He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights from 8/1/18

Prof: I picked the wrong week to take off, haha. This week, work has been crazy, with a lot of things happening that are out of the ordinary. I apologize in advance for my recaps not being as in-depth or fun as usual. Enjoy some Led Zeppelin.



Rockies 3, Cardinals 6Scouts: Marcell Ozuna, Harrison Bader, and Yadier Molina all collected three hits a piece as once again, Colorado just can’t seem to beat the teams you should be able to beat to get into the playoffs.

Brewers 4, Dodgers 6 F/10Scouts: Best friends Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop sat in opposing dugouts for the first time ever yesterday, and well, neither of them really did a whole lot offensively, although Machado did rudely take a pair of hits away from Schoop.  New acquisition Brian Dozier however went 3-4 with an RBI, and Yasmani Grandal lit some fireworks with a pair of homers, including a two-run walk-off in the 10th.


Mets 3, Nationals 5Prof: Nats are back above .500 with this win over the sad Metropolitans. Noah Syndergaard came back from his bout with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease but alas, gets the L. New dad Anthony Rendon hit a two run home run.


Spiders 2, Twins 0Prof: A jingle that anyone who grew up in the South knows, or anyone who has ever listened to a Braves broadcast – “Lookie lookie lookie, here comes Cookie.” Citizens of The Land will probably co-op this soon on Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco’s starts. Cookie went seven and 1/3 innings, striking out ten, with no earned runs.


Reds 4, Tigers 7Scouts: Mike Fiers only lasted two innings, before leaving with a shin contusion, but the bullpen was able to hold despite a shaky 7th inning.

Blue Jays 3, A’s 8Scouts: Oakland picks up the sweep and moved into a tie for the final wild-card spot while doing so.  The offense is running at full speed and everything seems to be coming up Oakland these days.

Astros 8, Mariners 3Prof: Orbit is out of the country on a humanitarian (Alien-tarian?) mission, and Stex’s guys are on the road themselves. Jake from State Farm Marisnick hit a two run bomb in the second inning while Max Stassi hit a three run homer in the fifth. Dallas Keuchel now has a record of .500.


Cubs 9, Pirates 2Prof: Smart pitching and consistent hitting came together at the right time for Chicago, making Cole Hamels’ team debut a successful one. Great day at the bat for Willson Contreras, who went 3-4 with 3 RBI.

Orioles 7, Yankees 5Prof: This wasn’t the Orioles winning, but Sonny Gray imploding like an old Vegas casino. All of the runs scored by Baltimore were given up by Gray in the first three innings of the contest. The O’s won even with two errors on the scoresheet. Great day at the plate for Trey Mancini, who went 3-5 with 2 ribbies and a solo homer.


Angels 2, Rays 7Prof: Weird. The Rays traded Chris Archer and cut Adeiny Hechavarria and suddenly can win games, and doing it with folks you’ve never heard of. Like shortstop Willy Adames. Who? Exactly. Adames went 2-4 with 2 RBI in this win. Another patented Johnny Wholestaff mound appearance. I only know the work of two of these pitchers and one of those pitchers I only know because he spent his college days at the University of Arkansas, and I sometimes keep up with their baseball team as a proud Arkansan.

Royals 10, White Sox 5Scouts: I couldn’t imagine another 15 run match-up that I could care less about.

Marlins, Braves – PPD due to rain






15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights from 8/1/18

  1. Well, it’s August 2, and the Nats find themselves only five games back of the Phillies in the NL East, and are once again teasing their fans with the possibility that they might actually contend for the top spot before all is said and done.

    One thing I will say for certain; it’s possible that Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy are still good at baseball:

    Maybe the faith that Rizzo claims he has in this roster will be rewarded.

    The Reds are in town for four starting tonight, weather permitting. Nats have won two in a row, but haven’t managed to win more than three in a row since May; they’re going to have to rip off some stretches of 7-3, 8-2, or better to really contend, so let’s see what happens.

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  2. Hey prof, I like it when our boy Jake does well. It’s been a difficult year for him, but he has shown a lot of class and resilience as he has been bounced up and down to the minors. It might be partially that he qualifies for a pension after this year, but I give him more credit. I think he has been a real team asset, even through some dreadful slumps.

    Way off topic. The wife and I went to the Rock n Roll HOF in Cleveland while we were on our little vacation. It is funny that you bring up Led Zeppelin; I have a story to go with that. I was in college when they first came out (early ’70’s) and Rolling Stone just absolutely trashed them. Those of us who were too cool for words followed that herd logic, calling them “uninspired”, “Overrated”, “Derivative;” and generally mocking them. The plaque at the HOF actually mentions that.

    From an actual historical perspective, they showed more creativity in musical styles, writing, and borrowing cultural ideas and imagery than most of the other bands you could mention. In other words, us cool kids were WAY WRONG.

    They did have an issue early on with not attributing the sources of their music – particularly the old blues stuff. And they still aren’t my favorite band by a stretch. But they were much better than they were given credit for a long time.

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    1. I’d always been of the understanding that the band’s name came from a prediction by Keith Moon (or maybe John Entwistle) that the new band would go over like a lead balloon, and they just changed the spelling to led to make sure it got pronounced properly.

      Turns out that it’s not quite so direct as all that, at least according to Rolling Stone – https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/the-10-wildest-led-zeppelin-legends-fact-checked-153103/keith-moon-of-the-who-gave-led-zeppelin-their-name-154053/

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    2. Not everyone can be a superstar, but there’s a lot to be said about a solid dependable guy. Obviously you know of my admiration for Scooter Gennett, who barring this season has never been anything but just “a guy”. Same with Mark Lemke, whom I adore, but he’s just a regular ball player. Jake might not be Mike Trout but sometimes it’s the little guy who does the big thing.

      I’ve always been more of a Who fan than anything else, but I do appreciate Led Zeppelin and it’s primarily because of Plant’s vocals. He’s not your typical rock frontman even with the hair. He’s more of an old time bluesman except skinny and white. And yeah, they stole When the Levee Breaks, but dammit that is a killer tune even decades later.


      1. Until Kyle Tucker finds that major league swing (at least), Marisnick can hang in there. And since I don’t see Marwin Gonzalez coming back (free agency) he may get a bit more of a break to improve that swing.

        Yeah, I would listen to more songs by the Who (or Cream, or Stills, or the Kinks, or Pink Floyd, etc. etc.etc.). But what other rock band you know of actually wrote a ballad in 7/4 time? (Kashmir)

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      2. I was more of a a San Francisco band fan, mostly the Airplane, Dead and Quicksilver with Buffalo Springfield mixed in. I was also a pretty big Zappa and Beefheart fan. The Doors were OK, until I watched a drunk Jim Morrison fall orf the stage at Dinner Key (yep, I was there).The Stones, Beatles, Tull, Cream and various Clapton ensembles, and Pentangle, were the UK bands I listened to. The pre-heavy metal guys like Zeppelin never appealed to me. Though I enjoyed The Who when I was stoned enough, I was never stoned enough to find the lyrics of Tommy anything but inane. I leave current favorites Cowboy Junkies and Over the Rhine orf this list because they came along so much later.


        1. Truthfully, OG, you just gave a pretty good list of my favorites when I was in college. My taste in styles extended into the Southern-influenced bands of the mid-70’s and the Lou Reed influenced NY rock (we had another name for that, but I won’t use it here). But West Coast and Britain were really in the wheelhouse.


    3. I’m taking Mrs. Spartan for her first trip to the R&R HoF this weekend. She finally got interested in the last couple years when Chicago & The Moody Blues got inducted. Funny that Zep was dismissed as derivative but now Greta Van Fleet is all the rage as Zep sound-alikes.

      Legendary (in some circles) Jim Adduci hit his 2nd HR of the season for the Tiggers last night. If you are ever driving behind Adduci, please obey this advice and pass Adduci on the left hand side.

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      1. Mrs. Sparty likes the Moodys? Me, too! I’m rather fond of the oollllld stuff, “Go Now!” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

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        1. I saw the Moody Blues on stage last spring. Except for Justin Heyward, they are really showing their age. But you shoulda seen how old the audience was!
          It was still fun, though.

          Ian Anderson was through last year with his new Jethro Tull evolution. He has kept up the skills better.

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        2. I’m sure I’d be one of the youngest people at a Moody Blues concert lol, and I’m knocking on the door of 40. 😂


        3. I Know this is ridiculous but I always think of you guys as my contemporaries and not as belonging to the generation above me lol.

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      2. Hey did you hear that Urban Meyer, head coach of Heathen State, is on ‘paid administrative lead’ pending an investigation on the allegation that he knew of and failed to act on an instance of domestic abuse by one of his coaches?

        Oh happy day!

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