He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/11/18

Prof: Today’s musical selections are from Panic! At the Disco. Only because there was panic on the streets of Cleveland, panic on the streets of Denver. Hang the DJ. Hang the DJ.


Yankees 9, Orioles 0Scouts: Dylan Bundy got pretty good and rocked and Sonny Grey pitched a very good game against a very bad team.  The interesting news out of this matchup is apparently the Yankees have made a strong offer for Manny Machado, despite already having excellent help at both third and short.  It seems the stove has never been hotter for Machado, and a trade would appear to be imminent.  The only question at this point is will a move be made before or after the All-Star break.  Oh yea, Tyler Wade hit a grand slam in the third.


Brewers 4, Marlins 5 F/12Scouts: I’m not quite sure which is the bigger news.  The fact that the Marlins walked it off in 12, or that they took the series against the Brewers.  Bad BrewCrew.  Bad boys.  No cookie for you!

Rangers 2, Red Sox 4Prof: Chris Sale, who might be the AL Starting Pitcher in the All Star Game, went seven innings with no runs and twelve strikeouts. In fact, the only runs for Texas came in the eighth inning, a single given up by Heath Hembree and a bases loaded walk from Craig Kimbrel (which was charged to Hembree).


Phillies 0, Mets 3 F/10Prof: Can’t predict ball. The NL East leading Phillies and the bottom dwelling Mets went a full game with no runs and barely any hits. It was only in extra innings that this game was decided, off a Brandon Nimmo walk-off homer.

Reds 4, Spiders 19Prof: Here’s my writeup.

stop stop simpsons.gif

Wait, what? This isn’t enough for you? OK, fine. The streets of Cleveland ran thick with the blood of the Reds. A nine run third inning and six run fourth, with Cleveland batters not even having the decency to do it all by homers – like the most depraved serial killers, they took their time with the bloodbath. Now, of course, there were dingers from the Magical Bats of Cleve – two from Jose Ramirez, one from Francisco Lindor and one from Jason Kipnis. For the Dead Men Walking team from Cincinnati, poor Scooter Gennett tried his best, going 3-5 with a solo homer and a run in the eight inning.


Blue Jays 5, Braves 9Scouts: A 6 run second was all Atlanta needed for the win.  Ozzie Albies smashed a pair of homers for the Braves. Mike Foltynewicz was cruising along until the 7th where he not only lost the shutout, but then allowed 4 hits with two down capped by a grand slam, the second homer of the inning.


Cardinals 0, White Sox 4Prof: The Red Birds seem to be in a bit of a tail spin lately, with the drama with Dexter Fowler, the disconnect between the front office, ownership, and manager Mike Matheny, and now a controversy with Bud Norris and a young pitcher. Is it taking its toll on the team? Maybe. Maybe not. But when you’re losing to the Chicago White Sox, a team that is currently 31-61 on the season… well. You might want to look in the mirror and ask yourself where you’re going wrong. Brian Anderson continues to play above his pay for the ChiSox.

Athletics 8, Astros 3Scouts: Everyone is allowed a off day Houston, so I’ll give you this one.  Lance McCullers Jr. was crazy wild with 4 walks, including two hit batsmen, two wild pitches, and allowed 6 runs over 4 innings.

Diamondbacks 2, Rockies 19Prof: Here’s my writeup:

stop stop simpsons

You’re telling me you’ve seen this before? Huh. Pretty much nothing but homers and singles and a well timed balk in the second inning. It got so bad that the Gritty Snakes pulled their actual pitchers in the fourth inning and position players went multiple innings. Shelby Miller left the game early, not because he was lit up like a Disney Christmas Parade, but because he had an injury.


Mariners 3, Angels 0Scouts: Marco Gonzales picked up his 10th win for the Mariners, throwing 7 strong innings and combining with the bullpen to shut out the Angels, who I can’t decide if they are improving or not.

Dodgers 4, Padres 2Scouts: Kenta Maeda is on a bit of a roll, tossing his 4th consecutive game with 9+ strikeouts and holding the Padres to 1 run over 5.2 innings.  I have noticed that Maeda rarely seems to go beyond 6 innings, whats the deal with that?  Does he just throw a ton of pitches or are they intentionally limiting his usage?  Any NL experts able to help me out here?


Tigers 2, Rays 4Scouts: Tampa swept the Tigers thanks in large part to homers by C.J. Cron and Kevin Kiermaier and a strong effort by the bullpen on “bullpen day”.

Nationals 0, Pirates 2Prof: All the Bucs needed was a Starling Marte two run dinger and Trevor Williams to head up a shutout pitching staff. Somehow the Nats continue to be right at .500. I’m still floored that they are third in the NL East standings right now.

Royals 5, Twins 8Scouts: The Twins get back on the winning side of things as Brian Dozier, who I’ve heard whispered in a few trade rumors, homered.  The Twins host Tampa next so we will see if they are back to winning games or if this was just a byproduct of facing the two worst teams in baseball.

Cubs 4, Giants 5 F/13Prof: Kris Bryant crushed a no-doubter, Jason Heyward and Javy Baez did, too, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome an early onslaught of runs assisted by a Ben Zobrist error. Onto extra innings we go, and the game was decided by a Buster Posey RBI single.


22 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/11/18

  1. I don’t think it’s in Mike Rizzo’s DNA to be a seller at the deadline, and I know the standings still say the Nats have a chance to make the post-season (although perhaps a Dumb and Dumber “you’re telling me there’s a chance” level of chance), but their on-field performance is not one that says to me that they’re gonna make it this year.

    They can still theoretically sweep the Mets and get to 50-46 before the All Star Break, which was the minimum target I had in mind for them when they started this stretch of 11 games with the Marlins, Pirates, and Mets, but they just do not look like a good baseball team most days.

    They have a number of pieces that they could sell if they decide to go that route – Murphy (to an AL team), Matt Adams (though I’d like to see them try to bring him back this off-season), Mark Reynolds, Madson, Herrera, Gio Gonzalez, Wieters, and even Bryce Harper, if anyone wants him.

    Assuming those guys all depart anyway between now and next season, they’ll still have an outfield of Soto, Eaton/Taylor, and Victor Robles, Rendon at 3rd, Turner at SS, Scherzer and Strasburg in the rotation, hopefully Matt Adams and Ryan Zimmerman at least platooning at 1B. I expect that the Nats could get a decent enough haul in return for many of those guys listed above that they could re-load at positions of need (2B, C, rotation and bullpen) rather than re-build, but again, I don’t think selling is in Rizzo’s DNA.

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      1. I can’t say for sure, but as a fan of a rival team who now lives in the area I try to pay attention to Nats rumors. Know your enemy, and all. anyway, I’m sure SG will say if I’m wrong but it’s assumed that the amount of money that Harper (Boras) will ask for is more than the Nats are willing to pay, especially if they wish to keep their pitching staff and eventually resign guys like Trea Turner, etc. I think the only way Harper stays is if he significantly lowers his asking price.


      2. I don’t know that it’s a given, so much as an expectation.

        Prior to this season, it was thought that he’d command a contract of $400MM or more, and the thinking was that the Nats might try to sign him, but they’d probably lose out, and have to make do with Victor Robles, Adam Eaton, and Michael Taylor going forward.

        The Lerner family (they own the team) is said to love Harper, with the patriarch and matriarch treating him like a grandson, and Harper’s season to date has not exactly screamed “$400MM Man”, so there’s talk now that maybe the Nats might be able to re-sign him. On the other hand, Juan Soto, who started the year at low A and was penciled in to the Nats’ OF in 2020, maybe, has already shown himself to be major league ready. In addition, Victor Robles is now playing again after a nasty hyperextension of his non-throwing arm, and he looked MLB-ready last year during his callup, to where he was on the postseason roster. On top of that, Adam Eaton is under team control through 2021, and Michael A. Taylor can play a little, so…

        If you can look at the 2019-21 Nats with an outfield of Soto, Adam Eaton, and Robles and know that those three years, combined, are going to cost a total of $35MM combined for all three players, then some serious thinking must be thought. If Robles (age 20 this year) and Soto (19) prove to be guys who are each worth 3, 4, or 5 WAR per season, then maybe letting Harper walk, and using the $40MM per season that it would’ve taken to keep him to lock up Rendon and get a frontline starting pitcher and a solid bullpen arm or three, and use other salaries coming off the books to reload and replace at various positions, then it’s not crazy to think the Nats will part amicably with Harper come November.

        Of course, if he goes on a two month tear after the ASG, and leads the Nats to a pennant or even a World Series win, then there’ll be much cry in town to sign him at whatever cost is necessary, and trade Soto and/or Robles for other parts.

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        1. As a fan of a team that has a declining player signed for many more years at $30M or more, I’d run from signing Harper for $40M per for 10 years. Granted he’s a few years younger than Cabrera was when he signed his extension, but he’s also had big fluctuations from season to season. He’s also had a fair share of injuries for someone so young and you have to wonder if that will continue. I think you nailed it with Robles, Soto, Rendon and pitching as better uses for that money.


  2. I foresee a little organizational discomfort with the Astros. Our boy Jake, who is a positive clubhouse force, an all-world fielder ans


  3. Sorry,computer connection just put up an incomplete message. Jake Marisnick is a great fielder, very popular, and headed for AAA, this time probably for good. Ken Giles finally snapped, although I think he was headed for AAA anyway. Springer is in a paralyzing funk and Correa is hurt. McCullers continues his general two great/ one lousy pitching pattern. And he is having some problems with Gurriel. Our lovable kids in Houston are learning the Cubs lesson. Repeating is a B***ch.

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    1. I’m surprised that Marisnick even made it this far in the majors. It is more of a testimony to his tenacity and his fielding than to his batting skills, which evaporated on the day the Feesh brought him up from the minors. He was the Lewis Brinson of his generation.


      1. Marisnick is much like Andrelton Simmons was for much of his tenure at Atlanta. If he could hit just a bit more, he would be invaluable with his speed and fielding prowess. Alas, it appears not to be.

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        1. Simba was so valuable at SS that it made up for his lack of production, honestly. And I think he just didn’t jive with our hitting coach. Once he went to LA, and I think actually once he started playing with APu, he got better. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to work with Chipper more, Freddie sought him out and it did wonders for his approach. My child Scooter did much the same when he went to the Reds and was able to watch Votto full time. Anyway, Jake might be better served by going to a team that needs his defense so he can get some major assistance with his offense.


  4. The Sausage City staph crapped the bed at both ends of the evening. First, Peralta suffered an attack of Steve Blass Syndrome (which was once portrayed by James Arness) in the fourth. He even walked in what at the time was the go-ahead run by gifting Feesh hurler Dan Straily. Then, when reliever Jorge Lopez came to bat for himself in the top of the twelfth with two out and the bases loaded and struck out, you knew this was going to be a bad night for the Brooze. I also note that the bottom of the Brooze lineup was packed with Mendoza-line and sub-Mendoza line hitters last night.
    How are these guys in first place? I hate to say it, but if Craig Counsell let hisself get outmaneuvered by Jar Jar Baseball, maybe it’s time for him to go see the plastic surgeon about a new nose. Oh, Tannenbaum! Oh, Buddha!
    PS – I haven’t seen the “official” attendance stats for Macondo Banana Massacre Field last night but I suspect there were more pigeons on the Bud Light statue in front of Miller Park.


    1. Eh, even the best fall down sometimes. The Crew usually hit a lull around this time of the year, it’s nearly a tradition. Did it with the Yost with the Most and Ron Roenecke, too.

      I keep hearing a rumour that Keon Broxton is headed to Baltimore for Machado. See, Broxton is The One y’all should have aimed for in Miami. He’s legit. Speedy, smart, and talented.


      1. The ones who should have been aimed for in Miami were Scrooge McLoria, David Samson and Derek Jeter, but that might have resulted in a ban on assault rifles.
        Incidentally, my suspicion that last night was some kind of low water mark in Macondo Banana Massacre Field attendance has proven correct: at five thousand and spare change, last night was the lowest attendance in the history of the stadium and of the team as a whole. Way to go, Beep Beep! How they love ya!

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        1. If that’s what they’ll admit to, it was probably about a few hundred, tops. Geez Louise.


  5. The Twins put Logan Morrison on the DL today supposedly because of a hip issue which didn’t stop him from hitting an upper deck home run yesterday. Looks like to me that in spite of yesterdays dinger he was put on the You Suck So Go Away For A While DL.

    The Rays are come in here tonight on a five game winning streak. They should have winning worked out of their system for a while. I mean they gave us a sweetheart deal on one of their best pitchers to dump salary and execute a tanking plan. And even though their record is about 6 games better than the Twins their chance of making the playoffs is probably less than that of the Twins, albeit we’re talking about around a 3% chance instead of a 2% one.

    Come on Rays, we thought you was smart. Get back to the plan…juicy juicy draft picks!!!


    1. So that’s where Tweeter is now! I didn’t even notice he wasn’t in Tampa anymore. Is he still milking Twitter for what little it’s worth? is he still horrified of bare boobs (is it ever warm enough to bare a boob up your way at that)? Does he still suffer from mantideophobia? Does he still repel the breaking ball like it’s coated with Ray Milland’s hair tonic?


      1. Twitter? Ain’t that where a very very bad brought up 14 year old boy (biological age 70) resides, whose daddy maybe cornholed him, at least that’s the best likely way of explaining of why he is what he is, and why we are what we are?

        Sorry, ain’t never been there and have no plans of going.

        /switches back from rain delayed Twiins channel to 1950’s – 1960’s western channel.


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