He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/20/18

Prof: I am sure by now everyone knows that I do almost all of my entry the night before and Scout takes care of the late night games and highlight videos in the morning. At the moment, I have a really nasty headache that’s put me out pretty much all day, so my portion of the post won’t be it’s usual sparkling, witty quality. But I’ll give it my best try because I love you guys.



Mariners 5, Yankees 7Scouts: Oh boy, this game sure won’t help my Yankees friend be any less obnoxious.  The Yankees picked up 5 runs over the final three innings to come back, including homers from Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton’s first Yankees walk-off homer.  If Stanton goes 0-4 tomorrow with three strikeouts, will he be boo’d?


Orioles 3, Nationals 0Scouts: This is about as low as it gets Nats fans.  Shut out by the lowly Orioles.  Neither pitcher made it past the 4th due to apparently a ton of rain.  I live 30 mins away from Nats stadium and only got a sprinkling.  Anyway, Mark Trumbo hit a two-run homer for the O’s and the Nats only managed 5 hits against what may legit be the worst team in MLB history.

Tigers 3, Reds 5Prof: Another day, another moment of Scooter Gennett surpassing all expectations. My small Magoots only went 1-4 but made it count by hitting a two run homer that tied up the contest. Dude is still hitting about .335 or so. So proud of my boy. Oh, and check out this honor bestowed upon the World’s Sassiest Canadian:

I have never seen a man look more like a Dad in my entire life. Are we sure Votto doesn’t have a whole hidden family somewhere? He’s Fit Dad. This is a weird world.

Braves 4, Blue Jays 5Scouts: The Braves pickup a rare loss, although they attempted a comeback in the 9th but came up just short when Johan Camargo flew out with a man on second in the 9th.  J. A. Happ went 8.1 giving up 4 runs on 6 hits and picking up 8 Strike outs.

Cardinals 3, Phillies 4Prof: Odubel Herrera’s solo dinger broke the tie and won the game for the Phightin’ Phils. Oh, and the Phanatic hit another person in the face with the Hot Dog Cannon. I’m guessing pretty soon they’ll have to take it away from him.


White Sox 0, Spiders 12Prof: If only someone could post just the isolated part of Cosmo from Fairly OddParents singing about the Magical Land of Cleve, it would make my life better. Anyway, Jose Ramirez and Jason Kipnis both hit three run homers and Corey Kluber got his eleventh win of the season pretty easily over the White Sox yesterday.

Dodgers 0, Cubs 4Prof: Jon Lester has been on a roll lately; this is his fifth straight win. And considering that his record is now 9-2, that’s quite the accomplishment. Jason Heyward had a magnificent throw to keep the game zero on LA’s side, and Baby Babe Ruth crushed a home run to center at beautiful Wrigley Field. All in all, another typical day for the Cubbies.


Athletics 12, Padres 4Prof: So many home runs. So….many…. Even the guys who barely connect with the ball, guys like Franklin Barreto, were out here crushing it. The A’s even survived a comedy of errors from Marcus Semien in the ninth inning which allowed a run to score. This got so lopsided and awful that we had a position player pitching! Cory Spangenberg took the mound.

Marlins 5, Giants 6Scouts: Hey look at that, we have a baseball game between two teams where no one managed to look like an ass and attempt to injure another person over stupid beef that no one really even cares about.  San Fran picked up 5 runs in the 6th and it was all over from there.  Miami plated a pair in the 9th, but Reyes Moronta got J.B. Shuck to strike out with men on first and second to end the game.


Red Sox 1, Twins 4Scouts: Minnesota didn’t exactly erupt, more like politely called out in joy when Max Kepler knocked the go-ahead two-run shot against David Price in the 4th.  The Twins were able to hold the lead and picked up their second win against Boston in as many days.

Rays 1, Astros 5Scouts: Have the Astros peaked, or is there still room to soar?  Houston became the first team to 50 wins thanks in part to Charlie Morton throwing 6 innings of one-run ball and Jose Altuve going deep twice.  George Springer and Alex ZBregman also went yard.


Rangers 3, Royals 2Scouts: Austin Bibens-Dirkx pitched to Isiah Kiner-Falefa behind the plate, and Kansas City was too busy trying to figure out how to fill out the lineup to remember to score enough runs.

Mets 8, Rockies 10Scouts: The Rockies and Mets have played three games in a four game set and have combined to score 50 runs.  That’s absolutely MADNESS.  I’m sorry, I just can’t go on, my mind is still trying to process this insanity.

Brewers, Pirates – PPD

11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/20/18

    1. Hey Mr President that looks like Fake News. First, the dead pool channel? Sound like a film promotion. On the other hand, a mascot stupid enough to shoot a duct taped (or is it DUCK tape, I can never remember and why would ducks need tape?) juicy dog at a fan. That’s all too likely. Oh, and using an air gun, upping the stupid factor by 100. Suddenly this sounds all too real. But the assaulted fan NOT seeking a nine figure lawsuit? Back to fantasy land!


        1. Guys, it’s all academic because the Braves are winning the World Series this year. 😂😋

          I’m joking. But next year it’s all over for y’all.


        2. And they’ll use Paxton up to do it. But you still might have to face the shockingly surprise winner of the AL Central.


        3. Happy, my friend, I still cry about that series. My precious Steve Avery, he never pitched better. Oh, my heart. 😦 I mean, I don’t hate the Twins for winning because it was a real serious series, and gosh, it was one of the very best group of games I’ve ever watched in my life. But boy did it ever break this little girl’s heart. And, strangely, absolutely convinced me that baseball is the forever love of my life.


    1. Stex, if bein’ on top of the world is so tough on you, come visit me in Orange County (of Los Angeles) and I’ll show you real fan tension. Try wondering (constantly) if the best player you’ve ever seen will EVER play a game more important than 1/162.

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