He Said, She Said Except It’s Only Prof – Scores and Highlights for 7/5/18

Oh, thank Buddha, as Gator would say. Lots of teams have the day off, which makes my evening a little easier. But not really because they all started hella late. Ugh. Some of these might be briefer than normal, but I’ll give y’all links. As per the usual, it’s a Girl Power Friday. Today’s featured artist is the beautiful, talented, badass Shirley Manson (and her band, Garbage).

The story of the night was… Marlins 12, Nationals 14 – I am appalled. Here’s how it shook out: The Marlins were up by nine – NINE – in the fourth inning before Washington could even get one knock in. Then someone microwaved the Feesh and everyone knows how bad microwaved fish smells. The Nats then drove in four in the fifth and five in the sixth. Then Miami hit three in the eighth, trying to get back on top, but it was a losing effort. In all of this nonsense, Washington even had an error. Pretty much everyone you can think of connected, but the Big Buckin’ Chicken, Brian Anderson, Martin Prado all homered, and the Treat Urner went yard twice – once for a grand slam.

I don’t know who to be more disgusted with – the Nationals, who were supposed to be the NL East champs, for having nine runs dropped on them by one of the worst teams in the entire league, or Miami, for being up nine and then losing by five. It’s both disgusting and hideous and I am offended.

Rangers 7, Tigers 5 – Joey Gallo, ladies and gentlemen.

Braves 2, Brewers 7 – Two first place teams doing battle for absolute supremacy in the National League. Atlanta started out strong! Two runs in the first inning, driven in by amazing phenom Ozzie Albies and stalwart captain Freddie F’n Freeman. And then that was it. Afterwards, it was a terrible mess, with young, green, jerked around Max Fried giving up four earned runs in three innings before being pulled. Hernan Perez went 3-4 for Milwaukee.

Orioles 2, Twins 5 – Happy, your boys have finally found motion, mostly because they came up against an immovable object called the Baltimore Orioles. In fact, the only thing that actually went right for Birdland was the bat of Jonathan Schoop, who had two solo homers. The music today might be girl power, but let’s celebrate the pretty face of Herr Kepler. I’m sure that Happy also agrees with me.

White Sox 3, Astros 4 – This started slow, but it got really exciting really quickly. The fun began in the fifth inning with a Jose Altuve two run homer, then the White Sox came back and tied it up in the next inning. Back and forth, but in the bottom of the ninth, Yuri Gurriel hit an RBI single to break Chicago’s backs and seal the deal for Houston.

Padres 6, Diamondbacks 3 – The Gritty Snakes are more like the gloomy slumps. This team had eleven hits but could only generate three runs out of that, against a team that is currently 38-51. It’s a drought down in the desert.

Angels 1, Mariners 4 – I am finishing this on my phone and linking things is difficult. Another day, another win for Seattle. Fun fact: the Mariners’ haven’t lost a home series since May 6th.

Cardinals 11, Giants 2 – Everyone knows these two teams are the teams I love to loathe the most. So it does not give me great pleasure to see either of these teams do well, even against each other. Jedd Gyorko went 3-4 and had 5 RBI. Yadier Molina went 3-5. Fun fact – did you know Jedd Gyorko is only 29 years old? Remember when he was supposed to be the next big thing for San Diego? Is it just me or does it feel like he’s been around for a hundred years? Can I ask any other stupid questions?

24 thoughts on “He Said, She Said Except It’s Only Prof – Scores and Highlights for 7/5/18

  1. Only Prof? There’s false modesty and then there’s outright fraud.

    I didn’t watch the Feesh last night, not that I ever do anymore. However, I did cackle like a rooster through the recap. Ah me, what a fiasco. However, it’s not the Feesh that interest me here, since they’re a lost cause anyway. It’s the unforeseen deterioration of the Gnats. What awful pitching. If I’m Jeremy Hellickson, I diagnose myself with baseball Progeria and have myself committed to managed care. I’ve also changed my mind about the Gnats’ need to trade for J T Realmuto (sorry JT, to get out of guarding the door to Hell you have to trick someone else into taking your place). They need one or more of the Feesh’s relievers and hey, while you’re at it, how about taking Wei Yin Chen into the bargain? Then, next groundhog day, you can proudly declare the Gopher King belongs to you.

    Lewis (.186) Brinson was put on the 10-day DL with a “hip inflammation.” If the front orifice had half a mind in its collective brain, it would use this as an opportunity to send him down to Nawlins to “rehab,” maybe till the rosters open up on September 1. This wouldn’t embarrass anyone, especially Jeter and the bungling Mike Hill.

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    1. The Nats’ bullpen really hasn’t been the source of their recent problems. Instead, in addition to a punchless offense (last night notwithstanding) it’s been the starting rotation that’s been ineffective as of late. Strasburg is still on the DL with shoulder inflammation, and Hellickson just came off the DL on Friday, and their replacements have been not good. Scherzer has been great but suffered from a lack of run support, Gio can’t get on the same page with catcher Pedro Severino, and Tanner Roark is searching for the right combination of hair and facial hair in an effort to find his effectiveness.

      Davey Martinez may someday be a good manager, but while I can’t really point to any games he’s lost this year, I also can’t think of any decision he’s made that was a great one, either, and he has shown himself willing to ride his starters longer than might be prudent at times. Last night, he ran Hellickson out there to start, even though Hellickson was apparently battling a stomach bug that’s been infecting more than a few in the Nats clubhouse. It was clear in the 2nd inning that he had nothing, but he was sent back out to pitch the 3rd and 4th, and ended up surrendering the Feesh’s first nine runs. That the Nats managed to score the next fourteen runs and somehow win the game falls into the miracle category, no matter who the opponent was.

      This is the 3rd time in recent memory that many fans have awakened thinking “Last night’s game is gonna be the tipping point, where things turn around and the team starts to play well again”. They’re 43-43 right now, and have three more with the Feesh, three in Pittsburgh, and four with the Mets before the All Star Break. At a minimum, I’d say they need to be 50-46 or 51-45 heading into the break to have any real chance at seeing the postseason from their dugouts instead of from their couches, and while the opportunity is there, I remain skeptical.


      1. I happened to watch the game and it was interesting for multiple reasons, not the least of which was the comeback/collapse. (Or was it a collapse/comeback? One of those unanswerable perspective questions.) The broadcasters for the gNats discussed the players-only team meeting and speculated that it might just turn things around. It took them a few innings but boy did they ever. They also mentioned that there had been a flu going around the clubhouse and that Hellickson had it and was going to try to just get through 5. Inside information does change things so at times!


        1. When the Feesh tee orf on a pitcher, it;s usually a good sign that something’s wrong with him. I think of the team as a 25-man sputum test.


        2. Reading up on Nats Twitter (as I do, I actually follow some MASN reporters), it appears that the Nats Clubhouse has been bleached several times, and it’s being blamed on Norovirus. Having had Norovirus once or twice in my life, I know the fun one has trying to keep both ends up, if you catch my drift.


        3. Regarding the flu going around the Nats, word came out Friday that it was rotovirus that’s the problem (something commoncaly found in daycares) and that they’d bleached the clubhouse to try to combat it.


        4. Rotovirus! I thought it was norovirus. Either way, that’s a barf and poo wasteland. No wonder Hellickson was in rough shape.


  2. That Gallo bomb was yuge. We rallied some late, but it was too much. We’ve had worse nights. I didn’t bother to stay up for the end. The bark in the park was adorbs as usual. McCannon is really become an offensive dud. It may be symbolic that Gardy has been overcome lately.


      1. See, I was paying so little attention I thought he pinch hit last night. Oh well, one dud is like another.


  3. You must be a lot younger than me Prof, because I personally remember being disgusted with and hideously offended by the Feeesh as far back as ’98. But as far as the latest collapse, it might be the green algae ooze that’s clogging up the other side of the state too. OG, is the ooze happening in Biscayne too?


    1. We don’t get the algae blooms inside the bay. We just have old sewer mains from the mainland to the beach that occasionally collapse. You don’t yell “shark!” to get everyone out of the water here. You yell “shit!”

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  4. The Twins ended a six game losing streak yesterday, but wouldn’t it have been better if they had seen a six game winning streak come to an end?


  5. FYI Dodgers @ Angels begins in half an hour. From my humble abode about six miles away it’s still over 100 F (it seems cooler so I use metric – magically it’s only 42!) by game end it should cool to a nippy 88 or 90. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

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