He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/24/18

Prof: First of all, a bit of serious commentary. I usually don’t do this, but it really needs to be said. Dayton Moore, the GM for Kansas City, is on the record stating they are considering signing the convicted child molester from Oregon State. I’m not going to use this guy’s name because thinking about him makes me want to barf. But it’s funny that Moore, a man who has had workshops and meetings about the evils of porn feels the need to even entertain having a guy whose crime is way worse and way more immoral. If Dayton Moore actually follows through and gives this guy a contract, I will seriously lose all respect for him. Every last shred. There would be nothing that Moore would do to cause me to regain it. There are few things in this world that are as precious as a child’s innocence. I urge anyone to read R.A. Dickey’s powerful memoir to reinforce how this crime can affect a young child. I wonder if Dayton Moore has ever read it. I wonder if he even cares.

Now, for something completely different, here are scores and highlights from this game that we all love.



Phillies 6, Nationals 8Scouts: It took until the 8th, but the Nats finally took the lead against the Phils.  Daniel Murphy lined a two-out singled into right sparking a three-run 8th at home.  The Nats just narrowly avoided a sweep at home and are now a half game behind Philly and 3 back of the Braves.  This was a perfect opportunity for the Nats to gain some ground with Atlanta stumbling against the O’s, but they couldn’t get it done when they needed it.

Mariners 0, Red Sox 5Prof: While I am confident I know who will pick up the NL Cy Young this season, the AL hardware is up for grabs, with at least four or five guys pitching like aliens and keeping it close. One of those otherworldly talents is Boston’s Chris Sale, who struck out thirteen in seven innings and allowed no earned runs. What an effort! Absolutely insane. The Red Sox didn’t need to have a great offense last night behind Sale but they did put lumber on the ball in a good way, mostly in the fifth inning. Mitch Moreland hit a two run bomb in the sixth.


Tigers 2, Spiders 12Scouts: The Spiders are on a 7 game win streak and are literally knocking them out of the park.  Edwin Encarnacion hit a grand slam, Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor, and Jason Kepnis all homered for the team that shall not be named.

Cubs 6, Reds 8Prof: Wow. The Reds swept the Cubs. That hasn’t happened in… gosh, I think since the 90’s? Let me check – nope, 1983! Holy cats! I don’t know what got into Cincinnati but they are making a big stink in the NL Central these days. In this game, runs came from all corners, including pitcher Mike Lorenzen, who hit a pinch-hit home run in the fifth inning! Not to be outdone, Jesse Winker, another Reds pitcher, hit his own pinch-hit dinger – this one a three run effort – to send the Reds over the edge in a seven run seventh inning. What the everlovin’ heck. The Reds are having their pitching staff pinch hit. We are living in the end times.


Dodgers 8, Mets 7 F/11Prof: The Dodgers needed extras to get the win over a Johnny Wholestaff outing from the Mets. Huh? Man, I can’t even. Brandon Nimmo continues to play better than New York deserves, Max Muncy hit yet another homer, and the game was won in the eleventh thanks to Justin “JT The Red Panda” Turner’s solo homer. I swear this man turns his game up to super max power every time he meets the Mets. It’s almost like he feels he has something to prove against the team that treated him like crap several years ago.


Yankees 6, Rays 7 F/12Scouts: What a rough weekend around the league as the Rays swept the Yankees in Tampa.  This is in addition to the Braves, Brewers, Mariners, and Nats also faltering.  Jake Bauers won this one with a walk-off homer in extras.


Orioles 3, Braves 7Scouts: It took three tries, but the Braves finally cracked the mystery that is the Baltimore Orioles.  Trey Mancini and Mark Trumbo both went yard in a the losing effort for the Birds.  Trumbo has hit 5 homers in the past 7 games.  Chris Davis is still not getting enough votes for the All-Star game.  Come on people, go out and rock the vote!

Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 0Prof: Bittersweet win for the Gritty Snakes – Clay Buchholz gets the win but left the game early due to tightness. He went five innings, but that was good enough for a big shiny W. Two homers from Arizona – one a piece from David Peralta and John Ryan Murphy.

Athletics 3, White Sox 10Scouts: Yoan Mocada picked up 6 RBI’s off a three-run double and a three-run homer.


Marlins 8, Rockies 5Prof: Quite a few dingers in this game and I’m not talking about the Rockies’ mascot. Shoutout to Miami’s Derek Dietrich, who has now homered in three straight games. He also had four RBI. Nolan Arenado tried his best to help his team by hitting his own two run homer in the first inning. Geraldo Parra hit a solo homer, too, but it was no use. Colorado are now under .500 and fading fast.

Padres 2, Giants 3 F/11Scouts: Hunter Pence, who has been benched in recent weeks redeemed himself slightly with a slow rolling bases-loaded, two-run double up the first-base line in the 11th that completed the extra inning comeback by the Giants.

Blue Jays 7, Angels 6 F/10Scouts: Kendrys Morales hit a pinch-hit home run in the top of the 10th to finish off the Angels, who despite having the best player in baseball can’t win a game these days.


Cardinals 8, Brewers 2Prof: The Redbirds won this one, but the Brewers still have the best record in the NL. That’s a phrase I absolutely did not expect to be writing in 2018. A lot of that has to do with the acquisition of Christian Yelich and the ascendance of Josh Hader. However, never count out St. Louis because they always seem to find a way, year after year, to make themselves matter in the NL Central. Matt Carpenter was everywhere for the Cards, while Jose Martinez hit a big three run homer.

Rangers 0, Twins 2Scouts: Jose Berrios struck out a very impressive 12 batters over 7 shutout innings, out pitching an on-top-of his game Bartolo Colon.

Royals 3, Astros 11Prof: The Astros went completely bonkers on Kansas City, with an offensive rout in the second inning alone, when they scored eight. Yuri Gurriel hit a grand slam in that inning, then also hit a double in the fourth that led to a run when a throwing error allowed Jose Altuve to stretch it home. The frosting on this cake was an El Oso Blanco solo dinger in the eighth inning.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/24/18

  1. While it’s true that the Nats squandered an opportunity to pick up ground on the Braves this weekend, they’ve still got nine head-to-head matchups left with them (and thirteen more with the Phillies) so I’m of a mind that they’ll have more chances to do so as the season rolls along.

    I also expect to see several hot takes today about how the Nats resurrected/saved/turned around their season last night, coming back from down 6-2 and in danger of being swept by the upstart Phils, and getting major contributions from Bryce Harper (3 doubles AND an actual demonstration of emotion other than despair) and Daniel Murphy (3 hits, including the game winner that followed an intentional walk to Childish Bambino to get to Murphy). I’m not in that camp yet; it’s only one game and all, but for at least one night it was nice to see Bryce be Bryce and Murphy be Murphy again.


  2. The Tigers are where crappy teams go to get their mojo back. I keep telling paper we aren’t going to hit . 500. They flirt with it to get your hopes up and then go on a losing streak to crush you and your little dreams too.

    About the Royals thing, we’d have to see him regularly in division play, and I’m afraid that would drive me to some serious incivility. Sign of the Trump times. Grrrr!

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  3. Hey Prof,

    If you have looked into the background of the Oregon guy’s conviction and wrote what you wrote, fine. But if you haven’t, you might want to.


    1. I have. He was fifteen, his victim was his six year old niece. His brother has cut off ties with him. He claims he pled guilty to keep his family from further anguish but the circumstances seem fishy.

      He was fifteen. She was six. He might have been a child still, but he was definitely old enough to know right from wrong, and definitely old enough to have known the consequences of a guilty plea if he was not, indeed, guilty of this life altering, horrendous crime.

      My stepdad, at around the same age, plead guilty to a much less serious crime that he did not commit because of fear. However, he knows that he will live with the consequences of that action and does not make excuses.

      If this young man is truly innocent of this crime, he still chose to please and still should live with the consequences of that choice. And the consequences of admitting you sexually abused your six year old niece shouldn’t be a slap on the wrist.

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      1. Legally, hes guilty. He can’t complain now that he’s innocent because he had his chance at a day in court and he’s not in a situation where he was disadvantaged in that. And he sure as hell can’t argue that he’s somehow deserving of a pass because he was young.

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        1. “Legally, hes guilty.” But does that morally mean jack shit? I have no way of knowing, like you, if he actually did or didn’t do what he was accused of doing. But I think you agree with me that our “legal system” is a god awful bureaucratic ecosystem consisting of self interested economic players, not necessarily badly intentioned but far from always well intentioned, publicly posturing self sustaining players.

          If he is indeed innocent, he was a scared shitless 15 year old boy, being pressured by those in his family most responsible for protecting and guiding him into letting them off the hook.

          If he is indeed guilty of doing what he is accused of doing he was a confused and messed up 15 year old boy. If I was his father I would not want to wake up tomorrow, but I would want him to wake up tomorrow to ask for my forgiveness.

          The ruination of a life never leads to the betterment of another.


        2. He gets no sympathy from me. I won’t project any ideas of his feelings on him. The Kennedy cousin who was convicted of murder got his conviction overturned for bad counsel, and this guy is welcome to try the same. I think he’s guilty, but that matters less than that he chose to take that guilt — and I think he did it because he thought it would go away and wouldn’t have lasting consequences for him. If he was from a different background, I might give him more of the benefit of the doubt, but that is not the case. And she was 4.

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