He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/13/18

Scouts: Has anyone started voting for the All-Star game yet?  I’m kind of hoping we can start a grassroots campaign to vote in Chris Davis.  Remember guys and gals. Vote early.  Vote often.  Let’s make this happen!



Mets 0, Braves 2Prof: Couple things – one, MIKE SOROKA IS BACK! Woot woot! The rookie sensation had a shutout going until the seventh inning, in his first game after coming off the DL. Secondly, Freddie Freeman is far and away the frontrunner for NL MVP if he stays healthy. He’s having another blockbuster season and it just does my heart good to see it. Yesterday was the anniversary of his mother Rosemary’s death from cancer, and it’s always a difficult day for FF5 because he was tremendously close to his mom. He hit a home run to put the Braves over the top, and after the game stated that he thinks his mom helped him from Heaven. Gotta admit, fam, that made me sniffle a bit. Love you, Freddie. Finally, and this is wild – Atlanta has faced off against Jacob deGrom four times this season. They’ve won all four times. The Mets are pathetic, and deGrom super deserves more. Let’s go to the memes:

Blue Jays 0, Rays 1Prof: A walk-off single with two outs is your only run? Wow.

Cubs 0, Brewers 1Prof: [Sings TLC’s Waterfalls] Don’t go Chacin waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that Jhoulys to. I know that Lorenzo Cain hit a homer near the left field wall, then Corey Knebel ended it fast. Ooooh, he ended it faaaaaaaaast.



Giants 4, Marlins 5Scouts: The Marlins walked it off with a sac fly, but honestly does anyone really care much at this point?  Wo-hoo?

Spiders 2, White Sox 3Scouts: Dylan Covey gave up 10 hits over 7 innings, but only allowed two runs as the team that shall not be named couldn’t finish the job and wasted a fine effort by Trevor Bauer.

Red Sox 5, Orioles 1Prof: Well, that was fun while it lasted. Richard Beiler, one of the few pieces of the machinery that actually worked, works no more. He was injured mid-game and led off the field by trainers. Could be his elbow, could simply be a problem with his lat, but regardless he’s out for a while and there goes any chances that the Orioles could move the one dude they could easily sell for mucho dinero at short notice. Oh, and they lost the game, too, it was Sale Day after all. The Skinniest Legend (I’ve been spending too much time with the youth of our nation, I think my lingo now shows it) was ejected in the seventh inning, but like that actually mattered.


Pirates 5, D-Backs 4Scouts: Pittsburgh scored 4 in the second and had to make it last as Arizona attempted a comeback in the 9th but couldn’t get that final run.  Zack Greinke only lasted 4.2 innings in his worst start of the season.  Not a good time to be stumbling with the red hot Dodgers on your tail.

Angels 6, Mariners 8Prof: Mitch Haniger had a walk-off homer, which is infinitely more exciting than Matt Duffy’s walk-off single for Tampa Bay.


Nationals 5, Yankees 4Scouts: The best match-up of the day lived up to the hype as Juan Soto, who is just a little younglin’, 19 years of age smacked two homers for the Nats.  Soto became the 5th youngest player in history to record a multi-homer game.


Rockies 7, Phillies 2Prof: The Purple Dinos have been on a losing streak, but Ian Desmond’s two run homer helped them quench their thirst. The Phillies were sadly outmatched by Desmond, Trevor Story, and my choice for the most underrated great player in baseball today, Nolan Arenado. That guy is amazing. Seriously.

Padres 4, Cardinals 2Scouts: The Padres have now won 5 consecutive series, mostly off the efforts of Manuel Margot who had gotten off to a terrible start on the season.  He’s en-fuego now going 3-4 with a RBI triple, his second consecutive multi-hit night, and a pretty amazing diving catch to top it all off.


Twins 2, Tigers 5Scouts: No Miggy, no problem.  The Tigers rallied for 4 in the 8th to take one against the Twins, who just can’t seem to get it together this year.

Reds 7, Royals 0Prof: Pop quiz, hot shot! What second baseman known for being my small child currently has a batting average of .341 and is second in offensive WAR among all NL players according to B-Ref? The same one who went 2-4 last night to help Cincinnati defeat a struggling Royals team.


Astros 13, A’s 5Scouts: Holy shit snacks this was an ass whoopin’.  Evan Gattis drove in 5 for the second consecutive day (Hey, maybe you just walk him tomorrow.) and the Astros had 10 on the board before the second inning even ended.

Rangers 2, Dodgers 3 F/11Scouts: So this game had it all.  Crazy slides at the plate, fights, a walk-off throwing error by a pitcher.  It was BONKERS Y’all!








9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/13/18

  1. I’m guessing all the TLC today is hidden code for Tiggers Lose Cabrera.

    The Spiders have lost 2 straight to the Pale Hose and are stumbling along at a .530 winning percentage in a division full of trash. That percentage at the end of the season would put them at 86 – 76. If that’s the best they can do, I’m all for keeping them out of the playoffs and sending any other AL team that finishes over .500 in a tougher division. All in favor say “Aye”.

    Happy Flag Day, y’all!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Per Baseball Savant, the worst outfielder in MLB is Nick Castellanos, but the Tigers are still trying to make Blastellanos happen. And boy are they pushing the Rally Goose merchandise. Frankly, I need the night off.


        1. At least the Goose can take flight. Not sure the baseballs in Detroit can most nights.

          No shade, brother, but it’s true LOLOL


    1. Yes we are. I think we should start a petition demanding that he be the first ever admitted into the hall of fame while still “active” while producing the worst ever negative seasonal WAR stat head thing while being paid an umpteen gabillion dollar franchising paralyzing salary by the Fightin O’s. An amazing accomplishment.

      Scouts, I got cheap ice cream and lutefisk to console myself with, you at least got mighty fine fresh lobster.

      Liked by 1 person

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