He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/14/18

Prof: It’s another Girl Power Friday. This Saturday a friend from work invited me to the Orioles game for her birthday, and gave me a ticket even. I was already thinking of going because the Feesh will be in town and I kinda want to see Justin Bour in person. Anyway, today I’m posting some of my favorite bops for y’all in preparation for the weekend.


Giants 6, Marlins 3 F/16Prof: The other day, our esteemed colleague Old Gator opined in the comment section about San Francisco, asking if they were truly as bad as they seemed. Well, friends, when you have to take the British Virgin Islands Feesh into extra innings to win a game, you’ve got some issues. It basically ended when Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval hit a two run single in the sixteenth inning. When was the last time the Kung Fu Panda was good for a winning at-bat? It’s been a while.


Spiders 5, White Sox 2Scouts: Chicago actually had a 2-1 lead in this game, but of course they couldn’t hold that.  Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez went yard for the team that shall not be named.

Red Sox 2, Mariners 1Scouts: Seattle was dealt a rare loss as David Price out pitched Felix Hernandez.  In the end, it all came down to a solo home-run by Xander Bogaerts.


Rockies 3, Phillies 9Prof: Yesterday, Philadelphia honored the career of soon-to-be-enshrined Hall of Famer Jim Thome. Jim Jam the Tater Mashin’ Man spent a long time in Philly and is beloved there (as he is, rightfully, everywhere). In fact, yesterday was also the anniversary of Thome’s 400th home run, hit in a Phillies uniform. Gotta love the symmetry. He spent some time talking to some of the young kids in the org before the game.

It appears that Rhys and his teammates took Thome’s words to heart, because young Hopkins alone went 3-5 including a first inning dinger that probably made Jim proud. In fact, I’m sure he probably smiled from ear to ear.

Astros 7, Athletics 3Prof: I read on Twitter a theory that Khris Davis from the A’s zapped all of the power from Chris Davis of the O’s and somehow that makes a lot of sense to me. Khris was involved in both of Oakland’s scoring plays, but even by Crush/Krush powers combined they can’t defeat the reigning champions. A wild sixth inning saw Alex Bregman have a fielder’s choice that turned into two errors and an RBI, then moments later a Jose Altuve double brought Bregman home, too.

Twins 1, Tigers 3Scouts: Michael Fulmer delt, and JaCoby Jones went deep as the Twins found yet another way to lose.

Rays 3, Yankees 4Scouts: Gleyber Torres hit a go-ahead two-run homer in the fight, and Domingo German picked up his first MLB win.

Padres 2, Braves 4Scouts: The Braves are now 40-28, and are very clearly for real.  So how far do you think they are going to actually go?  Can they make it all the way to the promised land?  Can they actually compete with the likes of Boston, New York, Houston?

Mets 3, Diamondbacks 6Prof: I don’t trust the Mets to do the right thing at all, so I fully expect them to trade Michael Conforto for a sack of potatoes and some used Juicy Fruit by the All Star Break, even though he does things like hit 445 foot home runs in losing efforts. That’s right, the young New York outfielder that no one talks about attempted to get his team closer to winning with a solo blast in the sixth inning, bringing the Mets within one. But the Gritty Snakes remembered that they are a superior team, and in the eighth inning both David Peralta and Jake Lamb hit solo homers of their own to put the cap on the evening.


15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/14/18

  1. The Feesh head to Baltimore today with one mission: sweep the only team in the majors who are inarguably worse than they are, thereby shooting themselves in the caudal fins and watching the most glittering EYPs plucked by someone else over the weenter.

    I tried my coelocanth recipe out on some lionfish fillets last night due to the scarcity of Latimeria fillets at the local seafood markets. Not bad, but not delicious. I’m still using a sterilized pair of needle-nosed pliers to pull the small bones out of my gums between my teeth. There has to be a better way to control invasive species.


      1. And June 16th is Bloomsday, when many of my good friends from the academic dystopia will be gathering either in Dublin or in Irish pubs worldwide to celebrate Leopold Bloom’s peregrination through the Liffeyverse. I, out of step as always, will be packing for Rome. Go figger.

        I would like to strap Peter Angelos and Jeff Sessions to a pair of ions at opposite ends of the Large Hadron Collider and fire them at each other at just a hair less than the speed of light. Perhaps if we pay close attention we will be able to observe the elusive splatter neutrino.


  2. Have the Gods decided to give me a lollypop before ending the Twins season with a sweep in Cleveland this weekend?

    The Twins Designated Sexual Assailant (formerly known as Miguel Sano) has been sent down to…single A! This because he has of late also been the Twins Designated Strikeout Artist.

    And his anti thesis, both on and off the field, Super Joe (Mauer) rejoins the team tonight.

    Would the Gods dare be so brazen.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Sparty, I tone down the snark around here usually. SomeGuy follows me on Twitter so he can tell you how awful my sense of humor actually is lol

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Happy, I was thinking about his milk commercials when I said it!!!!!! He is the most wholesome guy in the world not named Jim Thome!!!


    1. Happy: Sano isn’t as bad as that pedophile who, blessedly, didn’t get vacuumed up in the draft week ‘fore last. I’m amazed. I figured at least the Razed…well….let me not carry a grudge. My back is sore from pruning hibiscus bushes as it is.


      1. Yeah you’re probably right, but I would like to see Sano humbled, if he’s capable of that, otherwise I want him gone.

        Hope to see you tomorrow. I got planes on the runway prof.

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  3. I hate to beat a dead horse again, but after my favorite Scouts proposed an All Star bid for his buddy Chris, Jeff Passan has a story at Yahoo Sports claiming that he may be having the worst season ever played.

    My thought goes more toward teams. We have a few well into .600 win rate, and a few at (or under) .400, and a bunch in between. The term “NBA” comes to mind. We’ve got this Jeter-ish approach to success which starts with tearing the whole building apart to build the new one. I personally don’t care for that – are we supporting failure for the hope of high draft position?

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    1. More than that we’re denigrating doing the best you can even if it doesn’t turn out to be better than everybody else.


    2. Sounds that like usual, Jeff Passan is a week behind literally the rest of sports media, because that article has been making the rounds for a while now. I’ve even been doing an unofficial “Chris Davis is the fucking worst” tracker for a few weeks now.


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