He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/24/2018

Scouts: Happy hump day ladies, gents, and our soon to be robotic overloads!  We have more exciting trade movement and oh yea, baseball was played!

I now sit here, realizing my team has traded away my favorite two players inside of a week.  While I think we made out like bandits on the Britton deal, man it’s rough to look at the roster now.  It’s only a matter of time until Adam Jones is gone, Jonathan Schoop isn’t too far behind him, and they are even talking of trading Gausman and Bundy.  It’s both incredibly sad and weirdly exciting.  I also laughed at the thought last-night that it’s entirely possible that Zach Britton could strike out Manny Machado in the World Series this year.  So who is the next team to engage in a trade?  The Brewers need some help.  The Yankees may not be done.  The Diamondbacks could use a boost or two.  What about the Braves?  Should they go for broke, or hope they have enough?  What players do you think are the next to go?


Atlanta 3, Marlins 9 – Scouts: Atlanta has lost 6 of their last 10 and are now a game behind the Phillies getting ready to face the red hot Dodgers.  The only good news is they have a 6 game lead over the Nationals, so a little slip and stumble isn’t the end of the world.

Boston 6, Orioles 7Scouts: Jonathan Schoop and Tim Becham both homered and the Brittonless bullpen was able to hold onto a lead against the Red Sox for a rare win.

Dodgers 4, Phillies 7 F/16 – Scouts: Wow, 16 innings!  Philly tied it up with 3 in the 7th, then the game sat there for 8 more innings before Trevor Plouffe smacked his first Phillies home run, off Dodgers center fielder Enrique Hernandez, a walk off three run blast.


Twins 5, Blue Jays 0Scouts: Jose Berrios was absolutely the man in charge in this one.  Berrios racked up 9 strikeouts over 7 shutout innings allowing three singles and a double.

Yankees 4, Rays 0 – Scouts: Masahiro Tanaka threw himself a gem of  a game, allowing just 3 hits and one walk over 9 very dominant innings.

Pirates 9, Spiders 4Scouts: Pittsburgh picked up their 11th consecutive victory on the back of a very strong start by Joe Musgrove, who allowed just two runs over 7 innings.


Padres 3, Mets 6Scouts: Will Zack Wheeler make another start as a Met, or will he be the next card to be traded?  If so, he made a pretty good impression, giving up just 2 runs and 4 hits over 7 innings.

Cardinals 4, Reds 2 F/11 – Scouts: Dexter Fowler is doing his best to win his way back into the hearts of Cardinals fans.  Fowler has been on the outs with the fanbase pretty much since he signed his contract and under performed, but he’s started to pick things up lately.  This time it come courtesy of a 2 run home run in the 11th.


Athletics 13, Rangers 10Scouts: That a lotta runs there boys.  Texas had a 10-2 lead after 6, which they managed to blow away big time.  That’s just really gotta hurt.  The final blow came on a three run home run by Khris Davis.


D-Backs 5, Cubs 1Scouts: Anyone remember Clay Buchholz?  Well he’s back after missing the last month on the DL, and threw a pretty good game, going 6.2 innings and holding the Cubs to a single run.  Looks like there was a little drama between Rizzo and Souza Jr.  Seems like the Cubs are getting into a lot of little dramas these days.  What’s up in Chicago?  Frustrations boiling over?


Nationals 4, Brewers 5Scouts: Tyler Saladino hit a bases loaded sac fly to walk off this one against the Nats.  At this point, you gotta wonder if it’s not best for the Nats to just call it a season and try, try again next year.

Tigers 4, Royals 5 Scouts: Burch Smith picked up his first win since 2013.  Injuries limited him to just 5.1 innings from 2013-2017.  After that, he was used as a reliever after being selected in the rule 5 draft, before making his third appearance as a starter last night.  Now that’s a win that was a long time coming.


Astros 8, Rockies 2 F/10 – Scouts: Houston found themselves back on top and all it took was a 6 run 10th inning.  George Springer highlighted the outburst with a two run bomb.

White Sox 4, Angels 2Scouts: Carlos Rondon took a no-hitter into the 6th before Andrelton Simmons broke it up with a two-out single to center.  His consolation prize was a two run over 7.2 innings win.

Giants 4, Mariners 3Scouts: This one was settled after Pablo Sandoval singled up the right side only to hvae Dee Gordon rush a throw very wide of the bag, allowing Steven Duggar to score the winning run.

16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/24/2018

  1. “At this point, you gotta wonder if it’s not best for the Nats to just call it a season and try, try again next year.”

    There’s no wondering about it, for anyone who’s being rational here; they’re done.

    The next players to be traded should be Kelvin Herrera and Ryan Madson, to teams looking to add another bullpen arm, maybe Mark Reynolds to a team needing a DH type, same for Daniel Murphy if anyone will take him, throw in Gio Gonzalez for a team looking for maybe middle relief help or a 5th starter, add the corpse of Matt Wieters to a team that believes in veteran savvy for a backup catcher.

    Then, decide if you want to take the PR hit of trading Bryce Harper, but only after having a long talk with Boras about what kind of contract extension it would take to sign him, with the proviso that the deal must be done before the deadline. The Nats pipeline is strongest in the outfield, and while Harper will be missed, he’s not irreplaceable (especially not this year’s production).

    49-51, seven games out, burn it down and reload for next year.


    1. As a Braves fan, I am giddy beyond belief that the monster is slaying itself. As a fan of baseball, though, it’s kinda crappy. You guys have lost your window of opportunity and those things are hard to find. The Braves did that all through the 90s, but it feels like the Nats did it one better with the whole never getting to the next playoff series. 😦

      What happens with Matt Adams? Do y’all keep him or nah?


      1. I don’t think the window is closed for the Nats franchise at all; yeah, it’s closed for this particular group of 25 guys, but the cupboard’s not bare by any means.

        Let’s assume that Harper walks this winter, so between him, Murphy, Wieters, and Gonzalez all coming off the books, there’s like $70 million in payroll freed up.

        As I’ve mentioned on these pages before, the outfield for the next three years could be Juan Soto, Victor Robles, and Adam Eaton; those three will cost a total of $35 million through 2021, and Soto and Robles are under control well beyond that. Add Michael A. Taylor to the mix as a useful fourth outfielder who can play defense, and that’s a good starting point.

        Take some of that $70 million and sign Anthony Rendon to a nice long extension, and while you’re at it, sign Matt Adams for a few years, too, so the infield is Rendon, Turner, 2B, and Adams/Zimmerman, with Adams on the better side of the platoon. 2B might be Carter Kieboom someday, but maybe next year Howie Kendrick is healed enough to split time there with Wilmer Difo; not ideal, but useful.

        Catcher will have to be addressed. Raudy Read (suspended 80 games for PED usage this year) has some thump in his bat, but defense is unknown. Can’t trade for Realmuto, but will have money to spend to chase Ramos, Lucroy, Grandal, whatever.

        Scherzer and Strasburg are still here, but will need to spend to get a 3rd starter. Joe Ross will be back from TJ surgery, maybe Tanner Roark can get right again, maybe some of the arms they’ve drafted start to develop.

        Doolittle and Kintzler are still in the pen, as are some of the other young guys out there. Nats always need to add arms here (including a guy who can reliably go two or three innings when needed), but arms are always available to add.

        So, if you can get a Rendon extension, an Adams contract, a catcher, a useful starting pitcher and some bullpen pieces for $70 million (and I think they can) then they should be able to be at least part of a three-team race in the NL East for the next three years, and after that, who knows…


        1. I think he’s at least given the chance to start next season and prove that he’s up to the job. He’s not been great at bullpen management so far, due in part to not having a long man to use when one was desperately needed, but I don’t think the job’s too big for him or that he’s cost the Nats any games (though he certainly didn’t win any for them).

          Give him a team that’s healthy from the jump, and let’s see where they are on June 1 next year.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I desperately want the Braves to get a different manager, because as much as the guys like Snitker, he’s in way over his head, and it shows often. The problem is we have a fanbase who thinks Bobby Cox is the end all, and he has given Snit his approval. But he also gave Fredi his approval and look at how crap that dude was as a manager.

          I agree that Davey deserves another year, unless the team absolutely falls apart and he loses them completely like Matheny in the Lou. Then it’s a “gots ta’ go” sitch.

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    2. I would think the Nats would be silly NOT to trade Harper. They can get a pretty huge return from him and still pull a Chapman and resign him in the off-season anyways, and even give him a little wink and a nod on the way out the door. This gives him a shot at a ring, bolsters their club for next year and beyond, and costs them only having to deal with the emotional fans who haven’t learned to recognize when you are beat.


      1. I’m not sure how huge the return for him would be, and I’m not sure he’d consider re-signing here if they traded him (he strikes me as a sensitive type), and I’m not sure the fans and players wouldn’t revolt if they did trade him, but I agree that they should definitely explore the idea.


  2. Borg gets Britton, Sawks counter with Eovaldi. It’s like the Hatfields and McCoys going at it. Next move? I think the Mariners need to do something to break their funk before the A’s pass them. Leonys Martin, come on down!


      1. I watched Eovaldi pitch for the Feesh and then watched him get slapped around by the Feesh a few days ago. He doesn’t impress me. The Borg got the better deal.


        1. Dunno if this was a bad or good move by the BoSox – I just don’t know enough. Just saying Sparty sure called it.

          BTW, I was considering making my next weekend post to be a tribute to Robbie Alomar as a closeted gay hall of fame member. I decided against it because the publicly available evidence is just too nasty and ambiguous.

          Do you remember the initial Hollywood response to the civil rights movement was stuff like Shaft etc. where young “black” men proudly, brashly and ironically called each other “nigger”? It was all so clever and cutting edge. That stuff faded away and the word “nigger” simply became the “N word”.

          I don’t care if academia has invested itself in “Queer Studies”, I want the word “Queer” to become the “Q word”.

          I ain’t pissed at you but I am pissed about what I’m talking about.


        2. Hey Happy, in all honesty word of the Sawks getting Eovaldi was on the interwebs before I posted that so I wasn’t really predicting it. When it comes to predictions I skew more toward Nostradumbass than Nostradamus.


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