He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/10/18

Prof: It’s currently 9:43 pm on 7/10. Only one game has been completed. I understand that evening games are the norm, but many of these games are east coast teams playing other east coast teams. It’s ridiculous that at nearly 10 pm on a work night, the Nats and Pirates are in the top of the sixth inning. I know that first pitch was supposedly at 7:05 pm, but dude. Looks like another long night for your friendly neighborhood Prof. Thank goodness I have insomnia.

Yankees 5, Orioles 6Prof: Whoa. How can this be? The Orioles? Won? Against the? Yankees?!?!? Fam, your eyes do not deceive. The Orioles not only beat the Yankees but are leading in this series two games to one. How did this happen? Well, it’s all because of Manny Machado, who hit two home runs, and Zach Britton, the closer who is starting to be completely healthy and back in form as one of the baseball’s best late inning bump men.

Scouts: Suddenly everyone wants a piece of Manny Machado.  Joining the D-Backs, the Brewers, the Dodgers, and the Phillies, the Spiders,  now there’s rumors swirling around both the Yankees and Red Sox.  Manny took an opportunity on the night to remind everyone why he’s in such hot demand.  The best part is that everyone seems to want Machado at third, except Machado, who is digging his heels in at Short, despite being absolutely terrible there.



Nationals 5, Pirates 1Scouts: Things returned to normal for a night in Pittsburgh.  Jeremy Hellickson threw 5 shutout innings, Anthony Rendon homered, and Kelvin Herrera closed the door on a Nationals win.

Rangers 4, Red Sox 8Prof: Third inning, big mood. Boston racked up five runs in that inning alone. Lots of production from Andrew Benintendi, Mitch Moreland, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

Reds 7, Spiders 4Prof: The Reds know how to make a game interesting. The Magical Land of Cleve took control in the first and second innings, bent Cincinnati to their wills…until the ninth inning, when Cody Allen somehow forgot how to pitch and the Reds scored all of their runs, stealing the win away from noted drone enthusiast Trevor Bauer. Bauer had gone eight innings and struck out 12. I’m sure that the clubhouse was frosty as frick immediately after the game. Oh, and how did the Reds pull this trick off? Joey Votto hit a deep double which drove in three runs and put them over the top.


Phillies 7, Mets 3Prof: Hey, what’s up Maikel Franco? One of the Phillies’ young studs brought it to the Mets last night, with a three run homer in the second inning and an RBI single in the sixth.

Brewers 8, Marlins 4Scouts: Corbin Burnes, who the Orioles are trying unsucessfully to pry loose from Milwaulkee for Manny Machado made his MLB debut and all he did was throw two perfect innings and pick up his first career save.  Christian Yelich went 3=5 with 4 RBI’s and the Feesh did what they were built to do.

Tigers 2, Rays 5Prof: This was a perfectly boring game. Even glancing through the box score makes me want to snooze. The Rays used their now patented “Johnny Wholestaff” rotation – everyone ran about two innings except for Sergio Romo, who gets the save.


Blue Jays 6, Braves 2Prof: This was a slow going, low scoring affair until A.J. Minter and Shane Carle crapped the bed in the eighth inning. It didn’t help that Dansby Swanson had an error that set it all up in the first place. I want Dansby to start being hated for being beautiful again and not for boneheaded errors. Five runs in the eighth inning. The Braves might be a good team, but it’s stuff like this that highlights the need for them to be even better.

Cardinals 14, White Sox 2Prof: Never, ever count out the Red Birds.  Jose Martinez went 3-4, Kolten Wong went 4-5, and Miles Mikolas won his tenth game of the season. Mikolas is an interesting cat. He’s 29 years old but looks older than me. I blame the awful facial hair.

Royals 9, Twins 4Scouts: Interesting fact.  In any other division in the league, the Twins would be 5th (Except the NL East where they would be 4th.)  In the AL Central however, they are firmly in second place.  The Toronto Blue Jays, who are currently 20.5 games back in their division would be in second place in the Central.

Athletics 5, Astros 6Scouts: Alex Bregman sure had himself a night.  Not only did he smack home runs number 18 and 19, but he walked it off in a “you must see it to believe it” fashion.  Seriously, this may be the wildest ending to any game ever.


Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 3Scouts: David Peralta smacked a three run homer as the D-Backs completed their 9th consecutive win at Coors Field.

Cubs 2, Giants 0Scouts: Jose Quintana and the pen completely shut down the Giants, holding them to no runs on three hits.

Mariners 3, Angels 9Scouts: The Angels may be down, but they are not giving up just yet.  Albert Pujols and Kole Calhon homered to bring the Angels back from an early three run defect.


Dodgers 4, Padres 1Scouts: Eric Lauer kept the Dodgers in check, throwing 8.2 innings and only allowing a solo homer with just one out left in the game.

12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/10/18

  1. The Bregman fiasco play was an alltime classic. I loved watching the catcher playing pinball wizard with the home plate umpire. It made my day, which hasn’t even officially started yet.

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    1. There is a distinct trend here. When something weird happens to the Astros, it can be one of several players. Altuve, Springer, Giles and McCullers seem to draw a quantum of weirdness by their natures.

      But if it’s weird and turns out really well for the Astros, it seems like Bregman is usually in the middle of it in some way.

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        1. Well he grew up in New Mexico and went to LSU. What do you get when you mix Pueblos and Cajuns?

          I don’t know either.


  2. The Nats and Bucs have a reason for their game ending later than one would expect; it started about an hour after the scheduled first pitch, due to a threat of a rain storm that never came.

    The game itself presented a conundrum for Davey Martinez. The bullpen has been overworked quite a bit lately, and he needed Hellickson to go deep in the game, and Hellickson certainly pitched well enough to hold up his end of the bargain. When the top of the 6th arrived, the Nats found themselves up 2-0, and they loaded the bases with one out. Rules being rules in the NL, the pitcher’s spot in the order was due up next, and so Davey had to decide whether to sacrifice the opportunity to score more runs or potentially sacrifice his bullpen again. He chose to pinch hit here with Mark Reynolds, and a walk, a single, and another walk later, the Nats were up 5-0.

    Herrera closed out the game because recently minted All Star Sean Doolittle was placed on the DL with a foot issue, one he’s describing as like a pinched nerve between the first and second toes of his left foot, and one the Nats are describing as minor. The DL stint means that he’ll miss the All Star Game, and the Nats’ minimizing of the injury likely means that his left leg will be amputated below the knee before September.

    Royce Harpler went 0-5 in the game, with four Ks and a ground out.

    The Nats make their first appearance on a Facebook telecast today in the rubber game of this three game set, so I’ll be listening to things on the radio.

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    1. I would envy you your utter hopelessness except it would not be the strangest thing baseball has seen should the Tigers stumble their way to a shade over 500 while the Phils stumble their way down.


  3. I’m just gonna leave this right here:

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    1. It could be worse. The only reason the O’s have a worse record than the Royals is because they have played one more game than the Royals which of course they lost.

      BTW as I type the Royals just gifted the Twins two runs with a throwing error.


      1. I think however that strength of schedule should factor in. I mean the O’s are playing in a crazy good division, and the Royals are playing in easily the worst division in the league. I still think the unbalanced schedule is unfair and needs to go.


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