Chris Davis Is Now A Third String First Baseman For The Worst Team In Baseball

Chris Davis

Chris Davis, the Baltimore Oriole First-Baseman who is currently making 17 million a year, and as many of you may have heard is currently having the worst season of any player in the history of professional baseball ever. Davis is signed through 2022 on a 161 million dollar contract and is now officially benched indefinitely as he’s the current third string first baseman on the worst team in baseball.  Take a moment to let that sink in.  The Orioles have officially called up Corban Joseph, brother of Orioles’ catcher and fan favorite Caleb Joseph from Double A Bowie to take over for Davis.

Here’s a Chris Davis highlight reel for your viewing pleasure.




11 thoughts on “Chris Davis Is Now A Third String First Baseman For The Worst Team In Baseball

  1. Hello Corban! Let’s Dance! (Get it? Called up from Bowie? OK, I apologize but I literally HAD TO SAY IT or I would die.)

    Now – Lets talk about the REAL news, which is the power of the press. Is anybody else noticing that our own fearless Scout tosses a joke at the World Wide Web and the front office listens and responds? Hurray for SSWIAB!


    1. I think he’s got some kind of weird sweetheart deal from the O’s about vetoing a trip to minors like Matt Harvey had with the Mets. Not positive though, since I think I heard this on the radio.


      1. But he won’t work out whatever is messing him up sitting on the bench. He must know that. Or does he not care as long as he gets his money?

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      2. I don’t think it has anything to do with his contract, but rather with his service time. He can’t be sent down without his permission. And it’s definitely pride. His pride is what’s gotten him in this mess as he refuses to make any adjustments at all, just keep swinging away..


    1. They got the Big Buckin Chicken. He whiffs on the regular unless he’s playing the Braves, then he becomes Ted Williams.


      1. Well that’s still a dang sight better than C.Davis. Come to think of it though, Mr. Salary Dump Jeter would never take on this particular contract…..unless he could get Angelos to eat it all, which seems, well, uh, maybe???


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