He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/9/18

Scouts: We got your walk-offs.  We got your double-headers.  We got your All-Stars.  All this and more from a very full day in baseball!  Prof picked the music, so you’ll have to join me in guessing the theme!

Nationals 3, Pirates 6 – Prof: The Nats are once again on the thin edge of .500 after this loss to Pittsburgh. In good news for Washington, Juan Soto and Royce Harpler both hit solo dingers.

Brewers 3, Marlins 4 F/10Scouts: In a matchup of the M logos, Bryan Holaday knocked in the winning run on a walk-off single in the 10th for the Fishier team.  Holaday was only in the game because All-Star J.T. Realmuto was out for paternity leave.


Rangers 0, Red Sox 5Prof: All Star designated hitter J.D. Martinez continues to crush everything he sees, smashing a three run homer in the eighth inning.

Tigers 9, Rays 10 F/10Scouts: Kevin Kiermaier smoked a triple in the 10th, setting up Daniel Robertson’s walk-off single.

Reds 7, Spiders 5Prof: There’s really no way that the Reds can ever catch up to Milwaukee or even Chicago, but if they continue on this path, they can hold their heads high as a team that started out as hot garbage and ended up just okay. Sometimes, just okay is an accomplishment. Last night, though, Cincinnati was more than okay; Joey Votto and Scott Schebler both hit home runs, while Schebler also had an RBI single. Tucker Barnhart also had two RBI.


Royals 1, Twins 3Scouts: There’s nothing quite like getting to face the Royals at home immediately after Baltimore leaves town.  All-Star, Jose Berrios threw 7 strong innings for the Twins, who must be really enjoying the confidence boost.

Athletics 2, Astros 0Prof: Welcome to the Stephen Piscotty Show. Your host, Stephen Piscotty, showed he was a man of many talents, starting with a solo home run in the seventh inning for the big opening number. Then in the eighth inning, he showed his tender side with a beautiful RBI single. Piscotty went 3-4 and single-handedly won the game for Oakland. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.


Phillies 3, Mets 4 F/10 (Game 1) – Prof: Game one probably would have swung Philadelphia’s way had there not been an error in the third inning from Odubel Herrera. His bobble allowed Brandon Nimmo to score from second base and brought Joey Bats over to second, then Asdrubal Cabrera hit an RBI double to bring Bautista home. Had Herrera not goofed, the Maikel Franco homer in the fourth inning probably would have sealed the deal for Philly. Instead, they had to go to the tenth inning, where Wilmer Flores instead hit a walk-off for the Mets.

Phillies 3, Mets 1 (Game 2) – Scouts: Aaron Nola struck out 10, gave up 1 hit and zero runs over 7 innings, becoming the first NL starter to 12 wins.  Oh yea, and he added a three run, two-out double for good measure.

Yankees 4, Orioles 5 (Game 1) – Prof: Wonders never cease! CC Sabathia is a mere mortal and Danny Valencia hit a three run dinger off of him. But it all kicked off with a two run homer from the Mighty Trumbo in the fourth inning.


Yankees 10, Orioles 2 (Game 2) – Scouts: Well, you knew that wasn’t going to last.  Back on to losing for the Birds.  Luis Cessa shut down the worst team in baseball for 6 innings and Brett Gardner picked up a two-run dinger and triple RBI’s as the Yanks demolished the Orioles.

Dodgers 8, Padres 2Scouts: Clayton Kershaw is back?  How long has this been going on for?  Well, either way he looked like true CLayton Kershaw last night allowing just a pair of hits over 6 innings as the Dodgers cruised to their 49th win.

Cubs 1, Giants 2 F/11Scouts: The Cubs brought in a 5th infielder to face Pablo Sandoval, with 1 down and and the bases loaded in the 11th.  So what did Sandoval do?  He sliced a single into left field anyways.  Take that Mr. Maddon man!




13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/9/18

  1. There’s nothing that ails the Nats that replacing 4/5ths of their current starting rotation won’t cure. Last night’s starter, Jefry Rodriguez, gave up six runs in two innings before the Pirates decided to take it easy on him; seriously, he was at 60 pitches or so after two, and finished his five innings with only 90 pitches.

    The Nats TOOTBLAN’d themselves out of possibly making a game of it in the top of the 2nd, stringing together three consecutive hits to get one run home, but on the third hit, Daniel Murphy forgot he was Daniel Murphy, and tried to go first to third only to be out by, oh, 15 feet or so. The rally died quietly after that, and though they got two on in the 9th with Mark Reynolds at the plate, they couldn’t close the gap.

    They would be best served by winning the next two in Pittsburgh, and they’ll trust Jeremy Hellickson (who should be over his physical sickness by now) and Gio Gonzalez (whose problems are between his ears, and therefore much less curable) to put them in a position to win. Matt Wieters came off the DL on Monday and Pedro Severino was banished to Syracuse, so perhaps he’ll be at least a stabilizing influence for Gio in the long run.



  2. During their last little run the Twins have gone from a soul crushing 12.5 back to a merely daunting 8.5 back. And they stand a chance of cutting it maybe a game or three more before the all star break as the Twins get two more shots at the beloved Royals followed by four at home against the slightly above 500 Rays. Meanwhile Cleveland plays two against the not nearly as bad as the Royals Reds, followed by a four game Borg invasion.

    I always figured the Gods would want to play with me for longer than half a season.


  3. I took a break from not giving a flying fark at a rolling donut about the Feesh to watch an interesting full-length print of Ishiro Honda’s original 1954 Gojira on You Tube Video today while an enormous thunderstorm perched itself above our house and overfilled our swimming pool again (more salt!). It was aesthetically pleasing to listen to the background taiko drums soundmeister Akira Ifukube used to announce the impending arrival of the monster while thunderclaps boomed down at us from on high, and the roar of the torrential rain on the roof backgrounded Godzilla’s patented honking roar (which Ifukube made by passing a beat up old rawhide work glove back and forth across cello strings and then modulated by speeding up and slowing down the recording).

    This was maybe the ten thousandth time I’ve watched some version of the original film (including several 1954 Japanese cuts and the “Americanized” 1956 cut with Raymond Burr spliced in as a white identity figure, the movie I first saw in July 1956 at the Strand Theater in Far Rockaway, New York that changed my life the way the apple that hit Newton on the head changed his). Interestingly, the sound track as well as the subtitling of the You Tube edition are slightly different from the cleaned-up, digitally remastered Criterion Collection version; a few conversations are longer (including the crucial argument between Emiko, Ogata and Serizawa about the use of his oxygen destroyer); this version of Ifukube’s beautiful schoolgirl’s hymn “O Peace O Light Return” is slightly truncated and tuned-down by comparison with other versions. So now, I will have to do some research to see if this one was redacted before or after the two-DVD Criterion set.

    Anyway, it took my mind orf being disengaged from the Feesh for a couple of hours of furious note-taking. Such is “retirement” to an academic. For those who are interested,
    here’s the article I wrote for the journal Humanities and Technology Review about five years ago, “You Have Your Fear: Radiophobia, Myth and Cultural Trauma in Ishiro Honda’s Godzilla (1954)”: (or, everything you always wanted to know about Godzilla but were too radiophobic to ask: https://htronline.weebly.com/2014.html


    1. The link you provide includes your actual name. If you didn’t mean to do that I suggest you use your editing prerogatives to remove it.

      Using it I was able to within a few minutes in zooming in on some person who presented a paper on Godzilla in Miami, and an English professor at a certain Florida University. I was also able to find some style wise very familiar prose.

      I even found a website offering to provide me with your phone number for “free”. As tempted as I was to shock you with a phone call out of the blue, I stopped short. If you ever want to contact me directly, Histro has my email address and I hereby authorize her or Scouts to provide you with it.

      BTW, discovering that we share the same first name, I now know that we both suffered the same rhyming child hood taunt.


        1. My real email address begins with “rs” and ends with “1@msn.com”. Apparently when I registered it in 1999, I was the second to include that with his last name and was so forced to to add “1”. If the address you have is something else is different it is the now defunct work address of sadtwinsfan used so many years ago to register on HBT or vice versa I forget.

          Is there a private way we can exchange cell phone numbers so we can talk with each other.


    2. It’s always interesting to see which movies make an indelible mark on a viewer. There’s always one that is a kind of lodestone for a person. It’s obvious that Godzilla is yours. If I’m honest, it’s difficult for me to choose only one because I can think of several that I watched in my pre-teens that continue to be favorites to this day. However, the movie that has affected me the most and is almost like a BC/AD moment, for me, is The Crowd, which I first saw in my late teens. It was like the scales fell from my eyes. What a shame that it’s difficult to find, because I wish every person on earth could watch it. It’s one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever watched in my life.


      1. The Big G was definitely the first, but a few others also made big impacts early on, Brando’s Julius Caesar being my gateway to Shakespeare, Fellini’s Satyricon my gateway to general weirdness, A Man for All Seasons and Lawrence of Arabia my introduction to the magisterial, and Jodorowski’s El Topo my portal to postmodernism.

        Of course, weed and acid helped with matters of impressionability…..

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that I’ve always been as sober as a cat. Except for the bottle of hard cider or mai tai that I have like maybe once every couple of months or so, I live a pretty straight edge lifestyle. The cider is usually only because I’m out with my boozey coworkers and I figure if I nurse a bottle of cider for a few hours they won’t try to get me to do shots with them.

          Of course, The Crowd was huge, it made an immediate impression. Other very important films in my life include Some Like It Hot, Sherlock Jr., The Right Stuff, The Sound of Music, and La Jetée, which I’m sure you’ve seen. If not, I urge you to take 28 minutes of your life and watch it. Much like The Crowd, La Jetée has been ripped off over and over by Hollywood movies that are good in their own rights, but never quite match the spirit of the original as far as creativity and scope of vision.

          My apologies, OG. I’m actually NOT an insufferable film nerd, just passionate about cinema.


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