He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/3/18

Scouts:  Another weekend of rain in the Maryland area, and I’ve nearly forgotten what Summer was supposed to be like.  Not that I’m complaining.  It was a perfect weekend to rest, recover, and catch up on some movies and TV shows while listening to the rain in the background.  The MLB draft begins tonight, and while it’s not as popular as the NFL or NBA drafts, it still may help shape the future of baseball as we know it.  This year doesn’t seem to have any of the high profile, Bryce Harper type prospects, but there still is a lot of room to find a star.  Will you be watching the draft, or will you just wait a day or two for some sports writer to update you on who your team took?  Prof has most of the day off, although she still couldn’t help but jump in on one game.


Blue Jays 8, Tigers 4Scouts: The Blue Jays have been in a big time slump lately, and after a very promising start have dropped to 6 games below .500.  Aaron Sanchez hopes to have begun a reversal of fortunes for the Jays, allowing just 1 run over 6 strong innings, and buying time for the Jay’s offense to wake up and do some damage.  All 12 runs in this game came in the 6th through 8th innings.

Nationals 2, Braves 4Scouts: The Braves keep on keeping on, this time it’s a pinch-hit, walk-off home-run by Charlie Culberson.  Culberson hit his homer off starting pitcher Tanner Roark who was called in to pitch the 9th after Nats lost starter Jeremy Hellickson in the first inning and ran out of bullpen pitcher.


Spiders 5, Twins 7Scouts: Another walk-off, this one by Eddie Rosario who managed his third homer of the day.  Seriously, at what point do you just walk a guy?



Brewers 1, White Sox 6Scouts: Oh Milwaukee.  How do you lose a series to the worst team in the league not from Baltimore?  Daniel Palka and Adam Engel went back to back in the 6th.

Pirates 0, Cardinals 5Scouts: The No-No watch was in full force for Michael Wacha who had his date with destiny end on a single in the 9th by Colin Moran.  Marcell Ozuna smoked a grand slam in the first as Pittsburgh dropped their third game in the four game set.


Athletics 5, Royals 1Scouts: A fourth time was a charm for the Athletics, who were shut down by Jakob Junis the first three times through the order.  But that last trip it all came unraveled for the Royals.  The final blow was a three-run homer by Matt Olson, his 4th in as many games.

Dodgers 10, Rockies 7Scouts: Just one game separates the Dodgers and the Rockies following a three-run rally in the 9th, completing the Dodger’s first series sweep in Coors since 2010.


Phillies 1, Giants 6Scouts: Andrew McCtuchen hit a three-run homer and Dereck Rodriguez held the Phillies to 1 run over 6 innings to pick up a win in his first professional start.

Rangers 1, Angels 3Scouts: Tyler Skaggs threw 6 shutout innings as the Angels completed a series win over the Rangers.  Skaggs allowed just 4 his and three walks, while picking up 6 strike outs.

Marlins 1, Diamondbacks 6Scouts: Thanks in part to the Rockies getting swept by the Dodgers, and completing their own sweep of the Marlins the D-Backs now sit 1.5 games in the lead in the NL West.

Rays 1, Mariners 2Scouts: King Felix hasn’t been King for a long time, but he showed a little of what made him so dominant for so many seasons on Sunday.  Felix went 8 innings, holding the Rays to 5 hits and 1 run, while picking up 7 strike outs and giving the Marines a chance at a late game rally.  Denart Span tied the game with a single in the 8th, and Dee Gordon followed up with a game-winning bloop shortly after, putting the Mariners all alone in first place.

Reds 3, Padres 6Scouts: Hunter Renfroe hit a pinch-hit grand-slam in the 5th inning for the Padres.

Red Sox 9, Astros 3 – Scouts: Boston finally got to Charlie Morton, who suffered his first loss due in part to homers by Mitch Moreland and Andrew Benintendi.


spiderman 5Cubs 2, Mets 0Prof: Your friendly neighborhood Prof sneaking in for one score here, and this is a good one. I am no fan of the Mets, y’all know this. However, I’m getting to the point that I feel really awful for this team. There are plenty of teams that stink and are just straight up awful (hi, Miami) and plenty of teams that have been built to fail (hi, Reds). But the Mets? They weren’t supposed to be this bad. I particularly feel bad for young Steven Matz, the loser in yesterday’s match. He gets the loss, but in all honesty he actually pitched really well. He matched up almost exactly with Jon Lester with the exception of the two allowed runs. And if the Mets’ offense wasn’t dipping into the No-Doze, those two runs might not have mattered. As a result, Mr. Matz is saddled with an unfair L and the Mets skulk off into the Gotham alleyways while the Cubs keep rolling along. And how did the Cubs get the to fly the W in the first place? Well, Javy Baez stole home, for one. Then Ben Zobrist hit a sac fly to drive in a run, and that’s all she wrote.

Yankees, Orioles – PPD

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 6/3/18

  1. Between a 14 inning game on Saturday where the starter went 7 and a 9 inning game on Sunday where the starter faced two batters, the Nats’ bullpen acquitted itself well, all things considered this weekend. They were literally perfect on Saturday, and they got 4 2/3 shutout innings from Jefry (one F down) Rodriguez in relief of Hellickson on Sunday, which made the game basically a standard Hellickson game for the ‘pen.

    Unfortunately, the Nats’ bats were unproductive all weekend, and when it came time for Tanner Roark to do the “I’ll just do my throw day under live conditions” thing that starters sometimes do, he wasn’t up to the challenge, and the Nats lost 3 of 4 in Atlanta, and find themselves 1 1/2 out of first.

    The weekend basically showed that even though they’d had a lot of success without them in May, the Nats still will need their regulars to compete with the better clubs. Eaton should be back this weekend, but word is that Daniel Murphy is nowhere near ready, and that he’s looking old and slow during his rehab stint. Ryan Zimmerman and Matt Wieters are still just rumors at this point.

    To add injury to injury, Matt Adams fouled a ball off his foot on Saturday and left the game; X-rays were negative, but that means nothing in Nats Land, where such occurrences can usually mean 4-6 weeks on the shelf. I think it’s going to be one step forward one step back all summer for this bunch…


  2. Another 90-plus degree sunny day here in Macondo, and we can’t very well forget that the tropical summer is upon us. We start our annual hurricane tree-topping this week, too. It’s given me an opportunity to reflect on the serendipity by which Beep Beep and his carpetbagging leashmaster decided to wreck what little was left of the Macondo baseball fan base just in time for the Expressway Authority and the Florida DOT to begin the reconstruction of the I-95/I-395/SR 836 junction most motorists use if they’re heading to or from Macondo Banana Massacre Field. I have noted on several occasions that the roadways in the vicinity of the stadium are no more or less crowded on game days than they usually are, and I think the implosion of the Feesh will help keep it that way during the construction.

    And the Feesh? After another drubbing by the Snakes they wallow at 20-39 as they head to St. Louis to face another real major league team. Lewis Brinson made two errors last night as his batting travails seem to be getting into his head and affecting his fielding, too. Dear Buddha, but Feesh as visitors stink after a three game sweep.


    1. Well we can’t match 90 degrees in Anaheim of Los Angeles but we did get to 80. Scouts, rain here is a thing mentioned in conversation but rarely actually experienced. Count your blessings!


      1. And speaking of the weather, it’s good to see Mike Trout putting together his season for the ages before quitting baseball to become an on-camera meteorologist for the Weather Channel. He’ll be paired with Jim Cantore, who is already devoting his orfseasons to coaching “Trouty,” as he calls him, in the fine points of talking to a lens as if it were a theater full of people. I doubt if all that many people know how into meteorology Trout ackcherley is. You are now put on notice.


  3. If you need a reminder of what summer is like, Scouts, come on down to the Texas Gulf Coast. After a pleasant spring, we rose immediately into what would normally be August temperatures the last week in May. The humidity is near saturation and historic temperature records are disappearing like the glaciers in Greenland. If this one turns out anything like the summer of 2011 down here, I am going to spend July/August as far from here as possible.

    And the Astros complete a brutal 20 game stretch which featured 18 games with the Spiders, Sawx and Yanks. Houston could only manage 8-10 against the primo competition. Relief pitching and a left fielder are concerns. If the Astros had won every game they were leading in the ninth they would have gone 11-7. A huge difference. And it wouldn’t hurt for Carlos Correa to decide he can hit again. He spent May well below the Mendoza line.


    1. Relief pitching is the woe of many teams. A smart pitcher would see this and start marketing himself as a set up specialist. It’s doing well for guys like Cody Allen and Jeremy Jeffress.


      1. Pleasantly, one those teams seems to be our friends from Cleveland. We might not need a meteorite after all.


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