He Said, She Said – Scores and Recaps for 7/25/18

Scouts: Another day, another trade.  What a trade season we are having.  Seems someone is finding a new home every day.  Yesterday, the Rangers dealt Cole Hamels to the Cubs, and the Yankees picked up J.A. Happ from the Blue Jays.  But that’s not all folks!  The Astros picked up Martin Maldonado, the Brewers picked up Joakim Soria, and the Rockies picked up Seunghwan Oh.  Who do you think will get traded today?


D-Backs 6, Cubs 7Scouts: David Bote tied in with a homer in the 9th, and Anthony Rizzo followed him up with a solo shot to walk it off in a most dramatic fashion.


White Sox 8, Angels 12Scouts: LA’s bats are certainly on fire right now.  After hitting a bunch of homers the day before, Kole Calhoun, Ian Kinsler, and Francisco Arcia all knocked one out of the park.  Andrelton Simmons wanted to have some fun to, but couldn’t quite muscle it out of the park, so he settled for an inside-the-parker.

Royals 2, Yankees 7Scouts: Zach Britton made his Yankees debut, but it was a costly win for the Yanks who lost star Aaron Judge for at least the next three weeks when he was plunked by a fastball and fractured his wrist.

Mets 12, Pirates 6Scouts: Asdrubal Cabrera is doing his part to try to get the hell out of New York, going 3-5 with a homer and 4 RBIs.  The Mets have now won three straight.  It’s a July miracle!


Rays 4, Orioles 3Scouts: The Rays won this one due to a throwing error in the 7th.  That’s about what I expected from these two.  Jonathan Schoop has now homered in four straight games.

Twins 2 , Red Sox 1Scouts: It’s been a no fun past few days for Boston.  First they had a rout against the Orioles washed away due to rain, then they go home and get shut down by the Twins.  Kyle Gibson held the Sox to just a single run and 4 hits in 8 innings.  Things got a little scary for the Twins in the 9th with Fernando Rodney loaded the bases but was able to coax Jackie Bradley Jr into striking out to end the game.

Phillies 9, Reds 4Scouts: You are not going to believe this, but the Phillies rocked 7 homers for 9 runs against the Reds.  Rhys Hoskins, Maikel Franco, and Nick Williams all went yard TWICE a piece, and Carlos Santana went deep once.  Man what a score this would have been if anyone had been on base for any of these.


Nationals 10 , Marlins 3Scouts: This one was all about Trea Turner, who finished a double shy of the cycle, going 3-6 with three RBI’s.

Dodgers 8, Braves 2Scouts: Manny Machado hit his first Dodger home run and Rich Hill threw a solid game, putting up 7 scoreless innings against the Braves in what could very well be a NL Championship preview.


Athletics 7, Rangers 6Scouts: Oakland pulls out another win, their 27th in their last 34 games.  Rumors are flying around that Adrian Beltre may be the next player to get traded out of Texas.


Brewers 7, Giants 5Scouts: These are the games you gotta win if you want to get into the playoffs.  Craig Counsell knew it, so he emptied his bullpen to ensure a narrow victory.  Christian Yelich knew it as he was going 3-5 with a pair of RBI’s.


6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Recaps for 7/25/18

  1. Nats continue to stay on the periphery of the playoff chase, 51-51, 4.5GB of the second wildcard, enough games remaining with the Phillies to make diehards believe in at least a Lloyd Christmas chance at the division.

    The bloggers and the professional writers, though, are pouring out gallons of electronic ink arguing that the Nats should be sellers, and a few have even broached the “Trade Harper” topic.

    I continue to believe that they’ve dug themselves too big a hole to get out of. I definitely don’t want them to be buyers, because I think the returning core, their top prospects, and whatever they pick up in free agency this year should set them up to compete going forward. It’d be interesting for them to be sellers, but I’m not sure how much return their free agents to be will fetch, as it’s been the subpar performances of most of them that have the Nats in the spot they’re in now.

    Yankees’ twitter was fun to watch last night, when the news of Judge’s injury broke, with lots of “Go get Harper”. Those same people also speculate that if the Nats do sell that Max would be available in trade, which, no; guys under control for three more years usually aren’t traded unless there’s no chance that the guy will be part of the next good team the franchise fields, but I sure would like some of what those Yankee fans are smokin’.


    1. There’s no way in hell y’all get rid of Max. Frankly, that would be one of the stupidest moves in sports if you did. I’m being mild here, but Max is rocking a CY caliber year AGAIN. Also, he’s locked in for years and he has a career WAR of 50.8. In that way lies madness.


      1. Oh, I know they’re not trading Max, and you know they’re not trading Max, but there is a sense of entitlement in the Bronx that says that every good player should be traded to the Yankees for the lowest price possible.

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  2. The capital value of the Feesh boolpen has taken something of a sheschmettering since the All-Star Break, with Kyle Barraclough getting smacked around early in the week and Adam Conley getting raked for 3 in 1/3 of an inning. Starter Dan Strailey coughed up three in five as the Gnats played pattycake with the tail that was supposed to wag the dogfeesh. After a brief interregnum out of the cellar by percentage points, the Rainbow Warriors sank to a game behind the streaking Mutts, fifteen behind, which is about their version of standings equilibrium this season, and sixteen under once again. They didn’t look like a “blip” team last night.

    On the bright side, I obtained a pair of hatchling Antillean slider turtles yesterday. They’re in their little isolation tank with a bit of antibacterial and antifungal treatment – standard quarantine for new turtles thisaways – and I need to go out and fetch Friendo his monthly mouse. He’s just about ten years old this month, which is a longer life than pygmy rattlers usually enjoy, even in captivity. Ten years old. I hope that won’t be all, Friendo.


  3. It always helps invigorate one’s offense to play a team like the White Sox, so the Angels’ offense can at least be said to still have a heartbeat. Why they traded Maldonado is beyond me (for an 11th round pick?!), since Sosh is so fond of great defensive catchers…..Also, to play off the Kepler thread, I say: “Down goes Judge! Down goes Judge! All Fall!”


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