He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/18/18

Scouts: I’m out for the day at a work conference, so Prof will be doing all the recaps for you all.  MLB has announced the lead vote-getters for the 2018 NL All-Stars.  At the moment there aren’t a lot of really tight races other than Catcher who sees Buster Posey, Wilson Contreras, and Kurt Suzuki all within 100k votes.  Second base has a 200k gap between Ozzie Albies, Javier Baez, and Scooter Gennett, and every other position is a pretty good runaway.  Me, I know who I’m voting for.  I never really thought it was fair to release the numbers weekly leading up to the AS game.  Seems like it’s a practice that might taint the results.  Although in the end who really cares, the AS game voting is a giant joke and has always been a giant joke anyways.  But really, can’t we just wait for the final tally to announce numbers?  I mean, with being able to vote 5 times a day on 15 different devices, for 25 different players, who honestly gives a crap anymore?

Prof: Vote early, vote often, vote Scooter. The man will probably never have this opportunity again, and he’s such a sweet kid. I want good things for him, so I’m foregoing the crowd I run with and voting with my heart. Let’s go, Scoots Magoots!

Hat tip to my co-writer for the formatting and picking out the music today since I had to do the write ups. Thank you.

Yankees 3, Nationals 5 (the make-up game) – Prof: So, this was a make-up game from May, being played yesterday afternoon before the start of the actual game. Juan Soto – who was not on the squad during the first game – played in this one and hit a home run. And since this is the continuation of a May game, it’s technically still the “May game”. Thus – JUAN SOTO IS A TIME TRAVELER. Sean Doolittle gets the save.

Yankees 4, Nationals 2 (this evening’s actual game) – Prof: So, it was a kinda-sorta doubleheader. This was game number two. Kinda. Aaron Hicks hit a two run homer in the fifth inning, and the Iron Giant singled and doubled runs in as well to put the Yankees over the Nats.

Cardinals 5, Phillies 6 F/10- Prof: This was a wild ride. The Phillies started off like gangbusters, four runs in the first inning. Then the Cardinals chipped away at it and a two run ninth tied it up. Tommy Pham hit a solo dinger in the tenth, and it looked bleak. But then Aaron Altherr hit a double to bring in Rhys Hoskins and Carlos Santana. Chalk this one up to poor decisions from manager Mike Matheny (who had Santana intentionally walked with Hoskins already in scoring position!).

Brewers 0, Pirates 1 – Prof: It all came down to Jordy Mercer, who drove in the lone run of the evening for either of these teams. It was a double that brought home Francisco Cervelli – who, by the way, went 2-2.


White Sox 2, Spiders 6 – Prof: The JK Kid rides again. Jason Kipnis singled and drove in a run in the third, then hit a solo homer in the fifth. All told, Kipnis connected 3 out of four times at the plate, and that consistency helped the Magical Land of Cleve defeat divisional foe Chicago. Another solid night from Trevor Bauer, who currently has an ERA of 2.50.

Dodgers, Cubs – PPD – The game was postponed due to a power outage at the park affecting the right field lights, and ongoing rain. Tomorrow there will be a doubleheader.

Rangers 6, Royals 3 – Prof: Bartolo Colon just won’t stop. He took the Rangers to a win over Kansas City, and in doing so became the winningest Dominican pitcher in the history of the sport, surpassing the great Juan Marichal. Big Bart went six innings and gave up three runs, but he was helped out by another ageless wonder, Adrian Beltre, whose three run blast made all the difference.

Mets 12, Rockies 2 – Prof: Well, what do you know? The Mets can actually do something right sometimes. Jacob deGrom finally gets run support! And much of that support came from the red hot bat of Brandon Nimmo, who started it off with an inside-the-park homer, and had another dinger in later innings. Nimmo also hit a two run single in a six run ninth inning and New York completely foiled the Rockies’ night.

Diamondbacks 7, Angels 4 – Prof: ZG had a good night and so did Goldy, Ketel Marte, and Nick Ahmed. The guy who had the best night was Jerrod Dyson, who had a leap to beat all when he snagged Justin Upton’s potential grand slam.

Rays 4, Astros 5 – Prof: Twelve in a row, thanks to late inning feats of derring-do from Alex Bregman. Orbit’s boys have now matched a franchise record for consecutive wins.

Feesh 5, Giants 4 – Prof: Three runs in the ninth inning brought the Feesh back to life. Miami utilized small ball against San Francisco and it worked. Lewis Brinson went 2-3 with an RBI.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/18/18

  1. No Tiggers last night, so random observations about other teams:

    I’m sure there’s an interweb way to verify this, but I’ll assume that Colon and Beltre have the oldest combined age (84) for teammates that get the pitching win and hit a home run in the same game.

    Looks like the Royals are are going all in on tanking for the #1 pick next year by trading Kelvin Herrera. Will the Orioles counter by trading Manny Machado (or maybe putting Chris Davis back in the line up)?

    Since OG is off globe trotting again, thought I’d point out that Lewis Brinson is hitting .298 over his last 15 games and an even hotter .346 in his last 7.

    Did Juan Soto use the Millennium Falcon to go back in time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Got my wi-fi workin’ and am up at a ridiculous hour. Brinson is hitting well against righties, being benched or otherwise coddled against so-called “tough” lefties, and being benched for games following ofers. He’s also had the benefit of hitting against Orioles and Giants pitching. And frankly, if I owned the Giants I would take their entire boolpen out back by the water and have them shot.

      Taking my meltatonin. Hail Morpheus!


  2. To say that Juan Soto homered last night does not do justice to the act. Putting aside the whole mind-bending idea that it’ll be credited to a game where the stats will officially be logged as happening five days before he made his MLB debut, look at this thing:

    In other news, the Nats traded for Kelvin Herrera, and didn’t have to give up any of their top prospects to get him, so they’ve theoretically shored up the back-end of their bullpen for the stretch run and the playoffs, if they get there, and still have plenty of bullets to fire to chase after something else come trading time.

    Now if they could just all remember how to hit, Mr. Soto excluded, of course…


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