He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/12/18

Scouts: I hope you are all ready for another wonderful week!  I know I am not.  Thanks for you all for sticking with me last week, and a special thank you to Prof for helping picking up my slack.  I had a pretty encompassing project at work that was taking up 9+ hour meetings every day, and then had to travel to perform some training on the new project.  Thankfully the bulk of it is over and hopefully things can start to return to normal a little around here.  Maybe.  Why don’t we start the week off a little mellow with some good old Van Morrison.


Nationals 3, Cubs 4 – Scouts: What started as a wonderful pitchers duel between Cole Hamels and Max Scherzer ended in a grand slam MLB.com’s hype machine won’t let you forget. Down 3-0, with 2 outs in the 9th, the bases loaded, and a 2-2 count pinch-hitter David Bote rocked Wrigley’s World hitting the sort of grand slam all kids dream of while playing Whiffle Ball in the back yard of one of the neighbor kids yards.


Red Sox 4, Orioles 1Prof: Well, gosh. Chris Sale racked up 12 strikeouts in his first game off the DL. He had the good fortune of playing against the garbage fire pretending to be a major league team. The one and only bright spot for the Orioles came from the bat of Trey Mancini, a sac fly which brought home rookie player Cedric Mullins.

Rangers 2, Yankees 7 – Scouts: Didi Gregorius did it both with the glove and with the bat, making a pretty fine play in the top of 5th, and going out and smacking a two-run homer in the bottom of the frame.

Rays 1, Blue Jays 2 – Scouts: Kevin Pillar hit a pinch-hit double and scored on a pretty aggressive base-running play to pretty much single-handedly win this game.


Twins 2, Tigers 4 – Scouts: Matthew Boyd went 6 strong innings, holding the Twins to a single run as the Tigers took the swing game and the series.

Diamondbacks 9, Reds 2Prof: The Gritty Snakes went yard five times, Goldy twice, as they absolutely creamed the Reds with no mercy.

Mets 4, Marlins 3Prof: I look at the Feesh roster and while some of the names look familiar, it just seems sad. It also seems counter-intuitive to keep J.T. Realmuto on the bench, but his replacement at backstop, Bryan Holaday, did well for himself. He went 2-4 with two RBI. The hapless Mets found some hap after all, giving Thor a win. Michael Conforto hit a solo dinger.

Brewers 7, Braves 8 –  Scouts: – Atlanta was able to re-enter a tie for first place and all it took was homers from Ozzie Albies, Dansby Swanson, and Ronald Acuna Jr.

Spiders 9, White Sox 7Prof: You guys know I try to talk about players that don’t get a lot of national press. Even though he was on the losing side of the evening, Adam Engel should be proud of his play. The White Sox center fielder went 3-4, had three RBI and solo homer, which capped off a week in which he successfully robbed three home runs. A tip of the cap to Mr. Engel. As far as winners go, Cookie Carrasco struck out nine in seven innings.


Mariners 4, Astros 3 F/10Prof: A battle of two teams trying to claw their way to the top of the AL West. Seattle sweeps Houston. Ryon Healy hit a game tying homer with two outs in the ninth inning, while Mitch Haniger’s double drove in the decisive run in the tenth.


Cardinals 8, Royals 2 –  Scouts: Yadier Molina broke it open in the 7th, tying the game at 2 a piece.  After that, the route was on and a once closely contested match-up turned into a laugher fast.

Dodgers 3, Rockies 4Prof: This ended rather mildly. With the bases loaded, Chris Iannetta walked, which brought home DJ LeMahieu and won the game. That’s right; the Dodgers walked the winning run.


Phillies 3, Padres 9Prof: The Padres did it up big at Petco. Despite two errors a piece by each team, it was the Padres who rose to the occasion. Freddy Galvis hit a grand slam in the third inning and outfielder Travis Jankowski stole four bases.

Pirates 3, Giants 4 –  Scouts: Dereck Rodriguez is vying pretty hard for Rookie of the Year.  Days like today will certainly help, as Rodriguez held Pittsburgh to 2 hits and 1 run over 7 very strong innings.

A’s 8, Angels 7Prof: Big night for Jed Lowrie, who went 2-4 with a two run homer and now has 1,000 hits for his career. Oakland is going gangbusters, having won nine in eleven tries. They are currently 70-48 on the season, only three back from the Astros and very much in the hunt for the pennant.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/12/18

  1. My favorite golfer and my favorite baseball team both finished second yesterday, and I just can’t anymore with this Nats team…

    Scherzer pitched his guts out, Koda Glover pitched a respectable 8th, and third string closer Ryan Madson got handed the 9th with a 3 run lead, which was made possible because Ryan Zimmerman finally got a hit after Joe Maddon walked Bryce Harper in front of him.

    The inning went like this:
    – Ground out to first
    – Infield single to second, which could’ve been scored an error
    – Hit by pitch
    – Pop up to third
    – Hit by pitch
    – Walk off pinch hit grand slam

    You can argue that a team that only gets three hits, like the Nats did last night, doesn’t deserve to win a game, but then again, a team that’s up 3 in the 9th shouldn’t blow a game, either, so…

    After the game, Madson revealed that he’s been dealing with back issues that cause leg pain (so, sciatica, I’m guessing) and that it flared up on him while warming for the ninth, and that it affects his command, etc. Hooray for bullshit macho culture that teaches people to push through pain and not distinguish between hurt and injured.

    Anyway, instead of winning two of three in Chicago and being only 4 1/2 games out, the Nats drop two of three, and sit 5 1/2 out, heading to St. Louis for four starting tonight.


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    1. I don’t remember there being these pitching shenanigans when Mike was the pitching coach. (Insert pondering emoji here)


      1. The choices that this franchise has made to run things from the dugout have been curious over the years, no doubt.

        Bullpen management is, I’m told, the last thing that a new manager learns, and I think Mike Maddux, since he knew the staff, would’ve been much better as a pitching coach to help Martinez this year than Derek Lilliquist has been. That’s not necessarily a knock on Lilliquist; he’s an experienced pitching coach, just not experienced with this staff (nor perhaps as good a coach as Maddux).

        The Nats’ window for contending does not necessarily close after this season, regardless of whether or not Harper leaves town. They’ve got young talent in the pipeline and plenty of money to spend on free agents, especially this coming winter; the cupboard’s not going to be bare here by any stretch, especially if they can stay healthy.

        Not sure who might manage and coach the team, and I still don’t think Davey Martinez should be fired, but it ain’t up to me.

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        1. I just always find it curious that Mike comes to town, people pitch better and are relatively healthier than in past seasons, he leaves and it falls apart, and yet pitching coaches aren’t important. ok. Lol

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  2. Kohl Stewart made his major league debut yesterday. He was the Twins no 1 pick a handful of years ago and if I recall correctly a top ten pick with high expectations. His development has been slow and underwhelming. He did throw four scoreless until the dreaded third time through the lineup hit him in the fifth, scoring two runs and ending his day. But the tiger hits weren’t hard hit and he was victimized by a defensive boner by Adrianza. We’ll probably see him a couple more times this year which is fun but I’m not optimistic about him becoming a bona fide MLB starter.

    And… further evidence that time does not exist: Friday the 13th fell on a Monday this month.

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    1. I’ve heard of people naming their kids after cities where they were conceived. Wonder if Kohl started in a department store dressing room?

      I’ve always felt that Monday the 13th is much more scary than Friday the 13th. At least Friday the 13th precedes the weekend.

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