He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/2/18

Prof: Random question – are y’all hot dog or burger people? Let us know in the comments. For the record – hot dogs are disgusting and burgers must have cheese and mustard. Ketchup is the devil. Pickle relish is sometimes good. Bratwursts are better than either of them.

Scouts: Prof, we can no longer be friends.  Ketcup is AMAZING!  Also Relish is disgusting and should be abolished from this planet.


Red Sox 4, Nationals 3Scouts: You know things just aren’t going the Nats way when Rick Porcello is smoking three-run doubles off old crazy eyes Max Scherzer.


Braves 5, Yankees 3 F/11Prof: Only 90s kids remember when the Braves and Yankees would meet up over and over again in the World Series. If they keep playing like this, then the kids of today will experience this, too. It was back and forth all game long, bringing excitement and heart attacks to both fanbases. The amazing Ronald Acuña Jr. went 2-5 but made it count, with an RBI double and the game winning two run homer.


White Sox 3, Reds 5Prof: The Reds can’t stop, won’t stop. After a solo Scott Schebler dinger, the Reds went six more innings in the lead before Chicago scored three runs. Then in the eighth, Cincinnati exploded for four runs and the come from behind win.

Rays 2, Marlins 3 F/10Scouts: See Miami!  This is what I’m talking about when I say be competitive!  You give the Rays a little bit of hope by allowing them to tie it up in the 9th, just so you can snatch it way with a walk-off single in the 10th.


Tigers 3, Blue Jays 2 F/10Prof: El Tigres getting saved thanks to Joe Churches (copyright 2018 Historio). Yes, it was Jose Iglesias who broke the tie in extras after a blown save. Two wins in a row. While most people would say that’s not a big deal, please consider that Detroit is coming off an eleven game losing streak. Two dubs is massive.

Twins 5, Brewers 6 F/10Scouts: I’ve never quite seen a team to just not enough to win every game like the Twins seem to do.  Maybe it’s me but they seem to have a habit of playing JUST under the level of their opponent.  Anyways, Travis Shaw tied it up in the 9th with a sac fly, and Brad Miller walked it off with a walk in the 10th.


Spiders 9, Royals 3Prof: Corey Kluber had a bit of a hiccup in the first inning, allowing two runs, but righted the ship afterwards, and gained the win. Francisco Lindor hit three-run home runs in the fourth and sixth innings. Fun fact – Frankie drove in Tyler Naquin and Rajai Davis both times.


Giants 2, Rockies 5Prof: Obviously I am happy because my Braves won, but even if the Yankees had reigned supreme, it would still be a great day, because Madison Bumgarner got the loss in this game against Colorado. Oh, everything’s coming up Milhouse! For the Rockies, Nolan Arenado went 2-3, and walked in an RBI in the seventh.

Cardinals 6, D’backs 3Scouts: Yadier Molina homered and picked up three RBI’s as Arizona is suddenly finding themselves in the middle of a funk.

Pirates 1, Dodgers 17Scouts: Holy CATS!  This game was an absolute slaughter. Matt Kemp who we were just discussing yesterday, had the best performance of his life, tallying 5 hits, 4 RBI, and three-run homer and was a triple shy of the cycle.

58 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/2/18

  1. Kemp has returned to Bison mode, obv.

    And are we talking “dining” exclusively at the ballpark? of just in general?
    At the local city ballpark, we try to sneak in our own food. This works out well since the Blues have , but don’t seem to enforce, the no-outside-food policy, and High Street Deli up the road a bit makes awesome custom sandwiches AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD.

    Otherwise we don’t have a ballpark food policy. Whatever looks good. Ketchup (‘scuse me, catsup) is fine. Relish & onion, ditto.

    Tried an Impossible Burger at the last MLB game we attended. It was surprisingly good.

    Here’s to hoping your neighborhood and/or favorite team doesn’t explode in flames this week.

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    1. I’ve been curious about the Impossible Burger. So many meat subs are weird, but I always enjoyed the Boca vegan Patty.


      1. Impossible was just like a burger, Idk how the hell they did it. Can’t buy it in stores though, gotta hie to your nearest participating foodservice establishment.

        also under free-advice-is-worth-what-you-pay rubric: Stay far far away from that Costco vegan patty nonsense that’s being trotted out recently. Gummy, pasty , doesn’t resemble food in the slightest sense. You’ve been warned.

        and, don’t play with fireworks, you’ll just get burned



  2. Burgers at home, hot dogs at the ballpark. Both dressed with mustard, onion and relish. Ketchup is only allowed on hash browns. I will concede that hot dogs are like laws, you don’t really want to know how either are made.


  3. White Castle slider doctored up with horse radish sauce and jalapeno peppers. I’ve already explained that to you. You know the drill.

    Ketchup? Why would anybody use ketchup when God hath given us BBQ sauce? If I remember right some of you once shared your recipes for BBQ sauce which used ketchup as a base. Gator you better not die before you get yourself a gyroscope coffin because these people will have you a spinning in your grave.

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    1. Yes, the Happy Burger is legendary. 😉

      Now, see, you can add ketchup to the BBQ sauce base but you must also add a metric ton of other spices, brown sugar, mustard, etc.

      I will eat meatloaf with ketchup, though.


    2. WTF?!?! White Castle?!?! I got one after the movie (the movie with Sulu and the Obama aide). Yeah, you NEED jalapeño to add something to the dullest burger around. Out here we only have the frozen ones from the market of course so I’ll allow I haven’t had the full effect. But still!


  4. I proudly stand alone as the ketchup & relish lobby. I like mustard & catsup on my burger (hold dat cheese) and ketchup, mustard & relish on mah dogs. Paper is going on a field assignment, so I loaded up on the dogs for while he is away. He is not a fan. He’s not surprisingly a mayo guy. #whitedude I’m making my famous beans for the 4th (breaks out the molasses) and I guess I have to make extra if this liberal civil war is potluck.

    Weird thing about CT: it’s hard to find dill relish at the store and it only comes in small bottles. Wth with all the sweet relish, nutmeggers??!!

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    1. Sweet relish. That’s the only one I like. And even then, it’s super rare I eat it. I will sometimes put it in my tuna salad if I’m feeling nostalgic for how my mom made it.

      I like mayo, too. Because I am very Caucasian lol. I will dip my fries in tartar sauce.

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        1. If you ever want to ruin some mayonnaise, thin it down with some vinegar and sugar and turn it into Miracle Whip.

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        2. I can’t eat onions, the enzymes make me barf for hours. Makes eating out difficult, to be honest.

          If I’m making my mom’s old tuna salad recipe it’s Miracle Whip, eggs, sweet pickle relish on squishy white bread. Now, MY recipe is worlds apart, with almonds, celery, a little mayo and a dash of curry powder. On toasted wheat bread lol.


    2. Pico de Gallo, Red Salsa, Green Salsa, Horseradish, Mustard, Sriracha, Tabasco, Tahini, Tzatziki, Ketchup.

      What do these have in common? They are all condiments I would put on a sandwich before I would use mayonnaise. And I’m an old white guy.

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      1. While we’re at it (I thought about sandwiches while on my morning walk):

        Sweet relish, chow chow, dill relish, Pesto, Olive Salad, dairy butter. All still beating out mayo.


        1. I made wraps the other day. Mine had hummus. Paper’s had mayo and mustard. On a wrap. 👀


        1. Oh, but Twinsfan, you’ll like this. I don’t get to see many White Castles around where I live. But when I’m on a road trip up East I’ll get a whole bag of those and scarf as I drive. A guilty pleasure, no doubt.

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        2. I wish I could enjoy those, they smell great. Sadly they pretty much cook the onions into the meat so I can’t eat them. 😦


        3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pick through my food because a waiter forgot to tell me fresh onions were part of the entree.


      2. TABASCO? Has everyone on this site lost their mind?!?

        My mom, bless her heart, wanted me to quit sucking my thumb so she would coat it in Tabasco. Talk about child abuse! It was terrible and to this day the smell, even the word send shivers down my spine!


        1. Tabasco is the worst of the hot sauces. I myself prefer Crystal or Louisiana Hot. But if that’s all there is, I’ll take Tabasco.
          I like hot sauce 🙂


  5. Burgers or hot dogs? My answer would be “Yes!” But let’s get more specific.

    As to burgers:
    I am not a fan of most of the new “gourmet” burger approaches as such. (Five Guys, Smashburger, etc) I am quite happy with the simplicity of a Whataburger (loyal Texan and all) but I have found that adding grilled jalapenos is worth it. And as a rule, I do not like to confuse my burger with cheese. As I get older – I guess – I find I love good cheese with wine and crackers, but not melted onto foods.
    If I’m cooking a burger at home, mustard, tomato, a pickle and onion slices pretty much covers it. I struggle, though, to find good commercial buns – most are too dry or too pillowy, and I have mediocre success toasting them.

    As to dogs:
    Given a flat choice, I will usually go for a dog over a burger. At the ballpark I keep it simple: mustard, onions and sweet relish. My all time favorite is Chicago style – messy and all – but those are hard to find a Minute Maid anymore. I can be suckered with a chili-cheese dog or sometimes a sauerkraut dog also. Just never ketchup.

    Ketchup has a place in the world. Just not on burgers or dogs.


      1. I confess I’ve only eaten Whataburger once, when I was probably about seven years old. I remember nothing other than the giant W sign.


        1. I suppose that’s why I don’t remember it. I probably only had fries 😂


  6. I will eat a grass fed, grass finished all beef hamburger with a slice of veggie cheese, sliced organic onions and organic romaine lettuce, topped with homemade ketchup using peeled, de-seeded tomatoes, organic cider vinegar and monkfruit sweetener. I might also add uncured, untreated, pasture raised pork side bacon fried crispy in its own fat and well drained – on a Paleo grain free toasted bun.

    Hot dogs? Next to tobacco, the most toxic substance ever consumed by our benighted species. Friendo should only pack such an implacable punch in his glands. Slather one with commercial ketchup, with its lectin swill, its full moon actuated lycopine (Owoooooo! Werewolves of Cleveland! Owoooooo!) and its bitches brew of unpronounceable petroleum byproducts, and you’ve got something like General MacArthur’s plutonium barrier along the Korea-China border, on a bun. Your arteries will look like eighteenth century Parisian sewer ducts and your heart will have more stalactites hanging from it than a cave full of Thai boy scouts.

    No thanks.

    For July 4th, I am going to the Feesh House on Miller Road to hear the immortal Ira Sullivan, the last living sideman to Charley Parker, teamed up with Federico Britos, the violin master of the Miami Philharmonic who also happens to be the greatest jazz violinist since Stefan Grappelli:

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  7. Say has anyone been over to the ESPN site today? The MLB standings page was very blurry and constantly changing shape. It was very hard to make out but it looked like there was a row for some team between what looked like the Twins row and the Indians. on top of that it looked like there might be two digits in the games behind column of what may have been the Twins row.

    Of course both of those things are impossible. My microwave must be messing with me again.


      1. Okay. Thanks. I’ll go ahead and nuke up my bedtime sliders tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow and I’m sure that things will look a lot clearer.


  8. Well, well. I couldn’t help but notice how much longer the ballgame food scrolldown is than any of the ballgame commentaries ever are. I think that says something about us as fans. But as for my own food blogging, I’ll have to demurely demur due to my longtime vegetabletarian-ness. (The only good dogs—and hams—are always still alive.)


    1. You’re a vegetarian? Wow, cool! I try to have at least three or four plant based meals for dinner or lunch every week. Sometimes I go completely vegan. It’s difficult for me to be fully vegan because I really, really like cheese and vegan cheese is generally pretty rank. Although I did get some Kite Hill vegan cream cheese and it’s pretty good.

      Anyway – since you’re not a meat eater, do you ever partake of foods at the ballpark? When I lived in Wisconsin, I usually didn’t eat actual food at the park unless it was one of those evenings when I went directly after work and therefore ate my dinner at the ballpark. But if I went on the weekends or I had a day off or something, I just bought these cinnamon-sugar pecans from the Heavenly Nuts stand.

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      1. We’ve been in similar places all right. Except I don’t even try to avoid cheese much and won’t touch the fake varieties. (Not planning to try the new generation of fake burgers, either!) But I almost never buy food or drink at the parks (the exception being garlic fries in SF). It saves me one boatload of money that helps me pay for the parking 🙂

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    2. Much as I love veggies and salads, I have been largely unable to eat them in the past few years. As someone who has been living with Crohn’s disease for the past 32 years and has undergone three resections (and my specialist is currently booking me for yet another, the first since 2006), I have been plagued with lots of scar tissue that tends to restrict the passage of digesting food from my small to large intestine. All the food I used to love the most — big leafy salads, succulent corn-on-the-cob, fresh ripe apples, raw fruit and veggies of all descriptions — are now verboten as they can block things up and cause serious discomfort or worse. My veggies now tend to be ones that can easily be chewed up or are already broken down — mashed or skinless potatoes, sweet potatoes, well-steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. And my fruits, save strawberries and bananas, tend to be in juice form.

      Oh well… at least I can still eat.


      1. oof. Man, that really stinks. My ex-father-in-law has Crohn’s as well. He actually had an Archway coconut macaroon cookie every once in a while and for some reason it would actually help him? I don’t know why or how, but he would eat these cookies a few times a week. It was weird. Obviously I’m not going to call him up and ask him why lol 😛

        My mother has IBS, so while it’s not quite the same I do understand dietary restrictions and how that affects a person. 😦


      2. I sincerely hope your surgery goes well. I’m humbled by your courage. Not against oppression or tyranny (USA have not yet exported that) but in living a more challenging life every day.

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    3. You are correct about the feverish voicing of food opinion. The birth of this site, if you recall, came when a former gathering place became aggressively commercial. In creating a site not committed to the almighty dollar, Scout and his merry band created something else entirely – a participatory website without assholes! I mean, Stex and his Stros are on top today, but can we really gang up on him given half a century of misery? And Scout may lament his team’s current state but they ARE the team that once nicknamed the entire starting pitcher staff Young Past, Young Future, Young today etc. And Prof’s braves were the best team in two leagues for a decade not so long ago.

      So we don’t really tackle each other, more like tickle each other. I for one enjoy that and I’m quite appreciative of the work done by our
      regulars, Scout, Prof, Happy Twins Fan, Gator, and Histo. It’s fun and welcoming here. Thanks everybody!

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      1. oh, we still have our share of butt-munches, Angel 😛 but they are our trolls and a-holes, and I’m glad that most people play nice around here.

        I’m glad you continue to visit and comment. Our site is nothing with each and every one of you. 🙂


      2. I appreciate the space given, too, Angels. I am very aware that such things as championship teams are transitory, and I try most of the time to maintain humility.


  9. As a man who had a foot of large intestine removed, I must say my burger and or dog days are mostly gone, replaced by turkey versions which don’t have the same salty, fat-drippy appeal and are therefore rare.

    However it seems Eckx is the only one here determined to live a long and healthy life. Unless the alien invasion lands on his house.

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  10. Hot dogs (with mustard and fried onions only, on a steamed bun please!) at the ballpark, but nothing but burgers on the grill at home. And no frozen burger pucks, either. Nothing irks me more than someone saying they’ll “grab a couple of sleeves of the frozen Angus patties at Costco.. they’re pretty good!” No! They’re NOT good. Call me a burger snob, but nothing but fresh extra lean ground beef for me. I usually mix it with some spices and BBQ sauce and sometimes some shredded sharp cheddar before I make patties… big, ginormous patties. I dust them with granulated garlic and a generous coating of the same rub that goes on the brisket I put in my smoker, then I grill them until they just hit the 160-degree point. What you put on them us up to you, but if I have any say about it, the burger under your choice of condiments should easily stand on its own.

    As for hot dogs, yes, you are better not knowing what is in them… the prevailing description of wieners when I was in the military was “lips and assholes”, referring to the parts of the animal that went into them. Ironically, that same description was applicable to many of the people with whom I served. Go figure.

    Gimme a good German bratwurst any day, with spicy mustard on a fresh brötchen. Mit einem großen bier, bitte!

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    1. I don’t really trust ballpark brats, which is funny as I get dogs there. For the Second Civil War today, we cooked a pork loin to make bbq sliders. I wanted to take a minute from the front to thank you polite Canadians for splitting the series with us like nice neighbors. We don’t deserve you.


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