He Said, She Said – Independence Day Special Edition – Scores for 7/3/18

Prof: ‘Sup, fam. It’s 4th of July. Most of us have the day off, so we’re going to kick back today and be a bit chill. Scout has the rest of the week off, so it’s just you and me, y’all.

cap jaws of death

Braves 5, Yankees 8

Orioles 2, Phillies 3

Mets 6, Blue Jays 8

Twins 0, Brewers 2 – Who’s the best team in the National League? Your Milwaukee Brewers! The first NL team to 50 wins (although my Braves are breathing down their necks). Eric Thames continues to be a home run monster for the Brew Crew with a two run knock in the fifth.

White Sox 12, Reds 8 F/12

Rays 9, Marlins 6 F/16 What the heck????? That’s nearly two games’ worth from two awful teams. This sounds like a CIA experiment.

Astros 5, Rangers 3

Giants 1, Rockies 8

Spiders 6, Royals 4 – Yan Gomes hit a grand slam in the sixth inning to put Cleveland over the top. Rookie pitcher Shane Bieber is now 4-0.

Padres 2, Athletics 6

Tigers 3, Cubs 5

Red Sox 11, Nationals 4 – Wow, the Nationals are on a skid right now, and the Red Sox totally took them to town. Xander Bogaerts hit a three run dinger during a six run fifth inning. The Nats are now at an even .500 but it isn’t looking good to stay above that line if they keep playing this way.

Cardinals 2, D’backs 4

Angels 1, Mariners 4

Pirates 3, Dodgers 8 – Six mashed taters for LA, including two for young Max Muncy. Clayton Kershaw gets his first W in almost two and a half months. For Pittsburgh, the only guy who actually earned his paycheck was David Freese, who drove in every run.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Independence Day Special Edition – Scores for 7/3/18

  1. I didn’t watch the Feesh game last night but checked the ridiculous recap this morning. The Feesh hung rookie reliever Brett Graves out to dry for four innings when they otherwise ran out of pitchers and the kid takes the loss. The Razed got creative and had second string catcher Jesus Sucre pitch in the bottom of the 16th, then had Jose Alvarado finish up. I recall hearing when Jar Jar baseball was managing the Dodgers he was renowned for his clueless deployment of the boolpen. I’m not sure there was much else he could do last night but somehow the visitors outsmarted him.

    Somehow. Nyuknyuknyuk.

    Y’all need to check out the “Clown King” cover of the New York Daily News today. They’ve sure got Hair Hitler figured out. Happy Birthday America.


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  2. Prof are you sure about the Twins – Eastern Minnesota score, because I couldn’t find it on TV anywhere and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even play.

    Oh and if you could up load a Nostradamus image for me I’d appreciate it. I have something special planned for tomorrow.


        1. you’re never a let down. 🙂 go enjoy some pick-a-nick basket foods, BooBoo.


  3. I am going to write my Congressman about introducing legislation making it illegal to intentionally walk someone if it would LOAD THE DAMN BASES!!!$%>@&$%(“*$`@(!!!!!!!!!! Why are we giving away bases?? Un-American.

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    1. There would have to be exceptions. E.g. score 0 – 0, bottom of the tenth, seventh game of the world series, runners at first and third, one out.

      Don’t you agree Prof?


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