2018 All Star Game Live Chat

Hello, everybody! I have to attempt to hook up my tiny television in order to watch this game, because you can’t stream it online without having cable and guess who doesn’t have cable? That’s right, your friendly neighborhood Prof.

Feel free to chat along with us who may or may not be watching (but I’ll be following on Twitter for sure).

Here, have some all stars:

This isn’t even fair.

26 thoughts on “2018 All Star Game Live Chat

  1. The AL is leading it 2 dingers to one, how fucking boring is that. I’m checking out the angry old white man’s western channel station for a switch back and forth station.


    1. Turns out that is the “13 days of glory” to the Alamo. Bullshit. On both sides. I’m going to bed early..


  2. nope, we’re in business, folks, I got the hookup!

    We are currently 2-1 and my dude FOLTY, the Prince of Pizza, is up next.


  3. I imagine that Pete Rose was choking somewhere while the ASG red carpet fashion show was on. Royce won best dressed this year. The lining of his jacket was DC sites. Pretty cool. It’s nice when the stars show up and have fun. The May-Scherzers were adorable. Pretty ballsy of Buck to ask Royce if he agreed that Trout was the best player in baseball.


  4. Ok, so now I’m officially in the GOML crowd. OFs with mics, broadcasting live ingame, and the telecaster (FUCK BUCK) asking to relay the C signals

    That’s it. Last ASG I’ll ever watch.


    1. All this talk about “true outcomes”, plays that don’t involve defense. But what if the walk or strike out are the result of a bad call either way by the home plate ump? Should that be a false outcome?

      Personally I find HR or K baseball boring as hell. It takes away the athleticism of runners and fielders. I’d rather see someone try to score from 1st on a double with a close play at the plate.

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      1. They all had their phones on the field with them. No way anyone was diving or crashing with their phones there. If only the game counted for something… lol


  5. Ok, I know it’s well after the game is over. It’s just that regarding Hader I need an outlet. Primarily in the form of the following: Paper Lions can go fuck himself with a rusted exhaust pipe. This person can be unreasonable, but today crossed a major line with me.

    Fuck him.

    Ok, I’ll see myself out now and allow my blood pressure to cool off…


    1. I have no idea what paper wrote but, frankly, I don’t know what more Hader could have said beyond “ten years ago I was an immature, stupid kid and I’m sorry for behaving like such an idiot,” which I believe is what he did say. Drop it. Even setting it up to go viral was nothing more than a malicious prank.


        1. He was 16-17. He’s 24 now. We’re talking nearly eight years ago. I’m not aware of anything he’s done since then that amplifies the problem. I read some Brewers fan blogger compare him to John Rocker, who was older than Hader when he made his first set of publicly idiotic remarks and continued to exploit them – pretty much the opposite of how Hader has handled himself. Dumb comparison. People do grow up. Let them. Enough already.

          And his Latina girlfriend isn’t my problem, but at least we know he’s made room for Latin Americans in his worldview.


  6. Musings from my having “watched” the game via “gamecast” online: 1) why on Earth did Hinch use “his guy” Morton to throw 40 pitches even after giving up two HRs?? Who was he trying to dis by not using the rest of his pen? I know there are things we don’t know, like who’s been requested by his team to try and not use him, but sheesh! 2) Roberts was starting to look like a good manager for a moment or two, but then he went and left first Hader in and then Ross Stripling (really?) after both were more than ineffective. So much for trying to win. 3) Why was Kimbrel not brought in to finish either the 9th or 10th? I mean he is the best closer in baseball!?!?! 4) Scooter should have gotten the MVP, or Segura failing that. 5) I guess we can get rid of the HR Derby now that the games will probably be like this going forward…….


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