He Said, She Said – Scores and Recaps for 8/14/18

Scouts: Summer is beginning to come to a close.  Schools are gearing up to start up again, (if they haven’t already).  Do you have any last plans you are trying to squeeze in before the kiddos all head back to their day jobs?

Mariners 6, Athletics 7Scouts: The comeback that wasn’t.  Seattle picked up 5 runs in the final two innings, but ultimately Nelson Cruz struck out with two down and two men on to end the threat.


Giants 5, Dodgers 2Prof: Kershaw went 8 innings and had 9 strikeouts. MadBum went six. Both get a no decision.

Marlins 1, Braves 9 (game 1)Prof: Lookie, lookie, lookie, here comes Touki! Toussaint’s MLB debut was a successful one, while RAJ and Ozzie Albies continue to show that the future is bright.

Marlins 1, Braves 6 (game 2)Scouts: Folty does it all(ty).  All Ronald Acuna Jr. does these days is lead games off with homers, but it was Mike Foltynewicz who took center stage in this one, going 8 innings, allowing just one run, and even driving in one of his own.  Freddie Freeman hit his first homer since July 30th and the Braves are looking like the king of the East again.


Mets 8, Yankees 5Prof: Jacob deGrom gets a win, Luis Severino gets the loss, and the Mets hit a bunch of home runs. Welcome to Bizzaro New York.

White Sox 5, Tigers 8 – Scouts: Nicholas Castellanos racked up 5 hits including a two run homer in the 7th.

Spiders 10, Reds 3Prof: My kiddo Scooter Gennett hit a solo dinger, but alas. No match for the Magical Land of Clevinger (haha).


Diamondbacks 3, Rangers 5Scouts: Bartolo Colon reached down in the tank for one more miracle win, this time over coming a two-run first inning to hold off Zack Greinke, the third win against a Cy Young Award winner on the season for Colon.

Blue Jays 1, Royals 3Scouts: In the race to the bottom, KC seems to be confused.  You aren’t going to beat out Baltimore for the first draft pick if you keep playing games like this fellas!

Angels 6, Padres 3 F/10Scouts: Justin Upton flashed the leather, robbing Eric Hosmer of a go-ahead homer, then went right out and hit a two-run shot of his own in the 10th to win the game.


Nationals 6, Cardinals 7Prof: Another day, another walk off against the Nats. This time it was Paul DeJong with the ninth inning dagger to the heart.


4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Recaps for 8/14/18

  1. Hoo boy…

    I’ve been saying all season that I can’t really blame Davey Martinez for this mess, but that’s changing, starting now.

    The Nats were up 4-2 heading to the bottom of the 8th, and after Justin Miller yielded a solo shot, got an out, then gave up a single, the Cards were gonna send up a lefty to face the right-handed Miller. Martinez countered with Sammy Solis, who’s a lefty that Martinez wants to be a LOOGY, but Solis has some of the worst reverse splits known to man this year, and everyone can see that but Davey and Mike Shildt.

    Once Solis got to the mound, Shildt then sent up a righty to face him, a guy named Wisdom (seriously). The name could’ve proved ironic had Solis gotten him out, but it instead proved prophetic when Wisdom singled, because while Solis is better against righties than lefties, it’s a relative term, as he’s sucked against both most of the year.

    So, now it’s first and second, and Matt Carpenter, a lefty who’s one of the best hitters in baseball this year, strides to the plate, with Solis still in the game. There’s a base open, but it’s third base, and Davey really wants Solis to be a LOOGY, so we’re gonna pitch to him.

    (Side note – Matt Grace is the only other lefty in the pen, but Gio’s pitching today, so Davey wanted to save him in case Gio can’t go deep.)

    Solis throws a wild pitch, so now it’s 2nd and 3rd, and Carpenter’s at the plate, and now first base is open, but Davey really wants Solis to be a LOOGY, so we’re gonna pitch to him. Carpenter proceeded to hit a three-run homer, because of course he did, and that should’ve been the dagger.

    Unfortunately, the Nats had to score two in the top of the 9th to tie things up, and got runners to 2nd and 3rd with one out, but then Wilmer Difo and Adam Eaton put together two horrid at-bats to leave the runners where they were, which just meant that the Nats got to get walked off in proper fashion for the second night in a row.

    They’re now seven games back, needing to go about 30-13 the rest of the way to have a shot at October, and I’m looking for shows to binge watch at night to tide me over till hockey season starts…

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  2. #Blastellanos (just to irritate someone)

    The Borg is on pace to win 101 games and they are double digits out of first. Meanwhile, the Spiders are 12.5 games up in the AL Slumtral but they would be in 4th place in the West.

    The A’s are now just 2 games back of Orbit’s Boys. Getting nervous, stex?

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    1. Spiders are on cruise control. They don’t need to hustle to win so why not just wing it? Of course that might be a problem in the playoffs.


  3. Feesh blow a doubleheader to the Barves. Who doubted they would? Come on, let’s see some hands…nobody, eh?
    Twenty five under. Twenty out. One hundred losses looms large. I can’t think of much to say about this little league team, its management or owners, so instead, here’s a tone poem on the subject of the Macondo franchise trajectory this season:


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