He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/28/18

Prof: I stand in solidarity with my adopted town of Annapolis. I may not have been able to finish J-school, but when you spend several years writing for a paper – regardless of if it’s for school or professionally – it’s hard not to remember the brotherhood in the bullpen. I’ll keep it fun in the recaps, though. No one is going to steal my joy, and don’t let them steal yours, either. Hug someone today.

Scouts: There is something incredibly surreal about living so close to such a horrible incident like what happened yesterday in Annapolis.  To sit on the highway, watching police car after police car, after bomb squad, after SWAT, after special units go flying by, lights on.  Knowing that there are people in pain, shot, fearful, scared for their lives, hiding in a corner just miles away from you.  People who want nothing more than to go to work every day, live their lives, spend time with their friends and their families.  People who have done nothing to deserve this sort of senseless brutal violence.  This is not the first, and sadly will not be the last such incident to occur in our streets and our communities.  You see this thing happen on Television and it’s easy to distance yourself because it’s happening on the other side of the country, but when it happens in your back yard, it’s a whole new thing.  This is where I live.  This is where I spend my free time.  With my friends, my family.  I have a family member who used to work at the Capital and it’s horrifying to see her suffer as her friends and neighbors were so brutally murdered and terrorized.  I’m still completely numb and sick over the entire situation.  My recaps will be pretty crap today, sorry if that upsets anyone, I just don’t really have it in me today.  Prof picked the music today, so I’ll leave it in, but I’m not feeling very musical.


Angels 2, Red Sox 4Scouts: The Red Sox have swept the 6 game season series against the Angels and did it with fine pitching and good defensive glove work.  Both Andrew Benintendi and Jackie Bradly Jr. made some pretty impressive defensive plays in this one, giving the home crowd quite a show.


Nationals 3, Phillies 4Scouts: The Nationals struggles continue, in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score indiccated.  Aaron Nola held the Nats to one run over 7.1 innings.


bill-hader-snl-stefon_1Brewers 6, Reds 4Prof: [Stefon from Saturday Night Live voice] MLB’s hottest matchup on Thursday was Brewers/Reds. This game has everything. Home runs for everybody. Division rivalries. Lower back tightness for Christian Yelich. Verbal Poutine.

Verbal Poutine?

You know, that thing when the World’s Sassiest Canadian gets into an argument with Milwaukee catcher Erik Kratz and it leads to the benches clearing with absolutely no fighting.


Astros 1, Rays 0Scouts: Are the Astros just completely unstoppable right now?  Even when you hold them to 1 run, it still isn’t enough.  Lance McCullers Jr threw a 7 inning shutout and the bullpen slammed the door behind him.  A Jake Marisnick homer was the only action home plate would see on this day.

Diamondbacks 4, Marlins 0Prof: I will hear no slander against Zack Greinke, a man who pitched seven innings, struck out six, had no earned runs, stole a base and hit an RBI single. Get you a man who can do both.

Athletics 4, Tigers 2Scouts: The A’s completed a four game sweep of Detroit who just can’t seem to put it together at the moment, riding a 9 game losing streak.

Twins 2, White Sox 1 F/13 – Prof: Oh wow, what a way to lose a game – the thirteenth inning, bases loaded, and you walk the winning run (Max Kepler) in? What a mess. That’s some dumb-dumb stuff.


Mariners 4, Orioles 2 F/10Scouts: Both Manny and Davis hit home runs, but the Orioles bullpen, once the team’s biggest strong suit couldn’t hold the game once again.  The Mariners are back on a roll after the sweep.  Nelson Cruz homered, and the M’s won yet another game in extras.  Some say it’s lucky to win so many in extras, (The team’s 14th consecutive extra inning win) I say it’s still and talent.

Cubs 11, Dodgers 5Prof: It had started out great for L.A. Clayton Kershaw was cruising, the Dodgers were up 3-1, and then Kershaw – whom the Dodgers are going to be treating with kid gloves for a while yet – left the game in the fifth. Whew, boy, what a difference. After that, it was all Cubs all the time, including a seven run seventh inning which saw an Anthony Rizzo three run double and an Addison Russell two run homer immediately afterward.


Rockies 9, Giants 8Scouts: Colorado continues it’s Dr Jekyll an Mr. Hyde routine racking up 9 runs, the most crucial two coming in the top of the 9th, as Dj Lemahieu launched a two-run homer to grab a late and final lead.


5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/28/18

  1. The real crop report came out and the Tiggers are dropping faster than the price of frozen concentrated orange juice futures.

    In just 2 days Marisnick’s OPS has jumped over 50 points and his BA is threatening the Mendoza line. I assume this warms the hearts of some of our valued commenters.

    More of a Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me fan but had to add this in honor of today’s musical choice.

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      1. Hey prof in response to the vandalization of the Negro League Museum and the apparent arson of Satchel Paige’s former Kansas City home I’m putting together a tribute to Satchel Paige for tomorrow. Although I’ve been able to pull it off a couple of times I’ve had a great deal of trouble up loading images to the site image library. Unless we already have one could you up load an image of him ( or whatever else you think would be good) for me?

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        1. I can post up a few for ya, bud, no worries. I’ll also make sure I tag them for easy searching. 😀❤️

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  2. OK Happy – I have uploaded three different ones for you, take your pick. Looking forward to your article!!!


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