He Said, She Said – 7/23/2018

Scouts: So apparently yesterday’s post never went live.  I have no idea what happened.  I wrote it and hit publish, and it said published.  Then I got extremely busy at work, and went home and right to bed.  So when I log on this morning, poof no post.  So today you get double posts.  Have fun!


Red Sox 5, Orioles 3Scouts: This one was pretty painful for everyone.  We are in the middle of a week long downpour rain storm on the coast, so this one included a pair of rain delays that really just wasted everyone’s time.  Boston is now 40 games over .500.  Think about that for a moment.

Dodgers 7, Phillies 6 Scouts: Manny Machado is back at third, at least for now and the Dodgers smacked four homers.  The winning run came on a bases loaded walk in the 9th.

Twins 8, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Minnesota heads to the north and snaps their three-game losing streak.  Logan Morrison and Max Kepler went yard for the Twins.


Pirates 7, Spiders 0 F/6Scouts: This one got washed out in the 7th, but it was already over anyways.  The Pirates wrecked Kluber who gave up 7 runs in just 4 short innings.  Yikes.

Padres 3, Mets 2Scouts: The Mets will be without Noah Syndergaard for a while who went on the disabled list with…wait what?  This can’t be real right?  This only affects little baby children?  Yup, Thor has hand, foot, and mouth disease, which is totally the most Mets thing of all time.

Cardinals 1, Reds 2Scouts: No hits through 7 and losing headed into the 9th against the Cardinals? No problem!  Cincy rallied in the 9th to pickup two as Bud “Harassment Lawsuit in Training” Norris blows the game allowing a Dilson Herrera pinch-hit, walk-off single with the bases loaded.


Braves 12, Marlins 1Scouts: Now this is a very interesting game, because typically when a team puts up 12 runs, they had one or two massive innings.  Not this time.  This time, the Braves put up no more than 2 runs in any one inning, they just managed to score in every inning but the 4th and 5th.  They also only hit a pair of homers so it looks like it was just hits all around for these guys.

Yankees 6, Rays 7Scouts: New York lost out on the Manny Machado trade and has yet to make a move with the deadline quickly approaching.  Boston is looking to be a real threat, so what you gonna do boys?


Athletics 15, Rangers 3Scouts:  See, now this is how you put up big numbers.  Jonathan Lucroy smacked a grand slam in the second, and the A’s never looked back.  Not a great start for Cole Hamels who’s name is getting tossed around the rumor mill a lot lately.

D-Backs 7, Cubs 1Scouts: It looks like Arizona is trending upward after suffering from a bit of a slump not too long ago.  This team certainly has some potential to do damage in the playoffs, but I have to wonder if they wouldn’t really benefit from a trade or two.


Nationals 1, Brewers 6Scouts: Speaking of trades, you wouldn’t know this, but I pondered yesterday if the Nats were going to buy or sell this year.  They seem to have quite a hard road ahead of themselves, and now it looks like they are looking to buy as they are apparently in pretty intense discussions with Texas over Cole Hamels.  I really don’t know why they would look to him, but I suppose the options are pretty limited.

Tigers 5, Royals 4Scouts: I’m not entirely sure if any Tigers fans bothered to watch this one, but if they did and they stuck around to the end, they went away pretty happy as the Tigers rallied for 3 in the 9th to steal a rare win from the Royals.  James McCann finalized the victory with a go-ahead double.


White Sox 5, Angels 3Scouts: Jose Abrau picked up a pair of RBI’s on a solo homer and a single and Lucas Giolito did just enough to hold back the Angels.


11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – 7/23/2018

  1. For what it’s worth, the Nats are denying any interest in Cole Hamels. His numbers are essentially identical to Tanner Roark’s this season, and his contract (7M remaining this year, 20M team option next year or a 6M buyout) is quite a bit pricier than what they normally reach for this time of year. I’ll be stunned if they take him on.

    I suppose if they can add an arm and/or a catcher for little to no cost (meaning they don’t trade Victor Robles or Carter Kieboom) then it’d be worth it to them to be buyers, but I just don’t see them making a push to really contend down the stretch. Their most sellable pieces, guys like Murphy and Gonzalez, have pretty much shit the bed all year, so they won’t bring more than a couple bags of baseballs in return, so selling doesn’t make much sense, either.

    I guess it’s just time to write off the season, every man for himself, call up Raudy Read and see if he can be an answer at catcher, give Koda Glover a look in the bullpen again, see what Joe Ross has after he’s done rehabbing, get Robles back to the majors, and start writing that shopping list for the $70 million or so that’ll come off the books after this season.

    Wait till next year…


    1. I saw something about the Treat Urner on Twitter… wow. He was acting like a toddler at the plate? I don’t know if that Max/Stras scuffle was a sign of the times among the entire team or what, but holy cats.


      1. He squared to bunt during the game Monday night, the pitch rode up and in, but he still managed to bunt it, sort of a Baltimore chop off the plate, fielded by the pitcher about 15 feet in front of Turner.

        Turner didn’t run to first, didn’t try to play up the idea that the bunt might’ve been foul, just spiked his bat and helmet, and started moseying up the third base line, tugging off his batting gloves. He owned the issue post-game, and he was benched on Tuesday for his troubles.

        Ironically, on Tuesday he was also presented with the “Heart and Hustle” award, something given to a member of each team, as voted by the players, I think.

        Also ironically… The Nats have been running a TV ad campaign all year, showing people in normal situations doing things more appropriate at the ballpark. The commercials all end with the people sitting in the stands, cheering on the Nats, and a Nats player facing the screen and saying, “This is your place for “. There was a new one that debuted on Sunday, featuring Brian Goodwin as the player, the same Brian Goodwin who’d been traded to Kansas City earlier that day.

        We’re getting into Casey Stengel “Can’t anyone here play this game?” territory…

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  2. I’m in wait till next year mode too. It has it’s benefits. Last Sunday the Twins center fielder tried to make a diving catch of a fly to shallow center, the ball bounced past him and rolled, slowly, all the way to the centerfield fence. Sexy Maxie had to run all the way over from right to get it, and none other than Drew Butera was able to motor all the way home for a three run inside the park home run – costing the Twins the game – thus completing a sweep for the beloved Royals. Normally that would really upset me but since the only chance the Twins have of making the playoffs is to slip the Gods some LSD, it was comic relief.

    On the bright side Super Joe passed Kirby Puckett to become the Twins all time doubles leader and Sexy Maxie went yard and made a spectacular catch of the wall yesterday.

    And I can still root for the Astro’s or the Phils to deny the Evil Empires East.

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