He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/4/2018

Prof: Congrats to Casey Mize, a pitcher who was selected number one overall last night in the Draft. Congrats also to Historio and Sparty, whose Tigers received this bountiful goodness. I’ve seen some isolated video of him on the mound, he is impressive. Looking forward to seeing him be more of a Justin Verlander instead of a Mark Appel.


Yankees 7, Tigers 4 (Game 1) – Prof:  A good old fashioned split doubleheader. Game one featured a gem from Luis Severino, who is quietly racking up points towards a shiny 2018 AL Cy Young Award (along with Chris Sale and a boatload of Houston arms). Sevy went eight full innings, struck out ten, only allowed one. Pretty good effort, and the offense really only needed to do the bare minimum for this game. Nah. Let’s have catcher Austin Romine hit a three run dinger and run game one up.


Yankees 2, Tigers 4 (Game 2) – Prof: Frankly, they should have saved a little of that offense for this game. Detroit Rock City might have dropped the day match, but they were working on their night moves. Aaron Judge got himself a platinum sombrero. Here’s the thing – I propose that Mike Fiers just never face Giancarlo Stanton ever again, because he is always hitting the Iron Giant with a wild pitch. Always. I don’t think he’s ever gotten over the time he tore Giancarlo’s face off at Miller Park. Fiers was never the same after that moment, let’s be real here. A couple of innings later, Stanton hit a massive homer off of Fiers.


Royals 6, Angels 9Scouts: Jefry Marte went 4-4 and homered, Mike Trout hit a pair of RBI singles, and the Halos put three on the board twice in the final innings to suck any air of excitement out of Royals fans.

D-Backs 3, Giants 10Prof: Well, well. San Francisco isn’t making it easy for the NL West these days. They are back at .500 and traditionally they like to come on stronger as the season rolls on. The Gritty Snakes are losing their way, with Ketel “One Hit Wonder” Marte and Jake Lamb the only Diamondbacks with any kind of follow-thru in their bats. So many Giants homers! Cutch, Brandon Crawford, Panda, and Nick Hundley. Seriously, Panda and Nick Hundley. Everybody was getting a knock last night.


Braves 4, Padres 11Scouts: Um…What?  Julio Teheran got lit up, responsible for 4 runs on 5 hits over 4 innings.  Luiz Gohara followed that up with 6 runs on 6 hits while recording just one out.  Hey, everyone’s allowed a day off, but come on Atlanta.  You are the chosen one!

18 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/4/2018

  1. And the Astros go all Moneyball on the draft. Seth Beers = All hit/ No Field/ No Speed. Another problem seems to be that it is not clear he is good with a wood bat. Luhnow and his minions love to be the smartest guys in the draft – always swimming against the current. I hope they haven’t outsmarted themselves this time.


  2. Thanks to MLB’s blackout policy, I watched the game last night on YES…NO! Ok, it was funny to listen to them homer inappropriately. After they cheered a “smoked” double, we gave the subsequent Tigers doubles the same treatment. And we laughed when they relished Stanton’s “bat flip” which was really just tossing it away. When they wondered why Gardy didn’t have anyone pinch run for Miggy in the 7th, I patiently explained to the TV that they would pinch run the next batter, V-Mart…which they did 3 minutes later. Never let your homering get in the way of competency, kids.

    Y’all know I’m not much into the prospects, but it was sweet the way Mize’s friends were happy for him. I have no idea why AA postured about not picking him. Dude, it wasn’t a secret. I guess he just wanted to gin up controversy — like all the folks who won’t let Melania recuperate from her plastic surgery in peace. Let it go.

    On to Foston tonight. I hope they don’t choke the rally duck…

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    1. Mize is pretty much the only prospect I had knowledge of this year; most of the guys I’ve followed have been called up by now.


    2. I agree that Melania should be left alone. She may have needed the surgery to obtain her next client, or retain her current one.


  3. Nats were off last night, meaning this could happen:

    This, too:

    Mrs. Harper was asked on the Twitter if she happened to be angry, but she copped only to having an RBF.

    Of course, the local sports radio intelligentsia (ahem) is either trying to figure out what it all means with regard to Mr. Harpler possibly re-signing with the Nats this off season if he can’t adopt his adopted hometown’s hockey team rather than his real hometown’s hockey team and/or dragging him for not adopting his adopted home town’s hockey team and I just can’t even…

    Anyway, Nats welcome old friend Wilson Ramos and the rest of the Rays to town tonight for a two game series before another off day on Thursday, which just happens to be game five of the Stanley Cup Final and holy crap DC might win a title in a big four sport for the first time since 1992.

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    1. Yeah, I can’t fault the guy for wanting to support his hometown team. It comes from a genuine place, he really loves Vegas and is proud to be from there.


      1. I can, when “his team” didn’t even exist last year at this time. Any time a league bends over more than backwards to hand an expansion team the keys to the playoffs, all I can say is Go Capitals! And don’t even get me started on the Soon-to-be Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas.


      1. Well, DC’s been derided for forever as being a minor league sports town, so if the area is approaching Boston levels of stupid, then perhaps we’re in the big time now.


      1. I’m surprised Beep beep didn’t direct Bloody Mike Hill to draft Luke Heimlich. Now that would be the cherry on top of his newfound reputation as a public relations genius, wouldn’t it?


        1. One never knows, do one? I didn’t originally think he was as stupid as he has already turned out to be.


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