He Said, She Said – 7/22/18

Scouts: Hello everybody and welcome to the second half of the MLB season with He Said, She Said.  Prof is taking a few well deserved days off, so until her return it’s just you and me.

Personally, I’m still adjusting to life post Manny Machado.  I wonder if I will ever see such a homegrown talent in my organization of choice again.  While I knew the move had to be made, and there’s technically no reason they can’t resign them in the off-season if they really wanted to, it’s still a bitter pill to swallow.  Especially when I see Chris Davis still trotting out there striking out 3-5 times a night wtih three years remaining on his contract.  Jonathan Schoop, Machado’s best friend is pretty devastated from what I hear.  The O’s have announced they are going full rebuild, which means we are at best 3-5 years away from being relevant again, if then and are looking to trade anyone and anything they can get value from.  Considering we not that long ago dealt with nearly 20 years of misery, I’m not super excited to go back to that.  I am beginning to wonder if I will live long enough to see a winner in Baltimore again.  But such is the life of professional baseball, were the rich never have to contemplate such things as they don’t play by the same rules as everyone else.  One can only hope that you catch lightning in a bottle and make another Adam Jones type trade or two, and the team seems willing to finally properly invest in the world market and not just whatever dumpster they have been looking in for players.  It’ll be a long ugly road, but hopefully they can take the blueprint given by the Cubs and Braves and make something happen over the next several seasons.  Anyways, on to the games!


Padres 10, Phillies 2 (Game 1) – Scouts: Wil Myers crushed a 450 home run that was a prefect metaphor for the way the Phillies got clobbered.

Padres 0, Phillies 5(Game 2) – Scouts: Vince Velasquez threw 7 shutout innings in the nightcap for the Phillies.  Velasquez had a no hitter through 5.

Orioles 4, Blue Jays 5Scouts: J.A. Happ may have thrown his final pitch for the Blue Jays as trade rumors swirl around him.  He struck out 9 and allowed just a single run to the sad-sack Orioles.  The O’s had a 3 run lead entering the 8th, but of course they blew it giving up 4.

Red Sox 9, Tigers 1Scouts: Winning has a way of muting the crazy and the assholes.  Chris Sale has been able to stay out of the principals office so far this season.  He’s also been able to go 11-4 and lead the Red Sox to their 70th win on the season, the first team to reach that milestone.


Marlins 4, Tampa 6 – Scouts:Anyone here like walk-offs?  Anyone here like walk-off home runs?  What about walk-off Grand Slams?  Well, I hope so, because Daniel Robertson delivered a moment I am sure he will remember for the rest of his life.


Pirates 9, Reds 2Scouts: Matt Harvey, who had been finding some success and velocity in Cincinnati, ran into a roadblock in Pittsburgh, giving up 4 homers in 3.2 innings.

Braves 2, Nationals 6Scouts: The Nats are that team that’s almost perfectly on the bubble.  Should they sell off any possible rentals and get some prospects, or should they hold pat and hope they can turn things around enough to edge into the playoffs.  They are currently 5 games out of the Wild Card, not an all together insurmountable gap, however they will have to leapfrog 5 teams to do so, a much more difficult challenge.

Dodgers 11, Brewers 2Scouts: Well, I think I temporarily have my new favorite NL team.  While I still kinda want to see the Braves win it, I have to go with the Dodgers at the moment.  Matt Kemp homered twice, and Manny Machado picked up his first LA RBI on a double as the Dodgers trounced the Brew Crew.


Twins 3, Royals 5Scouts: Um Minnesota?  I thought we had a talk last week.  And you went out and got swept by the Royals?  Come on.  You are better than this.

Cardinals 2, Cubs 7Scouts: Kyle Schwarber hit a homer and Jose Quintana threw 7 quality innings.

Spiders 0, Rangers 5Scouts: Rougned Odor homered and picked up three RBI’s and Yovani Gallardo threw his best game of the year as the Rangers put a halt on the red-hot spiders.

Giants 5, Athletics 6 F/10Scouts: Matt Chapman walked it off with a hit in the 10th, Khris Davis and Matt Olson both had a pair of homers each.


Astros 5, Angels 14Scouts: The Halos racked up a total of 4 homers, and included a 7 run 7th to decimate the Astros.


White Sox 2, Mariners 8Scouts: Ryon Healy dropped two, three-run homers on the White Sox, and Marco Gonzalez came close to a no-hitter before allowing a slow infield single in the 6th.

Rockies 1, Diamondbacks 6Scouts: Zack Greinke struck out 13 and the D-Backs took apart the Rockies, who’s sole run came on an Ian Desmond solo shot in the 5th.


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