Bits and Pieces Mike Trout’s First One Thousand Games Weekend Edition

Before we start with the offensive stats let’s remember that they are in addition to this

Last Thursday he was 26 years and 318 days old. Only 35 players in the history of the game have reached 1000 games at a younger age.

His accumulated WAR is already 61.7 which is more than the total career WAR of 74 non pitchers hall of famers including Vladimir Guerrero, Mike Piazza, Kirby Puckett, George Sisler, Harmon Killebrew, Joe Medwick, Hank Greenberg, Willie Stargell.

Angels 2 Blue Jays 1 | Padres 6 Giants 2 |Rays 2 Yankees 1  

He has 224 homers. That’s more than these players through 1,000 games:

  • Ted Williams (220)
  • Mickey Mantle (218)
  • Mike Schmidt (213)
  • Lou Gehrig (212)
  • Hank Aaron (211)

He has 483 extra-base hits. That’s more than these players through 1,000 games:

  • Frank Robinson (475)
  • Ken Griffey Jr. (459)
  • Barry Bonds (427)

Phillies 12 Nationals 2 | Diamondbacks 2 Pirates 1 | Red Sox 14 Mariners 10

There have been three players since 1900 who have hit 300 or better, have 450 or more extra base hits and stole 150 or more bases in their first 1000 games. They are

BA           XBH          SB

Mike Trout                   .308        483           178

Willie Mays                  .316        494           169

Alex Rodriguez             .311        510           152

Phils 10 Tigers 0 | Reds 6 Cubs 3 | Dodgers 5 Mets 2

He has 631 walks. That’s more than these players through 1,000 games:

  • Barry Bonds (603)
  • Mel Ott (552)
  • Albert Pujols (529)
  • Stan Musial (525)
  • Willie Mays (472)

Orioles 10 Braves 7 (15) | White Sox 6 Athletics 4 / Athletics 11 White Sox 2

He has 216 doubles. That’s more than these players through 1,000 games:

  • Rogers Hornsby (210)
  • Mel Ott (198)
  • Willie Mays (185)
  • Roberto Clemente (176)
  • Mickey Mantle (174)

Brewers 2 Cardinals 1 | Rangers 8 Twins 1

He has a .413 OBP. That’s higher than these players through 1,000 games:

  • Rogers Hornsby (.408)
  • Joe DiMaggio (.402)
  • Rickey Henderson (.401)
  • Willie Mays (.390)
  • Frank Robinson (.387)

Royals 1 Astros 0 | Rockies 11 Marlins 3

The full breakdown and source for the numbers above is here

The link below describes the incredible year he is turning in this year. He is on pace to break Babe Ruth’s single season WAR record of 14.1 set in 1923.

The next link is from an Angels fan site and celebrates the fact that the best baseball player in the world plays for their team.

I hope that there are many young fans who will about half a century from now will be inspired to fondly remember Mike Trout as he now inspires me to remember Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Mickey Mantle.

9 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Mike Trout’s First One Thousand Games Weekend Edition

  1. That’s nice. I sometimes feel that left coast sports gets less than it’s due. I’ve heard many times of the “east coast bias” but I always thought it was more time zone bias. The old fashioned media we called “newspapers” (look it up, youngsters) were finished preparing tomorrow’s publication before games ended out here. And in my locale, Cal State Fullerton gave up on football decades ago after many years in the Bottom 10. Point being even the local news often looks to LA for sports and sports-men and -women of quality. Damn, the Angels have made more stupid moves than a league of teams. The Angels GM who traded Nolan Ryan said he would replace him with two 10 and 9 pitchers. Even in those pre baseball-reference days every fan knew that Ryan lost 18 because there was not much of a bullpen and less of an offense to support him.

    So in my long winded way I’m saying thanks for pointing out the fabulousness of Mike Trout. The Twins may not be all you wished for, HTF, but you are a winner each week!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Interesting stats, though I didn’t need so many to be convinced. For me, the main point is the single-season WAR record pace he’s on this year—that is extraordinary. On the other hand, watching Trout is somehow disappointing. I sense he can do even better, but I may be adled there. He’s just so workmanlike and unassuming.


    1. Ted Williams 1948. Babe Ruth 1923. Surpass that by being “workman like and unassuming?”, I’ll take that over just being some sort of athletic freak. I hope to post at the all star break that it is our unearned privilege to witness the greatest single season of the greatest ever player in the oldest and greatest sport competition of the world.


    2. I think he plays to the crowd, Eck. If he had more exciting people around him, I think he would rise to the occasion.


        1. I saw him play in Milwaukee and he was actually fairly electric, the crowd was hopping and really think he fed off of it.


    3. That’s exactly right! But again I think it’s a media thing. Remember Harper and Trout were being compared from the beginning. Harper was much more widely known and the Gnats were the coming thing. it was like LaRouche from the film – Harper was the brash outspoken one who occasionally went a bit too far (minors LaRouche before being educated by Costner). Trout was “the show” version boringly repeating “I’m just happy to be here. I just want to help the club.” It was a local sports talk disaster – how many times can one say “what a catch!” Don’t get me wrong, I love Harper. But Reggie Jackson was an Angel for a while and I lost my taste for outspoken types.

      Trout is weird. Unassuming in the best of ways. His oft mentioned hobby is weather. Out here the weather changes every day. Sometimes 25% chance of rain, or 10%, usually 0%. It never actually rains though. Poor guy has nothing to study.

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