She Said – While the Cat’s Away the Prof Will Play Edition for 7/4/18

Hey fam. Today’s musical selections are favorites of mine from musicals. Feel free to add your own.

Orioles 1, Phillies 4 – Hey, remember when Jake Arrieta signed with Philadelphia and everyone said, “Oh, they have their ace now?” (Except for me, I thought it was a dumb move.) Well, they didn’t need Jake. They already had Aaron Nola. Nola is now 11-2 after the win yesterday, where he went seven strong innings with nine strikeouts. I’m kinda glad Scout is off today because he probably would have blown a gasket from the Chris Davis error, which allowed two runs.

Padres 2, A’s 4 – Stephen Piscotty had a two run double that saved the day for Oakland. This was after Piscotty hit a double that drove in Matt Olson. Basically what I’m saying is Stephen Piscotty won the game for the A’s.

Twins 2, Brewers 3 – Bombs away in hot, sticky Miller Park! Wisconsin is experiencing it’s three weeks of summer and it’s really hitting Milwaukee hard. They even closed the roof, but it didn’t help the temp inside the stadium. But the air wasn’t the only thing hot – the Brewers’ bats are on fire! Three of the Crew’s bats hit solo dingers, just enough to get the win over Happy’s Boys. I’d like to send a special shoutout to young Nate Orf, a 28 year old minor league journeyman who has just now gotten the call up to the Bigs and is making the most of it. Chances are he’ll get sent back to the Sky Sox soon, but it’s always a nice story when a small town kid (from Wentzville, MO) can make his dream come true.

Angels 7, Mariners 4 – Kole Calhoun went 3-5 and had three RBI, and Shohei Ohtani came back after his 0-4 return from the DL to end up 2-4 in yesterday’s meeting against a super strong Seattle team.

Red Sox 3, Nationals 0 – I’m gonna pour one out for our homie, SomeGuy, because his Nats are now below .500. Now, of course, the Nats being on the skids is good for my rooting interests, so I’m not too upset. But I’m pretty sure that when this season started the Nats were once again penciled in to win the NL East and possibly the whole shooting match, so to see them a game under .500 is actually shocking. Oh, and this happened:

Braves 2, Yankees 6 – This was the rubber match. Yankees take the series, but the Braves really have nothing to be ashamed of. In every game, they kept up and battled back. Julio Teheran had ten strikeouts but it doesn’t really matter how many you strike out when you cough up five runs, including a three run homer to the Iron Giant.

Rays 0, Marlins 3 – It was all JT Riddle for the Feesh. Meanwhile, Carlos Gomez went full Zambrano.

Tigers 2, Cubs 5 – Willson Contreras had three RBI, including the tie-breaking homer in the sixth inning, and Javier Baez stole home in this interleague matchup.

White Sox 4, Reds 7 – The Reds are just roaring into July. Joey Votto and Eugenio Suarez both went 2-4 and Jesse Winker went 2-3. It’s really wild to see how this team has turned it around since they got a manager who knows what end is up.

Astros 5, Rangers 4 F/10 – This was a very symmetrical game. One half was all Rangers, the other half all Astros. El Oso Blanco drove home Jose Altuve in the tenth.

Mets 6, Blue Jays 3 – Who broke Marcus Stroman? Seriously, I want to know. Now, you can’t judge a pitcher by his win-loss, because that stat is actually garbage, but I use it as shorthand. Stroman is currently 1-6. The stat that does matter, to me anyway, is ERA. His current ERA is 6.50. Yikes. Oh, and Brandon Nimmo went 1-3 but was walked twice. Imagine a player on the Mets that people are afraid to pitch to. Don’t worry, he probably will be traded soon.

Spiders 3, Royals 2 – Noted drone enthusiast Trevor Bauer struck out eight and gets a shiny W.

Pirates 4, Dodgers 6 – Yasmani is out here playing GRANDal. Hahaha, oh my god, I’m tired. Anyway, Grandal had an RBI single in the first and an RBI double in the third.

Giants 0, Rockies 1 – The only score in this game was off a Chris Iannetta homer in the seventh inning.

Cardinals 8, D’backs 4 – This game didn’t get over until well after 1 am on the east coast. Forgive my french but that is some b.s. right there. I understand that west coast time is different and everything but were they catering to people who live in Hawaii? Come on, dude. That is legit some bullcrap. From what I can tell, Patrick Corbin had this thing on lock for the Gritty Snakes and then they sat him down, and the bullpen completely blew it apart. Five runs in the seventh inning for The Lou. Yuck. Everything about this game is dumb, I’m angry.

24 thoughts on “She Said – While the Cat’s Away the Prof Will Play Edition for 7/4/18

        1. Sometimes offal isn’t awful, but of course you might think so. 😛

          I made a really awesome “chik’n” salad sandwich, completely vegan, it was so so so good.


  1. Nothing like a short series with the Rangers to get the Astros back in sync. “Sorry” to any Rangers fans, but for this year at least it’s true. I have been a bifg fan of musical theatre over the years, and it is relatively hard to choose single songs. Here’s something of a surprise oldie from 1958:

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  2. Oh man. Now you’ve got me started. This was my first date with my present wife, November 1968. On any reasonable list of the best musicals ever. And certainly best movie musical. Directed by Jerome Robbins, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Sorry if the commercial comes through.

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      1. Fiddler on the Roof is a fine movie musical. I would not speak against it. And my wife loves it. But we will differ on “best.” I would actually put “Camelot” (even with the poor overall singing) and “South Pacific” in the mix.

        But I generally do not like musicals off of the stage.

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        1. I’m rather fond of 30s musicals, myself.

          I’d say my favorite movie musical is probably The Sound of Music, I’ve seen it roughly a hundred times. Godspell is a close second.


        2. I’m adamant on one point. With very few exceptions (I can count them on one hand), Musicals are better on stage than on screen.

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        3. I saw my first actual Broadway show about a year and a half ago, it was The Great Comet of 1812 with the original cast, including Josh Groban. It was incredible. And there was absolutely no way to translate it to film.


  3. And, in spite of the previous post, this is probably my favorite. Patti Lupone – who owned Broadway for over twenty years – and an underrated Mandy Patinkin. Skip the movie, by all means.

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  4. Sadtwinsfan here. Happytwinsfan just ran out to replace the microwave. He shot and buried the toaster yesterday.

    The Twins have lost six straight and are closer to the last place Royals than they are to the Indians, whose lead now dances in the double digits. As the squalor of life sets in yet again let us remember that we are all but valueless pawns in the poop storm of the Gods.

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  5. I feel like I should post this baseball-themed jewel (psst, Tigers, this is what a DP looks like):


    1. That is not by any definition musical theater. It is a lame story to a medley of ABBA (blech) hits. No book, no themes tying musical sections together. Nada. Ask me how I really feel.

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  6. The only theatre musical I’ve seen was Cats. But I really enjoyed the TV show of Fame! As for the movies, nowadays all we get is stuff like Fast Times at Ridgemont High with semi-relevant pop attached. It was well done there but too often done poorly. Of course MJ had a rather fine time in Thriller, sort of a cinematic extended music video. We’ve now reached the limit of my understanding of this subject but I’ve enjoyed your comments so I’ll head to the video store this weekend.


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