He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/6/18

Prof: Today’s musical selections are from Sweet, a band most people don’t think of very often, but had some great tunes during the 70s.


Phillies 3, D’backs 2 F/14 Scouts: Wow, so Arizona had to wait until the 9th, when Jake Arrieta was finally yanked, to tie the game at 2 each.  Then both teams had to play 5 more innings before Austin Davis, who was a triple shy of the cycle decided to just go ahead and end the game on a walk-off homer.


Tigers 2, Angels 6Scouts: Both Andrelton Simmons and Eric Young Jr. had themselves a day both, at the plate and in the field.  Then to top it all off, Nick Tropeano and bullpen held the Tigers to just 3 hits in what was a pretty complete victory.


Twins 0, Spiders 10Prof: This doesn’t seem fair. The Magical Land of Cleve’s star studded offense hit four dingers, including a three run number from Edwin Encarnacion in the seventh inning. Noted drone enthusiast Trevor Bauer had eleven punchouts over six innings and improved to 11-6 on the season.

Reds 4, Mets 6Prof: The Reds and Mets are both sad teams with sad records, working with a few high quality parts surrounded by mostly junk. Noah Syndergaard gets the W by default, only by allowing less runs than Homer Bailey and not because he pitched a great game. It was mainly the Mets’ game off the strength of two solo homers; one from Tyler Plawecki and the other from Jeff McNeil, who uses a weird bat. No, seriously.

Cardinals 1, Marlins 2Scouts: To be honest, I had completely forgotten about Wei-Yin Chen before today.  Chen lowered his home ERA to 1.94 to go with a total season ERA of 5.48.  Maybe the Marlins should consider leaving him at home for a while huh?

Yankees 7, White Sox 0Scouts: The Yankees are just happy as hell to get out of Boston at this point and decided to take their frustrations out on the poor White Sox.  Lance Lynn made his first start as a Yankee, and had his best performance on the season, at one point retiring 19 in a row.


Mariners 4, Rangers 3 F/12 – The bullpen sure blew this one, allowing 9 runs in the 7th to get Texas back into it.  Thankfully, Seattle was able to hold on for a few bonus baseball, until Mitch Haniger doubled, then scored on a Ryon Healy single in the 12th.

Cubs 3, Royals 1Prof: I’d like to apologize to Cole Hamels for doubting him. I didn’t think he would be helpful to Chicago. In fact, I thought his best days were behind him. I look like an idiot. Hamels has been nothing but useful to the Cubs, currently 2-0 and continuing to pitch meaningful baseball. Javier Baez smashed his 25th homer of the season, while also driving home Jason Heyward with a well timed double in the eighth inning.


Pirates 0, Rockies 2Prof: Serious question – if Colorado sluggers are “helped” by the altitude in Denver, and Colorado pitchers are “hindered”, what does that say about Kyle Freeland? The rookie pitcher is 10-7 with 110 strikeouts and a respectable 3.04 ERA – in a hitters’ park. Does that make his numbers more impressive, or less?

Astros 3, Giants 1Prof: Poor ol’ Charlie F’n Morton. He went seven innings, had eight strikeouts, but gave up three hits and one run. He was in line for the loss because the Houston bats were stone cold. Instead, CFM gets a no-decision, and his controversial new teammate Roberto Osuna gets the win, merely because Marwin Gonzalez hit a two out home run in the ninth inning.



13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/6/18

  1. The Astros’ bats may continue to be stone cold for a few days. Three of their top four batters and their number one catcher are on the DL. At this point they will be really counting on the others to step up.


    1. I doubt if Osuna is going to win any popularity contests in that clubhouse but I suspect he may be able to forge an ethos of peaceful co-existence if he keeps pitching well. I also very much appreciated the way the team and skipper got together like a bunch of…okay, ready?…grown-ups to work through their issues with Osuna before he arrived.
      Now, if none of Osuna’s teenage tweets show up, everything ought to go fine.


      1. I don’t think the clubhouse is too keen at all on it, but this is an employer/employee thing. But we have had Chapman, Familias, etc. Absent a really nasty courtroom revelation or an elevator video, this will probably die into the background as long as he pitches well.

        You really like to imagine that the home guys are different, a little more ethical, pure or something. But we shouldn’t kid ourselves. The coldest, hardest businessman has an edge in almost any situation.


  2. As a Nats fan, I’ve been conditioned over the past few years to see any game that goes deep into extras as one that’s going to mean that the bullpen will be in a perpetual state of exhaustion until at least the next off day, a sure portent of doom for the team’s fortunes for perhaps weeks until reinforcements can arrive.

    So, when I woke up this morning and saw that not only did the Phillies lose, they did so in 14 innings at the start of a west coast road trip, I was sure that this was the break the Nats would need to get within two games of the lead by next week. Then I looked at the box score and saw Arrieta had gone 8, and only one guy in their pen even went more than one inning, and they’ve got days off coming Thursday and next Monday, and my enthusiasm was dampened quite a bit.

    Oh well.

    Nats are 5 1/2 back, starting a four game series with the Braves today. Time to put up or shut up.

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  3. I didn’t realized Trevor Bauer was a drone fan. He should have been in Caracas a few days ago and maybe we’d be done with the Fried Banana and a couple of his fellow thugs. Oddly enough, I have a soft spot in my heart for drones, too. I look back fondly at my days of wandering the dormitory halls, mindlessly mounting coeds on command with little or no protest. And my oldest son was once long ago the drummer for a Baltimore area punkish heavy metal band called Drone; they produced an album called The Queen is our Slave, a nice bit of turnabout:

    Pass me another joint, will you, sweet Susie?

    Anyway, I don’t get to watch the Cardinals much but last night I understood why they’re not really in the NL Central running this season. Even Yadier Molina, who hit into a game-ending double play with the bases loaded last night, is playing like he doesn’t give a bolus of yak excrement.


    1. Did you see the video of Maduro’s “bodyguards” trying to protect him with what looked like yoga mats and an umbrella (yes, I said an umbrella)?? It was like the Keystone Bodyguards or something. It was surreal. Perhaps it won’t be long now before Venezuela has a new Queen Bee.


      1. Obviously Maduro was channeling Erdogan with a phony “assassination attempt” as an excuse to crack down on opposition and cement his despotism. The Ralph Cramden of Latin American probably wasn’t bright enough to come up with that on his own, but….here we are.

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        1. Yes, plus he probably doesn’t have any resources to afford anything that flies other than a drone. I can just hear him now, “One of these days, America….to the Moon!”


  4. I see you chose the easy big hits of THE Sweet, as they were more properly known. Desolation Boulevard was a very good album by those kings of glam-metal. It contained a song called A.C.D.C. (which really ought to have been covered by AC/DC, but alas, ’twasn’t). They were great for a short time. Upon further review however, The Sweet did put out some absolutely horrendous pop drivel before Ballroom Blitz, including the infamously bad and racist “Wig Wam Bam,” “Teenage Rampage” and “Lollipop Man.” I kid you not. Those were the days, eh what?

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