He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/5/2018


Scouts: You may have noticed a slight massive uptick in the amount of Scrubs gifs I’ve been using in the daily posts, and that’s because I’m in the middle of my semi-annual binge watch of the show.  It’s strange, because the show doesn’t make any of my top 10 lists, but I’ve watched, and rewatched the show more than just about any other.  There’s something about it.  It still makes me laugh, it almost always puts me in a good mood, and it really gets me thinking.  Does anyone else have a show that holds a special, odd, little place in your heart?



White Sox 2, Twins 4 (Game 1)Scouts: Down 2-0 in the 8th, Minnesota busted out big time, including a key three-run homer by Eduardo Escobar.

White Sox 6, Twins 3 (Game 2) – Scouts: This time, Chicago was able to hold the lead, picking up 4 in the first and never looking back.

Dodgers 5, Pirates 0Scouts: LA is back to .500 after jacking three home-runs against the Pirates.  Joc Pederson, Yasiel Puig, and Cody Bellinger all went yard for the Dodgers.


Rays 2, Nationals 4Prof: Something really major is gonna have to happen to keep Mad Max from collecting another beautiful Cy Young Award. If he keeps pitching like this, he’s a shoo-in. Scherzer went eight, retired thirteen!, and is the first ten game winner in baseball of the season. Oh, and he only allowed two hits and didn’t walk a soul. AND the other day he went to the Caps game and looked like a delirious little boy. There’s not much Max can’t do. On the offensive side, the night belonged to Wilmer Difo, who despite only going 1-3 brought home three of the four Nats runs (a fielder’s choice, a triple, and scored on a wild pitch).


Yankees 7, Blue Jays 2Prof: Nothing but dingers! No, seriously, every run was scored on a blast, on both sides. It’s just that New York had put more men on base beforehand. Miguel Andujar hit a grand slam in the seventh, crushing the ball and the heart of the Blue Jays.

Orioles 2, Mets 1Prof: Oh my goodness. When you get beaten by a team who are 41 games in the hole, things are not going right for you. I would almost rather just outright stink and know that my team stinks than have the glittering promise of “just not good enough”, which is where the Mets are right now. Anyway, I come to praise Baltimore, not to bury New York. The Orioles did well, actually; Alex Cobb went six innings and struck out seven, Manny Machado drove in Trey Mancini and Danny Valencia did the same for Adam Jones, all in the first inning. That was all they needed to celebrate in Birdland.

Rockies 9, Reds 6Scouts: Carlos Gonzalez hit the ever loving shit out of a ball, sending it 473 feet into deep, deep, deep right center field.  Someone buy that man a steak.


Tigers 0, Red Sox 6Prof: Boston tamed the Tigers, putting up all six runs in the first five innings and allowing only three hits total for the visiting team. Knuckleballer Stephen Wright went seven innings for the win.

Brewers 2, Spiders 3 – Prof:  Bless them, the Brewers gave it a good fight, but it was just one little slip-up that caused the Magical Land of Cleve to reign victorious last night. A Jose Ramirez solo homer in the third was all Cleveland needed, even though Travis Shaw really tried to get something happening in the ninth for Milwaukee. Klubot collects another W.


Athletics 4, Rangers 7 Scouts: Five ding-dongs for the Rangers including a welcome back blast by Adrian Beltre.  Delino DeShields contributed with a catch crashing into the wall that was as non-nonchalant as I’ve ever seen.


Phillies 6, Cubs 1Scouts: Zach Eflin took a shutout into the 8th inning, Kyle Hendricks gave up 5 early on, and the Phillies snapped a three-game losing streak.


Mariners 7, Astros 1Prof: James Paxton, he who tames the wild eagle, whose acclaim echoes throughout Canadaland, gets the win. Pretty good, too; seven and 2/3 innings of one run ball, I’m sure Seattle will take it. Kyle Seager, Mike Zunino, and Jean Segura all smashed some taters.

Marlins 7, Cardinals 4Scouts: Jose Urena finally picked up his first win on the season.  The Marlins opening day starter had lost or been no-decisioned in his 12 previous starts.

Royals 0, Angels 1Scouts: Andrew Heaney turned 27 yesterday, and he decided to celebrate it by throwing a 1-hit complete-game shutout over the Royals.


Braves 14, Padres 1Scouts: See Atlanta, now that’s what I’m talking about.  Clearly the team reads this blog and have taken my motivational speech from yesterday and went ahead and woke up.  14 runs on 18 hits, 4 of which by Freddie Freeman who was a triple shy of the cycle.

D-backs 3, Giants 2Scouts: Madison Bumgarner returned to the bump Tuesday night, and I couldn’t have been happier to see him back in and losing again.  Patrick Corbin put on a clinic throwing 6.1 innings giving up just 1 run on 4 hits while racking up 7 strikeouts.






18 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/5/2018

  1. Scherzer fanned 13 last night in eight innings and needed only 99 pitches to do it; 81 of those pitches were strikes, including nine in his second career immaculate inning (the 6th). SomeDaughterInVA2.0 and I have come to the conclusion that it’s Scherzer’s world, and we’re just living in it.

    The game also took a tidy 2:16 to complete, helped along by the futility of the bats at the top of the Nats’ lineup, where Messrs. Turner, Harper, and Rendon went a combined 0-12 with 5 Ks. I’m running out of synonyms for discombobulated to describe this team’s hitters right now.


  2. Your boy Freddie is tearing up the league, prof. A long way to go, but he has to be in the conversation for NL MVP if he keeps this up. I’m sure glad I picked him up for my Fantasy team.

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  3. Scouts, my grandson forced me to watch a Scrubs binge one weekend not too long ago. It was hilarious. And I found I nurse (“nurse”, get it?) a secret passion for Judy Reyes.

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    1. I was a huge fan of Scrubs during its original run. Bingeing on shows I’ve already seen isn’t my thing, but if it were, this would be one of the ones I do it for.

      /makes plans for winter bingeing activities…

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    2. I think Scrubs is part of where we got our musical inspiration from. Also I’ve never seen a show that can go from laugh out loud funny, to soul crushingly sad and back again in a matter of moments. If this scene doesn’t tear you up, you quite frankly aren’t human.

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  4. As so often happens, a hard luck starting pitcher who goes long winless while pitching superbly due to atrocious run support or, as in the case of the Feesh, inept relief pitching, twirls a mediocre game and the hitters erupt behind him to get him that elusive win. Such was the case for the star-crossed Jose Urena, who was gifted not merely with seven runs (as opposed to his average 2.6 per game priorly), but with an opposing starter with a strained right lat just orf the DL, kinda like how the stars converged in The Omen, remember?

    But leaving happy Jose surrogatefully nurtured upon the flaccid bosom of Christ, as it were, let me segue afield for ‘alf a mo, as they say back in east London, to thank Professor Michelle Dauber of Stanford University Law School for leading the voter’s revolt that unhorsed Judge Aaron Persky from the Santa Clara County Superior Court Bench last night. On behalf of my wife, my daughter and my granddaughter, I donated generously to the recall campaign out of disgust for Persky’s wrist-tap of rapist Brock Turner in the conviction that the presence of a coddler of sexual predators on any bench represents a danger to all women everywhere.

    Goodbye and good riddance, Aaron. Maybe one of the well-heeled law firms who donated big money to your “stop the recall” efforts will buy you a used ambulance to chase.

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    1. But, but…… Persky said he had a clean record and many letters of recommendation! We’re getting all worked up about a little forcible sex with an unconscious girl?? Wow, what’s wrong with us? /S

      And if you read Persky’s comments to the press today, he still doesn’t get what the problem is.


      1. Let’s look at some of the other cockeyed comments he made in his lame defense of his indefensible humiliation of Emily Doe:

        1 – “I followed the rule of law, not the rule of public opinion.” Bullshit. This comment was calculated to make it sound like the law forced his hand. In fact the statutes under which Brock Turner was convicted on three felonious counts mandated up to fourteen years in prison. The prosecutors asked for six years. In fact Persky followed his own sentencing guidelines within his discretion. Blaming “the rule of law” was a copout and insulting in its obviousness too.

        2 – Persky tried to represent himself as an :honorable” and “decent” man who had become a victim of culture-war hysteria. Yet he tacitly endorsed vile press releases and advertisements to his benefit, mostly paid for by big law firms who clearly appreciated his soft touch with the felons they represented, attacking Emily Doe as a drunk, or promiscuous, or both, whose real fault the attack was. So much for “decent” and “honorable.”

        3 – Persky and his supporters bandied the red herring that his recall would set a bad precedent for “judicial independence” and place other judges at risk of recall. Well now, as it turns out all elected judges like Persky are at “risk of recall” by the voters every time their terms are up for renewal. In effect what the voters of Santa Clara County did was accelerate his time to run for re-election. And Persky was the first judge to be recalled in California in 86 years. That’s not exactly a wave of populist sentiment now, is it?

        4 – Persky and his enables tried to depict the recall movement as a “mob.” Let’s see now: over a nearly two year period the recall movement collected vastly more signatures than they needed to put the issue on the ballot last night; three times successfully defended legal challenges by Persky to the legitimacy of their actions, and then rallied support through a variety of peaceful rallies, finally removing the judge from his bench by a free and fair election. Nice try, Aaron.

        5 – And perhaps most damning of all, Persky actually sat on a special panel of jurists and prosecutors to educate themselves about sexual predation. He had to be some special kind of dense to have absorbed as little as he did.


        1. So occasionally social media does some good. Otherwise the whole sordid little courtroom injustice might have slipped under the radar.


        2. A prof from Harvard law was complaining about the recall on Twitter. Apparently, this set the stage for a judiciary entirely manned by Hanging Judge Parkers. I guess they don’t teach nuance at Harvard Law.


        3. That’s it, philiac. When you spend much time with lawyers, you realize that their occupation is to carry every argument to its logical extreme. That may be a necessary gift for the courtroom, but we do not apply it to everyday life.

          When I first heard the case I thought a bit. But I came up with a logical test. If I saw a woman lying unconscious on the ground, how many drinks would I have had to have before my action – instead of helping her – was to forcibly rape her? It was pretty easy after that. For a decent person – whom they purported the guy to be – there aren’t enough. He deserved all the punishment the state could give out..


        4. And it’s a timely reminder that, in lieu of his actual behavior on the bench, a judge is just a lawyer who kissed all the right asses.


  5. I don’t binge any tv show, but I watch the movie Life like 4 times a year. A friend and I text each other quotes from it all the time. It cracks me up every time. Tell ’em about the gun line, boss!


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