He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/12/18

Scouts: Happy Friday!  Let’s Jam.


Rays 1, Twins 5Scouts: Kyle Gibson threw 8 innings, giving up just a single run, completely shutting down the Rays.

Dodgers 3, Padres 2Scouts: Looks like things are looking up for the Dodgers who not sit in first place all by themselves for the first time this season.  Ross Stripling threw 6 shutout innings, Matt Kemp had a key pinch hit RBI, and Kenley Jansen shut the door.

Mariners 2, Angels 11Scouts: Albert Pujols who’s been around seemingly forever and a day, tied Ken Griffey Jr for 6th place on the all-time home run list, after launching a pair of bombs.


Athletics 6, Astros 4Scouts: Um, Houston?  Do we have a issue?  Down 4-0, Oakland scored 6 unanswered runs to cap a 4 game series victory.

Diamondbacks 1, Rockies 5Prof: Normally, one looks at a score of 5-1 and think it’s a bit of a blowout. However, coming off the insanity of a 19-2 game the other night, this looks positively quaint. Trevor Story hit a solo dinger. Otherwise Colorado mostly hit RBI singles all night. Coors.


Phillies 5, Orioles 4Scouts: It’s always nice when you really need a rebound win to look up and see the Orioles on the other side of the scoreboard.  There were rumors that there were scouts at the game watching Kevin Gausman, who responded by getting smacked around to the tune of 12 hits and 5 runs.

Brewers 3, Pirates 6Prof: As I mentioned in the comments yesterday, it’s coming up to the time of the year when the Brewers just stink. It doesn’t matter who is on the team or who is running the show. Early July just seems to be a weak point for Milwaukee year after year. The Pirates took full advantage of this with stellar performances from Jordy Mercer (four RBI on the night) and Jameson Taillon (six innings, 1 earned run, a career best 10 K).


Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 6Scouts: David Price was able to put down the video games long enough to strike out 8 Blue Jays over 6.2 innings and pull out the victory.  J.A. Happ only lasted 3.2 innings, and gave up 5 runs, however none of them were earned.  Whoops.


Yankees 7, Spiders 4Prof: The Magical Land of Cleve, and their ace cyborg the Klubot, is starting to need a recharge. Kluber took the loss after an unfortunate six earned runs over seven and 1/3 innings, even though he had nine strikeouts. New York’s Brett Gardner hit two home runs in the win.

Nationals 5, Mets 4Prof: A hard fought match between NL East teams, but the Nats reign supreme on the eve of hosting the All Star Game in their own yard. Max Scherzer, who may possibly start the game as well as host, gets the win. Bryce Harper, looking for a Home Run Derby title, got practice in with a two run blast of his own. Anthony Rendon, who quietly does heavy lifting for this team every other night, contributed two homers of his own.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/12/18

  1. About a month ago, the Nats traded for Kelvin Herrera in order to add another reliable option to the back of their bullpen; proven closer, post-seaso experience, etc., etc. Either he’s forgotten how to pitch in big moments, or he’s damaged goods, because he has not impressed in his last two outings.

    The first was Tuesday, where he was brought in to pitch the 9th in a 5-1 game, and promptly loaded the bases before shutting the door. Last night, he was given the 8th to face the top of the order in a 5-3 game, gave up a long flyball out, a no doubt home run, and a couple of walks before getting out of the inning. Davey Martinez then continued to show his lack of mastery of bullpen usage by bringing Ryan Madson in to close the game, which by itself isn’t a bad choice, but he had Brandon Kintzler warm up twice earlier in the evening, so he kinda burned him for no reason.

    In other news, word broke yesterday that Ryan Zimmerman might’ve been injured during spring training after all, battling a calf issue. Nats twitter was crawling all over the beat writers about this, since the story was published by Jon Heyman, not them, and the beats are saying that they’d heard rumors, but nothing confirmed, so responsible journalism, and Zimmerman continues to deny a calf issue anyway.

    Chelsea Janes has a piece about the injury here – https://wapo.st/2uBBomL – and then she vents at the team in her gamer, a piece that would win a Pulitzer for Snark if such a thing existed – https://wapo.st/2mcYYlO

    Animosity between the beats and the team they cover? Maybe we’ll be a big-time sports town after all…

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    1. I hate to be so much at odds, but I hope the Tiggers have a terrible weekend. I am taking my grandson and one of his college buddies to the game at Minute Maid tonight.


      1. You’re welcome.

        Btw, watched your game Thursday, and I really enjoyed your broadcasting team. The woman is great and the guys are so good with her (not condescending or brusk).


  2. BTW, prof, I was completely unfamiliar with Disturbed until last Sunday when my brother-in-law, (three months younger than me at only 66-1/2) introduced me to the YouTube version of Sound of Silence. As a long time Paul Simon fan, it blew me away.
    Funny coincidence that you would bring it up today. I have to say he did a very passable version, even if I found the metal hanging off of him a bit creepy.


  3. Did anybody else notice that Friday the 13th fell on a Friday this month.

    I have to go to a first aide class tomorrow morning (day care licensing requirement) so I won’t be able get the weekend edition post up until the afternoon. BTW I got some all star game stuff for it.

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