He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/31/18

Scouts: Holy cats what a day for baseball.  It seems like half the league made moves.  The Orioles and Rays were having a Fire Sale to end all Fire Sales.  So, let’s see.  Kind of hard to know where to start.  The Dodgers picked up Brian Dozier, the Brewers picked up Jonathan Schoop, The Baltimore Braves picked up Kevin Gausman and Darren O’Day, the Pirates picked up Chris Archer, the Dodgers got John Axford, the Phillies got Wilson Ramos, Brad Ziegler took a bullpen cart to his new team the D’Backs, The Cubs, Mariners, and Indians all picked up people.  Was there anyone who didn’t get someone?  The Yankees lost their new acquisition J.A. Happ to Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease, the Red Sox lost Chris Sale to inflammation, and the Mets were just brutally murdered right in front of thousands of people.  July sure went out with a bang.  Today’s music is all about new beginnings.



fozzie bear

Mets 4, Nationals 25Prof: THE GAME OF THE NIGHT. THE GAME OF THE YEAR! Your eyes do not deceive. No, this isn’t a football game. This was a baseball game played with actual baseball players – at least, by Washington. This game was so washed that Jose Reyes took an inning AS A PITCHER (and ended up with an ERA of 54.00). This game was so sad that Washington  could have put a Jack Russell Terrier at home plate at times and still gotten a knock. The list of Nats who got a run is so long that it might be easier to state who didn’t do well at the plate (hint: those people are pitchers, but even then, Tanner Roark went 2-5 with 3 RBI so take that under consideration). I can’t, y’all. I’m going to be laughing for days, this is ridiculous. LOLMets, indeed!



Phillies 3, Red Sox 1Prof: Jake Arrieta, Tommy Hunter, and Sean Dominguez put together a fine outing for the City of Phanatical Love, combining for twelve Ks, shutting down a hot hitting Boston squad. Maikel Franco went 2-3 in the win.

Orioles 3, Yankees 6Prof: The New Look Orioles played the only team they have a winning record against this season, and still ended up losing, a result that surprised no one. Player of the game for Baltimore was former Brave Jace Peterson, fitting because they’ve pretty much traded all of their veterans to Atlanta. Miguel Andujar hit a three run homer in the fifth inning to put the cap on the night for New York.

Scouts: At the start of last night’s contest the Orioles had two players batting over .240.  Adam Jones remained on the roster only because he rejected a potential trade to Philly.  I wonder if he regretted that decision when he looked around the clubhouse and only saw Chris Davis and Pie hating Mark Trumbo left.  In good news, it’s almost guaranteed that a Baltimore Oriole will go to and probably win a World Series ring this year.


Cubs 4, Pirates 5Prof: The Pirates, buoyed on the news of the arrival of a new ace (Chris Archer), played against the Goliath of the NL Central. It was nearly a Cubs victory, but Addison Russell overplayed his hand in the ninth inning, trying to stretch a run and ended up being the final out, securing a win for the Black and Gold. Jameson Taillon picks up the win.

Reds 1, Tigers 2Prof: A Niko Goodrum homer and eight strong innings from Matthew Boyd helped Detroit rise above Cincinnati.

Angels 6, Rays 10Prof: Name a player on the Rays other than Kevin Kiermaier. I’ll wait a minute. Chances are, if you actually remember any remaining Tampa Bay Sea Creatures, that guy got on base last night. Matt Duffy went 3-5 and Mallex Smith went 3-4. Johnny Wholestaff took the mound for the Rays, and probably will until the Lord comes back. Meanwhile, Mike Trout went 2-5 including a solo homer.

Marlins 6, Braves 11Scouts: After spending the night painting Braves Uniforms on the greater portion of my bobble-head collection, the Baltimore Braves…er I mean Atlanta Braves went out and smacked around the Marlins.  Prospect Kolby Allard won his MLB debut, Ronald Acuna Jr., former Oriole Nick Markakis, and Johan Camargo all went yard.


Royals 4, White Sox 2Scouts: I don’t know why the White Sox weren’t interested in making any trades at the deadline.  Maybe they think they are only a year or two away from contending.  The Royals, don’t really seem to have much of any interest to anyone.

Spiders 6, Twins 2Scouts: Trevor Bauer struggled through the start, but was able to hold Minnesota to 2 runs over 4 hits.  Brad Hand and Cody Allen slammed the door shut while Jose Ramirez and Edwin Encarnacion provided the juice.

Rockies 6, Cardinals 3Scouts: Garlos Gonzalez showed off all his skills, both making a pretty spectacular grab in the field, and smacking his 13th homer, a two-run shot in the 7th.

Giants 3, Padres 2 F/10 – Prof: In this extra innings affair, San Diego’s Eric Hosmer got the party started with an RBI double in the first inning, while San Francisco’s Andrew McCutchen hit a solo homer and All Star Brandon Crawford hit the go-ahead single with two outs in the tenth.


Rangers 0, D’backs 6Scouts: Zach Goodley will be one of the key performers if Arizona plans to go deep in the post-season, and last night showed off what he can do.  Goodley went 7 innings, allowing just 2 hits and a walk, while shutting out the Rangers on 10 strikeouts.

Blue Jays 2, A’s 6Scouts: Khris Davis picked up homer number 29 as the A’s stayed hot, hot, hot.


Astros 5, Mariners 2Scouts: Evan Gattis broke it open with a two run-shot in the 6th, and Josh Reddick added some insurance in the 9th with a two-run shot of his own.  The Astros ended a season-high 5 game losing streak with the win.  It wasn’t all good news however, as George Springer left the contest in the second with shoulder soreness after a diving play.

Brewers 1, Dodgers 0Prof: Hard fought, scrappy game between two teams that could very well feature in the postseason. Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich continue to be the difference makers for Milwaukee, being the one-two punch that generate runs, including the winning run in this game. Fun fact – the Dodgers’ Manny Machado and new Brewer Jonathan Schoop are former Orioles and best of friends. While Schoop was not at the game last night (he was traded right at the 4 pm deadline, and was still at Camden Yards when it was announced), Schoop and Machado will probably meet up soon. I wonder if they will be just as friendly with each other whilst wearing different laundry?


15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/31/18

  1. Not much more can be said about the game in DC yesterday, but it portends nothing for today’s game; the Nats have, four times already this season, won a game by nine or more runs and then lost the next game. So, we’ll see what today brings.

    In other news…

    The Nats ended up being quiet on trade day, with Mike Rizzo announcing that he believes in the team he has. Their only move was sending away Brandon Kintzler and getting a minor league hurler in return, which was a bit of a surprise, because while there were thoughts that the Nats might move a reliever, Kintzler wasn’t a name that had been mentioned; moreover, Tanner Roark had credited Kintzler for contributing hints that have led to Roark’s recent resurgence (1 ER in 15IP over his last two starts). Official word was that the Nats wanted to get a guy on the roster (Wander Suero) who can pitch multiple innings, but post-trade, there were some rumblings that Kintzler had been vocal in expressing his discontent with how Davey’s handling the bullpen, and how he might’ve been the anonymous source for some of the less flattering stories about clubhouse chemistry and such. Nats twitter was full of jokes during the drubbing that Kintzler may very well have been holding the team back, and really, who can argue the point?

    Trea Turner held an emotional press conference about his old tweets, issuing another apology that went further than the first (“It’s not when I said the things I said, it’s that I said them at all.”) and seems to have been generally well received by everyone. He did not receive a standing ovation or any reception that was different than normal during his plate appearances last night.

    Anthony Rendon was back yesterday, and no mention was made of any particular issue that caused him to extend his paternity leave. It’s quite possible that, since the Nats were off Monday, they just took some liberties with the Family Medical Leave list and bought him an extra two days with his wife and new baby. I’m okay with this.

    Lost in the noise of the game was Ryan Zimmerman becoming the Expos/Nats franchise all-time leader in hits, at 1,696. It was a nice moment for a guy who’ll have his number retired someday.

    The only other notable thing from the game was Shawn Kelley’s outburst in the 9th. The aforementioned Wander Suero had pitched the 8th, entering when the Nats held a 19-1 lead, but between his throwing a high-ish number of pitches and then sitting for a while as the Nats abused Jose Reyes, Kelley was brought in to finish the game, with the Nats up 25-1, and he was not happy about things, to the point where he spiked his glove on the mound and glared into the dugout after giving up a two-run homer. Post-game, the party line was that he was angry with the umps (and there were moments during the inning where Kelley exchanged words with both the second base ump and the plate ump) but I think he was pissed that he was brought in at all, and it wasn’t a good look for him.

    The 2018 Nationals, ladies and gentlemen – Even when blowing out a team, they find some way to harsh the mellow.


    1. Sounds like someone is setting up a coaching shop for ballplayers who were stupid kids (and I taught enough of them to know what a challenge such training represents). The apologies grow more “sincere” and expansive by the day. I can’t wait for someone to be “outed,” hold a press conference and say to the assembled nodes of the spawrts pwess, “Hey, I was fifteen years old. That was ten years ago. Deal with it!”


    2. And Shawn Kelley has been DFA’d this morning.

      Rizzo on his weekly appearance on the sports talk radio station:


  2. Unbelievably, all 25 runs the Muts gave up were earned.

    Based on current win rates (BoSawks .688, O’s .299), the Orioles are on pace to finish 63 games out of 1st. Only 3 teams in the modern era have finished further back: 1932 BoSawks (64 GB), 1939 St. Louis Browns (64 1/2 GB) and 1909 Boston Doves (65 1/2 GB). With the O’s shipping out pretty much everyone that had a pulse they have a real shot at making up that 2 1/2 game deficit.


      1. It’s not like the Tiggers were offering USDA Prime Grade beef. Castellanos is a butcher in the field, Fulmer’s on the DL, Liriano hasn’t been that effective, Greene isn’t a closer on a contender. There’s still a chance that Fiers could be moved in August if he keeps pitching like he has.


  3. Check my comments yesterday, especially the one about #LOLMets finding new and protracted life. That meme has come back to haunt the Wilpoons more often than a Toho Studios kaiju.


  4. The Twins finished their fire sale and I’m too numb to care. The only player they got who’ve I’ve heard is an around 220 hitting Logan Forsythe the rest being minor leaguers of varying levels so I have no idea how well they did.

    I do know all they gave up was one pretty good but not real good reliever with one more year of team control. The other four were rentals not under contract for next year so the Twins would have had to pay full market value to have them back next year anyways, which they could still do or spend the money in other areas. So whatever they got they didn’t lose much in this tank-tastic era where it doesn’t matter if your team wins 75 instead of 80. I just hope they’re aiming for next year instead of 2 or 3 years from now because I might miss that show.

    And now I can enjoy horrible defensive and base running errors instead of becoming enraged. I don’t have to curse Molitor for leaving the starter in one hitter too long. I can root for the Twins Designated Sexual Assailant / Designated Strikeout Artist to flail his way over to Korea or Japan. If he becomes a hall of famer DH for the Red Sox there is no God.


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