He Said, She Said, but it’s just One Game Edition – 7/19/18


spiderman 5It’s just me, your friendly neighborhood Prof, today. Next week, I’m going to be taking a bit of a breather, so Scout will be doing most of the posts himself. Be nice to him and don’t burn the place down. It’s a Girl Power Friday, and I’ve picked one of my all time favorite songs for your listening pleasure. Guess which one it is? Smart readers will pick up on the theme when you get to the end of the post. Now, let’s get started.

What the Yanks and Sawx are to the American League, the Cubs and Cardinals are to the National League. A rivalry that is always feisty regardless of the teams’ records, Cubs/Cards can be nasty and hateful. Maybe it’s not quite as dangerous as Dodgers/Giants, but it’s always nasty. Growing up rooting for the Cubs in a Cardinals home was always uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d like to say it shows my good taste. Or possibly, my underlying lifelong battles with depression, since traditionally the Cubs were the underdog.

But that’s all in the past. We’re here to talk about the present.

Cardinals 6, Cubs 9

Now it started off rough for the Cubbies. Kyle Hendricks was your starter and he went four and 2/3 innings, but it was definitely not a successful four and 2/3rds. Afterwards, a succession of Cubs hurlers took the bump, with Brian Duensing (generally a long relief guy) getting the dubs and Pedro Strop gaining the save.

Chicago went OFF in the fifth inning, gaining five runs, including an Ian Happ two run homer. The Cubs got a great game from Jason Heyward (3-5), whom I will always support.

Now, for St. Louis, it was a bit more murky. The Redbirds and their interim manager Mike Shildt had more success in the beginning stages, this is true. Tommy Pham hit a home run in the second inning to extend their lead before Chicago began clawing back. Yadier Molina – who might actually be the true manager of this team – went 4-5 and Matt Carpenter had a one run homer.

Is Shildt the answer? Will The Lou begin a search for fresh blood outside of the organization? Will they try to lure Buck Showalter, who might be leaving the Orioles after this season? Will they attempt to sign Joe Girardi, which is a rumor that will not go away? Will they DFA Dexter Fowler after all? Who really knows. It will be interesting to watch the Cardinals, who are usually on top of or near the top of the NL Central standings, shake out the dust and see where they land at the end of the second half.

27 thoughts on “He Said, She Said, but it’s just One Game Edition – 7/19/18

    1. My friend Monica told me about it (I missed it). That’s so gross! Plus, even if you think bachelorette parties are obnoxious, everyone knows 21st birthday parties are the worst.

      I’m disappointed in Matt. It’s too much to ask someone to respect a human being for one day, I guess.


        1. It’s ESPN, Historio. They traditionally treat women like crap unless you’re Linda Cohn and that’s only because the viewers would riot because she’s better at her job than 75% of that company and everyone knows it.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Nope. There were two of us. But in all fairness, I don’t think I really “hated” it – contemptuous would be more accurate. Bunch of yuppie fops.


    2. I only watched a few innings, and so did not see the little bachelorette party rant. But I was mostly impressed by how much better Jessica was at the job than he was. He was making broad and often silly generalizations, she was throwing stats back at him.


      1. It’s too bad they couldn’t find some better guys for the broadcast. Why do terrible men get jobs???

        (Please don’t poach Mario, thanks!)


        1. Brian Anderson, who does Brewers games, is one of my favorites. He sometimes does national games and it’s always a pleasure when he does.


  1. In other baseball news, did the Orioles blow it by not trading Machado at last year’s deadline thereby getting far less for him now since he may be just a 3 month rental? Poor Scout.


    1. Of course they did. Look at the Brad Hand trade. Padres get a super stud. A full year of Machado gets you more than one good prospect and four warm bodies.

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    2. Tigers are being called sellers this year, but who wants to shop at the Dicks of MLB? If Liriano is a difference-maker for your season, you need to sit down.


        1. I once bought a pair of baby Russian tortoises and a couple of baby Caspian pond turtles at a flea market in Moscow. Smuggled them home in my pocket in a Marlboro box. Yeah, flea markets are where it’s at.


      1. Avila missed an opportunity. Should have got the Dodger execs drunk and traded them Dixon Machado.

        I doubt the Tigers will make any significant trades (meaning Fulmer, Greene or Castellanos). Too many sellers out there, probably can get better return in the off season when more team dream of having a good year.

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        1. I don’t quite yet hope for the shedding of Castellanos like the demise of Inge. Yet.


  2. Remind me again, why did they start this only-one-game-the-day-after-the-break thing? It reminds me of the barfy Thursday Night Foolsball concept: a bastard child of the meeting of two groups of greedy elitists (unpack that if you can!).


  3. We had a full slate of games tonight and I barely paid attention. I have found it takes me several days after the ASG break to become interested in baseball again. I find the game that irrelevant and boring. Bud Light’s futile and silly efforts to make it “count” were like trying to tweak a koan until it became a dirty limerick.


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