s a long, soul-crushing season. Remember when Boston finally won it all, or the Cubbies, or the Astros? If it wasn’t at the expense of my team, I could briefly embrace them and wish them success. Well, maybe not Boston, but you understand the concept. This season, with the CA/LA Angels of The OC mired in mediocrity by an inept owner and a has-been (or never was) manager it’s hard to find a foothold. Can Seattle have a dream finish and wild- card all the way? Doubtful at best. Atleast my favorite player is not having his usual August slump. He’s on the DL.

    It’s hard to let dreams go – even the most unlikely. But to borrow a thought from Brooklyn fans of old, there’s always next year! In the meantime revel in the fact that Boston is assimilating NYY and pray for an unlikely hero to then dirty the Sox!

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