He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/19/18

Prof: Today’s musical selections are International! No particular reason why, but baseball is a worldwide sport. I have music from Mexico, South Korea, and various countries in Africa in today’s post.


Orioles 7, Nationals 9Prof: The Orioles tried, bless their hearts, but they ran into a buzzsaw named The Treat Urner. The Nationals shortstop went 4-4 and hit a home run in this Beltway Series win. Anthony Rendon was helpful, too, driving in three runs. The poor O’s sure did give it their best try. Here’s a cool thing, though – brothers Caleb and Corban Joseph played together for Baltimore. Corban was a pinch hitter while Caleb started at backstop.

Cardinals 7, Phillies 6Scouts: Down 4-2 in the 7th, the Cards put 4 on the board, only to give up two more in the bottom of the 8th to tie it back up.  That tie didn’t last long as St. Louie went up for good when Matt Carpenter homered in the 9th.

Brewers 3, Pirates 2Scouts: Rookie Freddy Peralta pitching in just his third game threw 6 shutout innings and now has a career era of 2.30.  Not bad kid!


Braves 11, Blue Jays 4Scouts: Carmargo go big boom.  Johan Camargo included a grand slam into a four hit night as the Braves absolutely roasted the Blue Jays.

White Sox 3, Spiders 6Prof: Mike Clevinger is fast becoming one of my favorite “fringe” guys – that is, a player who isn’t the biggest or most well known player on his team who somehow does some funky stuff every day (or every outing), an unsung hero in a way. Charlie F’n Morton down in Houston is one, obviously my small child Scooter in Cincinnati. Clevinger is that dude in the Magical Land of Cleve. He went 7 2/3 innings and struck out ten Pale Hosers.

Tigers 5, Reds 9Prof: The Reds offense was firing on all cylinders last night; Scooter went 2-5, Adam Duvall went 3-4, and Tucker Barnhart went 3-3. Joey Votto, the Sassiest Canadian, hit a grand slam. All of El Tigre’s runs came in the ninth inning, but the Reds still won. I’m sure they aren’t too happy with Wandy Peralta, though.


Dodgers 4, Cubs 3 (Game 1)Prof: This was the game that was supposed to have been played yesterday but was postponed due to both weather and a power outage. Pretty hard to play at night when you don’t have lights in right field! Bit of a back and forth in this first match, but it began and ended with a Dodgers score – a Joc Pederson solo blast in the first, and a Kyle Farmer two run RBI double in the ninth. Kenley Jansen notched his eighteenth save of the year thus far.

Dodgers 2, Cubs 1 (Game 2) F/10 – Scouts: With the game tied all up in the 10th, Kris Bryant lead off with a triple, only to be singled in by Albert Almora Jr., and the walk-off was on.


Red Sox 2, Twins 6Scouts: Minnesota exploded for a 4 run 8th inning rally sparked by Eduardo Escobar’s second double of the night.

Rays 2, Astros 1Prof: Nothing too exciting happened, other than Alex Bregman trying to make some plays and failing. CJ Cron hit a solo shot in the second inning. Oh, and Kevin Kiermaier, who I didn’t know was back from the DL, went 0-5.


Rangers 4, Royals 1Scouts: Cole Hamels looked like the Cole Hamels of old throwing 7 strong innings.  Of course it’s a bit easier against Kansas City’s anemic offense, but it’s something at least.

Mets 8, Rockies 10Scouts: And back we are with the Mets giving up three consecutive home runs to the Rockies as part of a 6 run third.   Jason Vargas had a night to forget giving up 7 runs in just 2.1 innings raising his era to 8.60.


Mariners 2, Yankees 7Prof: Four home runs, including two in the fifth inning, ensured a New York victory over Seattle. Domingo German went seven full innings with nine Ks.

Diamondbacks 4, Angels 5Scouts: Mike Trout continues his push for MVP going 1-1 with a pair of walks and the go-ahead two run single in the 5th.

Athletics 4, Padres 2 F/10Scouts: Stephen Piscotty hit a solo shot to send this into extras where Jed Lowrie secured the win with a go-ahead, two-run shot in the 10th.

Marlins 3, Giants 6Scouts: A little bit of drama in this one as Buster Posey was pllunked by Dan Straily in the bottom of the second and Straily and manager Don Mattingly were immediately ejected.  Bruce Bosey was pretty pissed off about the entire thing as I guess this was the third HBP by the Marlins since last Thursday.  The plunking was apparently retribution for San Francisco plunking Lewis Brinson in the top half of the inning, as retribution for Brinson celebrating too much on Monday after a big rally.  God damn, baseball beefs are really fucking stupid sometimes.




17 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/19/18

  1. Looks like I missed some bad blood being spilled between the Feesh and the Giants. They plunked Lewis Brinson? That’s pretty lame. Yeah, Scouts, this stuff gets pretty juvenile in a hurry, don’t it?
    Bedtime. Still a little jetlagged but some idiot is singing opera (which all sounds alike to me, like hiphop does) outside my hotel. Apparently this is the Roman equivalent of those phony second lines that march down the streets of New Orleans from time to time, hooting and tooting and rootykazooting, without even bothering to drag along a corpse. Wouldn’t you think a sophisticated swain like moi would at least pretend to like all that egotistical yowling? But no. As far as I’m concerned Rigoletto is a pasta stuffed with veal.
    Now where did I put my foam anti-cabin depressurization ear plugs?


    1. LOL you don’t like opera, OG? I’m shocked! I’ve enjoyed many, many evenings at the opera. It’s an experience.

      The best part of the Giants/Feesh fight was that Hunter Strickland went full Hunter Strickland and punched a damn door and broke his hand. Idiot.


      1. ROFL on Strickland. Reminds me of John Tudor punching out a locker room fan after the Mutts tupped the Cardinals in the 1986 playorfs (or was it 1988?). Me? As it turns out, I gave myself hairline fractures across three knuckles of my right hand a few days ago tripping over a bag of dog food in my kitchen. Like fractured ribs, there’s nothing you can do about it but wince, pop the occasional anti-inflammatory pill, and rub your hand with freeze ointment. Oh, and for a laugh, try putting your suitcase in the overhead bin and then getting it down again.
        I’m still on Macondo time, staring at the wall with its kitsch paintings of the Coliseum ruins and the banks of the Tiber in Caesar’s time, and wondering what, in the absence of alcoholic drinks contraindicated by my Meloxicam I can do to put myself back to sleep in time to wake up to the sounds of morning garbage collection. But at least it won’t be opera.


        1. You could watch a Lars Von Trier movie and bore yourself to sleep, but then you might also have nightmares.


    2. I completely agree, in fact hip-hop and opera are the only unlistenable musical formats to me. Original rap was good but became quickly ridiculous, and there is good opera if only one filters out the vocal abomination of it. I’m not sure earplugs would suffice.


    3. I missed most of it aswell, but apparently it’s a beef that started a long time ago that’s been slowly escalating over the past few weeks. Mostly it comes down to Hunter Strickland being a giant horses ass and the unwritten rules being really fucking stupid.


  2. The Universe is clearly trying to tell us something. After last week’s abomination (yes, I’m using the word twice today) of the Cole/Hamels game in which the U. pitted Cole against Hamels and then had the temerity to give Hammel a decision on the very same day, it seems we now have to put up with Hamels and Hammel not only in the same ballpark but opposing each other on the mound and each getting a decision in the same game. What IS the message here, fans? Judges?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope. I live in the heart of south Minneapolis, about 2 or 3 miles south of downtown. And even that close to downtown we got parks and lakes, tree lined residential blocks full of beautiful young families, and near by neighbors with snow blowers happy to help out their elderly neighbors.

        Oh my God, the Twins lead off hitter just took David Price yard and the next hitter got on first!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. oh really? So do you live closer to, say, the Black Forest Inn or the Blue Door? I once took a wrong turn near the Black Forest Inn and ended up in a cute little older neighborhood with all of these adorable Craftsman style homes.


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