He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/12/18

Scouts: Sometimes we have moments in Sports that remind us what is so damn great about them.  Enter Mounts View High school pitcher Ty Koehn, from Minnesota, who strikes out hist close friend Jack Kocon from Totino-Grace to complete a three-hit shutout and send his team to the State Championships.  Instead of celebrating with his team however, Ty rushed the plate to console his good buddy.

You know, I was just thinking to myself the other day how this season has been devoid of too many major team-changing injuries.  Now suddenly the Angles have lost Shohei Ohtani, Clayton Kershaw is out for who knows how long, Bryce Harper had to leave the game last night, and Miguel Cabrera is done for the season.  This is in addition to Yoenis Cespedes, Johnny Cueto, Corey Seager, Rich Hill, Yu Darvish, Stephen Strasburg already missing extended time due to injuries.



Red Sox 6, Orioles 4Scouts: Why is it June 13th and no one been traded off this team yet?  Chris Davis is on pace for the worst season of any ball player in the history of baseball and is now more of a bench player than a starter.  What boggles my mind is the massive drop off in performance of Jonathan Schoop, Mark Trumbo, and Trey Mancini, plus the complete meltdown of the entire bullpen.  I was at the game and think I watched 6 or 8 different people strike out on balls two inches off the ground with runners in scoring position and less than 2 outs.

Spiders 1, White Sox 5Prof: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. James Shields – my favorite least favorite pitcher – gets his first win since Opening Day, and the White Sox took the Magical Land of Cleve out of it right away, with a three run first inning bolstered by a Yoan Moncada homer.


Cubs 0, Brewers 4Prof: Do not count this Milwaukee team out. The NL Central is going to come down to the wire between these two teams, and last night the Brew Crew regained the lead with this shutout of Chicago. Chase Anderson went seven and very much held his own, while Milwaukee didn’t even have to go to their three-headed bullpen monster to secure the win, they just used two dudes I don’t even know that much about.

Reds 5, Royals 1 F/10Prof: How is it that Joey Votto – youngish (he’s only 34, and let that sink in), World’s Sassiest Canadian, and one of the most talented baseball players of a generation – is not married? Is it because he’s too busy giving everything to the Reds? Is it because he’s the World’s Sassiest Canadian and it’s hard to find someone who can mirror his fabulousness? Sorry, that’s just a weird tangent I went on, mostly because Joey Votto did Joey Votto things and saved the game for the Reds last night in extras.


Pirates 8, Diamondbacks 13Scouts: Do you like offense?  Because three errors in one innning is how you get offense.  Arizona started the game off with a 6 run first inning, thanks to some terrible Pittsburgh defense, then picked up two more in the third, and had to keep the pedal to the metal as Pittsburgh attempted to keep pace.

Rangers 5, Dodgers 12Scouts: Joc Pederson, Max Muncy, and Yasiel Puig and the rest of the Dodgers offense seems to have finally found their stride and the Dodgers now appear to be a force to be reckoned with.

Nationals 0, Yankees 3 –  Prof: While the majority of DC area residents were celebrating with an outrageously happy Russian and the most iconic trophy in sports, the Nationals were in New York getting their heads busted. Bryce Harper got beaned twice in this game, and even had to leave in the eighth inning because of it. No matter, this was all Yankees anyway, capped off by Didi Gregorius hitting two dingers.


Rockies 4, Phillies 5Scouts: Scott Kingery hit his first homer since April, a three-run blast that was enough to give the Phils a lead in the first they never lost.  Colorado put up 3 of their own on the board in the 9th, but was unable to complete the comeback.


Astros 6, Athletics 3Scouts: It was the Evan Gattis show, who homered and racked up 5 of the team’s 6 RBI’s on the night.

Angels 3, Mariners 6Scouts: Mike Trout is making a strong case for MVP but it might not be enough for LA who can’t seem to get over Seattle’s bizarre ability to keep on winning.  Last night I was pondering where Manny Machado may end up, and I’m starting to wonder if LA won’t be a good fit.


Twins 6, Tigers 4Prof: Really, REALLY bad news for the Tigers. Sparty, Historio, y’all I’m really super sorry about this turn of events. Miggy Cabrera ruptured his left biceps tendon and will have to have season-ending surgery. It all happened top of the third during Cabrera’s second at bat. He took a 1-1 count and then immediately grabbed his arm in pain. That’s not a thing anyone wants to see happen, especially for an already struggling franchise. To add insult to (literal) injury, the Twins came back from behind in the seventh with a shut-’em-up grand slam.

Giants 1, Marlins 3Scouts: Marlins rookie Trevor Richards picked up his first win, holding the Giants to a single run on a pair of hits over 6 innings.

Blue Jays 1, Rays 4Scouts: The Rays continued their interesting experiment of starting out of their bullpen last night, only this time they never went back to a starter, they just kept throwing in bullpen guys.  The Rays started with Ryne Stanek for two innings, then went to Austin Pruitt for 2.2, followed by Jonny Venters for .1, Chaz Roe for 1.1, Jose Alvarado for 1.2, and finally finished out with Sergio Romo for 1 inning and the save.

Mets 2, Braves 8Prof: This was a good and bad game for Atlanta. Good because the boys won handily and it was a great game for guys like Nick Markakis – who went 3-4 and keeps continuing to have one of the very best seasons of his long career – Ender Inciarte, who has been struggling at bat lately but connected for two solidly bringing in two RBI, and Ozzie Albies, who hit a massive grand slam in the sixth. It was bad because Mike Foltynewicz left the game early due to some lingering arm soreness. As loathe as I am to quote DOB, he is the reporter of record for this team and here is what he said after the game:

Folty said arm tightness didn’t bother him much except after innings, Chuck H. noticed him slightly altering delivery and wanted to be cautious. Folty said no doubt he’ll be ready next start.

The “Chuck H” in the quote is Chuck Hernandez, the pitching coach. Let’s hope.


Padres 4, Cardinals 2Scouts: Taking a page out of the Tampa playbook, the Padres started and stayed with their bullpen, strolling out five different relievers and holding the Cardinals to a 4-2 victory.  For the first 5 innings, the Padres were looking at a combined perfect game beore Harrison Bader beat out a slow grounder to third in the 6th.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/12/18

    1. Wow. From the sublime to the insane. The opening vid of the youngsters made me feel uplifted. This one, well, it just seemed so stupid! The whole time the ump is telling everyone that will listen that actions have consequences, which the so called adults can’t seem to comprehend.

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  1. I felt Miggy’s pain immediately. I ruptured my distal bicep tendon a few years ago playing softball, don’t wish that on anybody. With him out for the year, maybe the Tiggers will try to hide the defensively-challenged Nick Castellanos at 1B to make him look more versatile (tradable). It would also allow them to bring up the hopefully less defensively-challenged Christin Stewart (leading the International League in HR’s) from Toledo to see if he can be a part of the future.

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  2. I’m just curious. Are the Giants really as bad as they’ve looked the last two games? I’ve seen champion bowlers who couldn’t serve right down the middle like the Yerba Buena pitchers the last couple of nights, and I’ve seen toddlers swing their whiffle bats more convincingly. Sheesh.

    Quick note: I have a paper to deliver in Rome week after next and getting it ready both for presentation and publication will be taking up most of my time, especially since my cataract issues make reading and editing so much more strenuous and time consuming than usual. In addition, I am so flat out bored with the Feesh and the joylessness suffusing the game down here that a short vacation would do me some good. I should be rejuvenated when I get home from the Eternal City on the 29th of this month. If anything extraordinary happens I’ll chime back in via my trusty mental dialysis unit. Have a happy and see y’all soon.

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    1. Sadly, yes. The Giants are not the sum of its parts. On paper they should be loads better, but they are actually worse than their record shows. BLEH.


    2. I haven’t watched them, but I cover their recaps a lot since they tend to play too late for Prof, and all I can say is they seem incredibly up and down. They have beaten the best big, and have lost to the worst big. They also have two of their top starting pitchers on the DL, so there’s that.


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