All Star Mascot Free For All!

Been a while since we caught up with the wild, wooly world of mascots. It’s the perfect time to see what’s going on with these fuzzy wuzzy weirdos!

PAWS continues to be adorable:

I did not know this is a thing, but now I do and I am so happy:

If the Braves made up a song about our lousy mascot, Blooper, it would not be nearly this cool.

Meanwhile, Mr. Met took to Twitter to dance to a Drake song to try to woo Mrs. Met back from his arch nemesis, Noah Syndergaard (or maybe Sluggerrr?):

Clark the Cub, Stomper, Rangers Captain, and Sluggerrr were involved in a mascot home run derby this weekend, and they all hung out together:

Finally, it’s one of my favorite parts of All Star Weekend – when the mascots take their family reunion photo.

I notice that Mr. Red is absent. Rosie the Red is doing his job for him. Tsk tsk, slacker.

22 thoughts on “All Star Mascot Free For All!

  1. Sorry I’m late, prof. I was over at the HBT site, trolling the Home Run Derby fans. My life is so full of interesting stuff!
    I wanted you to know that I went to the Astros game last Friday night and watched a lot more of Orbit’s antics. I don’t know who that dude is that does the Orbit thing, but he/(she?) is pretty athletic. Orbit was over messing with one of the Detroit players while he was on the ground before the game stretching. After a little light-hearted back and forth, Orbit dropped to the ground and started doing one-handed pushups, flipping back and forth from arm to arm. Irrespective of the other stuff, I was impressed.

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    1. You’re not supposed to know who the mascot performer is, it ruins the illusion. That’s why the guy who has been the Phanatic is always called his “best friend” in interviews. But being a mascot fan, I know some things.

      Traditionally a mascot is male. It takes a lot of upper body strength and there is a height requirement. Even though many women would love to be a mascot, I readily admit I’m not tall enough or strong enough to be a pro. However, I believe Mrs. Met and Rosie the Red are female. Sometimes in the minors you’ll find female performers, too.

      I watched two documentaries about mascot life, one about Blue the Colts’ mascot which was a web series, and the other was an actual movie about Bucky Badger called “Being Bucky” which I highly recommend if you’ve ever been curious about mascot life. It gave me a new appreciation for the performers.


  2. One well placed drone strike could have rid us of all of those icons of unexpired puerility in a single stroke. Let’s replace mascots with steep discounts on admissions, concessions and parking, and open a small museum in some minor league town with the charred remains a la the peace park in Hiroshima.

    Frankly, I’m surprised Jeter even put up the money to send Billy the Marlin to the photo session.


    1. Noooo. Go root for the Dodgers and Yankees, they don’t have mascots. Leave the fun fuzzy friends to those of us who like them. 😃


      1. Imagine just using an airbrush to change this venerable kaiju eiga from Destroy All Monsters to Destroy All Mascots:


  3. I look forward to Someguy’s response to Bryce (.218) Harper’s reassertion of relevance in the Derby. Frankly, the only “derby” that ever interested me much was the one Leo G. Carroll wore as Topper back in his eponymous pre-KT meteorite strike era TV show. Even the iron Giant and the Judge are too bored with it to bother anymore. I always figgered the Derby was held the day before the game to help ease us into being bored before the main event finished us orf.


    1. “Topper”? Wow, we are old, aren’t we? Pre-KT sounds about right. I used to see that at my grandmother’s house in Dallas – about sixty years ago.


      1. The show originally ran from 1953 thru 1955 but persisted in reruns while therapsids were evolving into birds. Something else that amuses me: Leo G. Carroll bore an uncanny resemblance to the great German novelist Thomas Mann:
        Leo G. Carroll

        Thomas Mann


    2. I actually forgot the damn thing was on.

      Someguy should be very happy because in honor of Harper’s victory the Nats will be reducing the price for all their lower level seats to $1 for five of their up coming games, albeit against the Reds and Mets.


      1. Happy: I just want to make sure you saw my response to your “chickenhawk” comments on the ASG post. You posted at around 7PM and I posted around 11 PM so you might have missed it. I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings between us, OK?


    3. I don’t know about a reassertion of relevance for Bryce. I do know that he looked genuinely happy to be on a baseball field, and that Nats fans seemed genuinely happy to have him around, and that both of these were true for the first time in months. Whether it will spark him and the team to great heights over the remainder of the season and/or result in his re-signing here in the off-season are still TBD, but for one night at least, things seemed good again.

      As for the ticket price break, they ran a promotion for $1 off a ticket for every HR Bryce hit last night, and he finished with 45 over the three rounds, so it is cool. Not sure if I’ll take advantage or not, as I’ve already made my annual pilgrimage to Nats Park, but definitely worth looking into.


        1. Good luck on those tix, Prof. My original plan for seeing the Nats this year had me targeting the Saturday night game for this series; this was mid-June, when it looked like it might actually be more meaningful for the Nats. Anyhow, every time I would choose four tickets together and then click for the next step, the website told me that the seats were already gone. I eventually gave up and chose the recent Saturday night game against the Feesh (where Scherzer pitched and the Nats won 18-4), and I had no issues getting tickets for that one.


        2. Buddha save you from Tanner Roark. He’s gone south like a monarch butterfly in October.


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