He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/1/18


Scouts: So what does everyone have planned for the 4th?  I took off Thursday and Friday from work this week, to give myself a nice little 5 day holiday for the price of two!  I plan on getting a lot of sleep, some work done around the house, and maybe a visit to the ocean in there somewhere.  And of course there will be fireworks.  How’s everyone else’s week looking?

Spiders 15, Athletics 3Prof: My goodness, the Magical Land of Cleve went hard, especially Francisco Lindor, who went 4-4 – a homer and two doubles. In fact, Cleveland hit an amazing eleven doubles against an anemic Oakland offense. In the eighth inning, the Spiders from Cleve had eight runs. Twenty hits total for this lopsided affair.

Rockies 4, Dodgers 6Scouts: Raise your hand if you ever thought Matt Kemp would be mentioned as a potential All-Star again.  Don’t you lie!  Kemp picked up 4 RBIs and a go-ahead homer in the 8th.  Kemp is now batting .310/.348/.889 with 14 homers on the season.

Red Sox 1, Yankees 11Scouts: The Yankees won the first game of the set 8-1, then lost the second 11-0, so of course they would take the third 11-1.  Aaron Hicks smacked three, count them, three homers and his fellow Yankees followed him up with three more.  David Price lasted just 3.1 innings, allowing 8 runs on 9 hits and 5 dingers.


Angels 2, Orioles 8Prof: I thought about going to this game today, because Mike Trout + Mark Trumbo + Trey Mancini + Simba + Adam Jones = a real baseball treat. Ultimately, I valued sleep after an incredibly stressful and tiring week and Saturday so I skipped out. Now I’m mad at myself because this was a slugfest for dem O’s, and there were back to back Trumbo Jumbos. Dang my luck all to heck. Manny Machado also went piled it on, having scored a two run homer right before the first of The Mighty Trumbo’s, and Mancini managed to hit one in the fifth inning, too. Trout was an afterthought in this matchup, sadly. Our Angels correspondent here at FI mentioned in the comments this weekend that he even entertains the notion of Los Angeles of Anaheim of Orange County of California of North America trading Trouty to a team that will at least sniff the postseason once. Seems a shame that the finest ballplayer of our generation is going to be stuck in the mire.

Tigers 9, Blue Jays 1Scouts: Detroit finally wins one!  Way to go!  Nicholas Castellanos crushed a grand slam off J.A. Happ to help put an end to the 11 game losing streak by the Tigers.


Brewers 2, Reds 8Prof: The Reds are continuing their march towards .500 ball, with Jose Peraza hitting a grand slam and Joey Votto going 2-3 with an RBI. The Reds went HAM and they didn’t even play my boy Scooter yesterday afternoon. Milwaukee still leads the NL Central, but with the loss today, they no longer have the highest winning percentage in the Senior League. That honor now belongs to…

Braves 6, Cardinals 5Prof: MY ATLANTA BRAVES, who swept St. Louis for the first time in over five years! And at Busch Three to boot. Freddie Freeman – a strong MVP candidate for the NL again this year – hit a two run homer along with a great 2-3 outing from Charlie Culberson, who is NOT Dansby Swanson but an incredible simulation. However, it wasn’t looking very good there for a hot minute, when the Red Birds came back strong in the seventh inning no thanks to Shane Carle and Peter Moylan. But A.J. Minter was able to shut it down towards the end and Atlanta keeps on having an incredible year.


Mets 5, Marlins 2Scouts: Remember when we thought the Marlins would actually end up decently competitive this seasons?  Yikes.

Astros 2, Rays 3Prof: Do you like pitcher duels? I sure do. Scoreless until the seventh inning, but not after both Blake Snell and Charlie F’n Morton put on a show for the crowd. After it was all said and done, Snell had 10 Ks and Morton 11. Morton gets the loss only because he had one ill timed pitch to Matt Duffy who hit a two run single. El Oso Blanco went yard twice for Houston.

Twins 10, Cubs 11Scouts: Do you like pitching duels?  Because if so, this was not the game for you.  Jon Lester helped his own cause with a three-run homer that was part of an 8 run second inning for the Cubs.  The bullpen tried their best to blow it, including a 5 run 8th for the Twins, but was just barely able to hold on for the win.


Nationals 3, Phillies 4 F/13Scouts: Andrew Knapp wins this one with a walk-off pinch-hit homer in the 13th as the Nats troubles continue.


White Sox 10, Rangers 5Prof: Texas continues to have a very sad year, when even the normally reliable arm of Cole Hamels is failing them, as it did today. Matt Davidson, who has really come out of nowhere to be a star this season, hit a two run double in the fifth inning, and also had an RBI single in the ninth. Davidson went 3-5, and that’s great, but not as good as his teammate Avisail Garcia, who went 4-5!

Royals 0, Mariners 1Prof: Is this the year that Seattle makes it into the postseason? If they keep playing this way, they can easily win the AL West, which hasn’t happened in sixteen years. The Mariners can look towards the play of guys like Ben Gamel (who, now that Jayson Werth has retired, now has gained the crown of Captain Caveman), Jean Segura, Kyle Seager, Dee Gordon and James Paxton, who went eight innings and struck out eleven. Also, this didn’t happen yesterday but Saturday, but look how FLY this throwback/throw”forward” uni look was. It was FIRE. This is the kind of quality content I want to see more often.

Pirates 7, Padres 5Scouts: Colin Moran won this one with a two-out grand slam in the 5th.

Giants 9, Diamondbacks 6Scouts: The Giants picked up 9 runs on 16 hits and completed a sweep of the D-Backs, the first team to win a series against Arizona since May 28th, and the second team to sweep them this year.


5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/1/18

  1. Great Sobbing Buddha, Scouts – when did anyone ever delusionate the Feesh would be “competitive” this season? I’m pretty sure – I mean, I hope – you meant the Mutts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I imagine Jeets was secretly hoping LeBrick would make a return engagement in South Macondo, thereby providing perfect distraction for the continual rebuild that are the Feesh.


  2. The Twins lost 5 of 6 to the Chicago teams, yet the Cleveland Phils just cannot get that lead to double digits! The cruelty of the Gods is a patient one and I know that they would not discard me, their favorite play thing, by stripping me of all hope even before the all star break. They worked too hard to imbue me with springtime hope.


    1. @sadtwinsfan:

      Like you really believe that.

      Hey the game with the team from Eastern Minnesota is starting now. Maybe we’ll take one of three. Continue to take your meds and play some Stones,


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