He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/2/18

Prof: It’s Friday, and you know what that means. Time for some girl power from the baddest of the badass ladies, Deborah Harry. That’s right, it’s all Blondie today.

Marlins 2, Phillies 5Prof: The Phillies wore their super sweet maroon and powder blue throwback unis, which is one of my favorite old looks. There were some fresh kicks out there, too:

For a minute, it seemed like the Feesh were going to pull this win out, but alas, ’twas not to be. Philadelphia came back hard in the bottom of the ninth, attacking Kyle Barraclough with a mighty three run homer from Maikel Franco. The Phils played as good as they looked.


Reds 4, Nationals 10Prof: Days after embarrassing New York, the Nats found a fresh victim in Cincinnati. Six runs in the second inning off of starter Tyler Mahle (who was promptly pulled) was really all they needed, but they frosted the cake in the eighth inning with twin dingers from Trea Turner and Bryce Harper.

Yankees 7, Red Sox 15Prof: Steve Pearce channeled the spirits of Ted Williams and David Ortiz, bringing devastation and destruction upon the New York Yankees last night. Pearce had three home runs and drove in six runs. Mookie Betts went 4-4, and the rest of the BoSox came back from a four run deficit to trounce their most hated rival. Boston is now 76-34 on the season and we’re only now just in August. What the everloving hell.


Orioles 8, Rangers 17Scouts: Woof.  We all knew there would be days like this, and I’m sure there are many more to come.  The O’s got an early 1 run lead, but then immediately fell behind 13-1 before they began to put up any sort of fight.  Seven Rangers had a multi-hit game as Andrew Casner lasted just 1.2 innings.  The bullpen didn’t fare any better with only third baseman Danny Valencia able to record an out without giving up any runs.

Padres 6, Cubs 1Scouts: When I heard the Cubs – Padres game ended 6-1 I figured, it was a predictable, but nice win for Chicago.  But then I found out it was the Cubs who were 3 hit, and the bullpen that let them down.  Austin Hedges came up big with the go-ahead 3-run homer in the 6th and that was just the beginning.

Giants 8, Diamondbacks 1Scouts: When I head the Giants – D’Backs game went 8-1…Well, you get it.  Arizona lost an important one they should have won, and it cost them the division lead, now trailing the Dodgers by 1 game.  Madison Bumgarner not only out pitched Zack Greinke, but he picked up the decisive hit off him aswell.


Blue Jays 7, Mariners 3Scouts: A few days after getting cut from Houston’s triple A squad the Fresno Grizzlies, Mike Hauschild found himself on the bump for Toronto and dealing against a playoff contender.  Hauschild threw 6 scoreless innings and picked up his first career win.  How about that?

Brewers 5, Dodgers 21Scouts: Clayton Kershaw doesn’t need 21 runs, but he got it anyways.  5 Dodgers homered, Joc Pederson, Cody Bellinger, Yasiel Puig, Brian Dozier, and Justin Turner, and every starter, including Kershaw collected at least one hit.  The brewers pitched two different position players once things got out of hand.


Angels 2, Rays 4Prof: The Tampa Bay Sea Creatures had a pitcher go more than three innings – five, actually – and that same pitcher got his first career win. In pathetic news, Mike Trout is day to day with a wonky wrist. We can’t have nice things.

Rockies 2, Cardinals 3Scouts: Jose Martinez was called off the pinch to pinch hit with one down and two on in the 9th and delivered, blooping the go-ahead single to right to walk it off for the redbirds.


Royals 4, White Sox 6Prof: Oh, it’s my old friend and former Brave Luis Avilan! ~sings to the tune of Feliz Navidad~ Luis Avilan! Luis Avilan! I had no idea that Luis was playing for the Southsiders. He got a save in this game, against the Royals – a team so incredibly awful that only the Orioles can match their stench this season. No matter; Jose Abreu (2-4 including a solo dinger) continues to do mighty things for a team that doesn’t deserve him.

Braves 4, Mets 2Scouts: Mike Foltynewicz was spotted four early runs, allowing him to cruise through 6 strong innings against the LOLMets.




17 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/2/18

  1. I still think it’s weird that the Phillies rock their 70s throwback road unis at home, but I don’t mind the look. Have the Pirates come to town and wear the yellow jersey/black pants combo from the same era, and you’ve got both a baseball game and a way to calibrate your TV’s color output.

    Today in Numbers Will Say Anything If You Torture Them Long Enough:

    That’s Max Scherzer, Baseball Player, who’s hitting .292 this year as well as making a strong case for a third straight Cy Young, and should get some MVP votes, too.

    Nats have won six of eight, are two whole games over .500 now, and maybe, just maybe, might be climbing out of the hole they’ve dug themselves. Still enough head to head games left with both the Braves (7) and Phillies (9) to say they control their destiny. I said in April I wanted a real pennant race, and here’s hoping we have a doozy.

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        1. In his heart of hearts, Rizzo prolly agrees with you. The guys are doing a pretty good job of covering his ass at the moment, though.

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  2. Something hilarious our Prof didn’t mention about the Feesh-Feelies game, but which you can observe if you watch the closeup of Franco’s reaction to his hyperpineal popup (37 degree exit angle) leaving the yard, is that when he flipped his bat the handle knocked his own helmet orf. His reaction back in the clubhouse? Quote: “I know, I know. I get excited.”

    Feesh reliever Kyle Barraclough set himself up for a fall by walking the leadorf hitter, giving up an infield single and walking the third hitter he faced to load the bases with horrible horsemeat and A1 casein sandwich eaters. Then he channeled Bill Buckner and muffed fielding another dribbler to tie the score at 2-2 and earn himself yet another BS before serving up his beachball to Franco.

    Barraclough may be so awful he couldn’t throw a neutron past a naked mole rat right now but as Mike Hill kept reminding the teams to which he overpriced the relever right out of the market, he’s sooooo controllable.

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  3. The Tigers didn’t lose yesterday, so…

    True story about when I suddenly became old: I was standing in line at the bookstore (grad school) and 2 girls in front of me were talking about a postcard on the rack by the register. One said: she looks familiar. I think I should know her. (Meaning the woman pictured on the postcard) the other turned to me and said: Excuse me, ma’am, do you know who this is? I said: that’s Debbie Harry, the lead singer for Blondie, and resisted the urge to punch her stupid lights out.

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  4. OK, time for the random girl power musical baseball question of the day. Since the Rays’ identity seems to be in question here, or at least its public persona (creaturesona?), let me propose a new name. How about the Tampa Bay Madonnas? (Ray of light, wink, wink.) Then when they go south there would be no shortage of gruesome songs or imagery one could pin on them, courtesy of Madge’s vast catalog. What say?

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