He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/31/18

Prof: At heart, I am a weird indie rock chick. Here’s some songs that I don’t hear people talking about enough that I truly love. I doubt you will, but I like to broaden horizons.


Spiders 9, Twins 8Scouts: Minnesota came storming back down 8-0 and then blew it immediately in the 8th.  That’s gotta be about the worst type of loss.  Francisco Lindor racked up 4 hits and two homers in the contest for the team that shall not be named.


Marlins 3, Padres 8Scouts: Derek Jeter’s team is in complete free fall, now 16 games below .500.  Christian Villanueva hit his 15th homer for the Padres.

Rangers 1, Mariners 6Scouts: Wade LeBlanc picked up his first win as a starter in two years lasting 5 innings, giving up just 1 run on 4 hits.  Nelson Cruz went 2-3 with 3 RBI and is pretty much on fire at the moment.


Angels 2, Tigers 6Scouts: It’s always nice when you can hold onto a 5 run lead, after batting around in the first inning.

Rays 3, Athletics 7Prof: Too little too late for the Tampa Sea Creatures. It was all Oakland, and everybody got on board. Total team effort here, featuring home runs by everyone named Matt – Joyce, Olson, and Chapman.


Cubs 5, Mets 1Prof: I shouldn’t feel sorry for the Mets, but I do. On paper, they don’t seem that bad – they are .500 and still have guys like Jacob deGrom playing for them. But in all honesty, they do so little with so much, and it doesn’t seem fair that they are going up against a Cubs team who is playing well and seemingly getting better. Jose Quintana pitched six shutout frames and six strikeouts to boot, while Ben Zobrist mashed a two run homer to break the game open in the fifth inning.

Pirates 8, Cardinals 10Scouts: Oh Pittsburgh.  You sweet, innocent summer child.  You picked up 4 runs in the 8th and took a 5 run lead into the bottom of the 9th and you fucking blew it.  You blew it bad.  Yairo Munoz walked it off with a three-run home run that capped a 5 run rally in the 9th that featured exactly zero outs by Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez.


Nationals 2, Braves 4Scouts: Sorry Nats fans, no more free victories.  You had to leave the comfy confines of Baltimore to go play an actual, real live, professional baseball team and in the process lost your grasp on first place.  What a series this is shaped up to be.  Sean Newcomb gave up just a pair of runs over 7 innings in the series opener.

Phillies 2, Dodgers 1Prof: Clayton Kershaw came back last night. The Phillies crashed the party and broke the pinata, ate all the cake, and stole his presents. Aaron Nola went seven innings of two hit ball and seven K’s while Jorge Alfaro knocked in two runs. Scouts: It was announced well after Prof wrote this that Kershaw had to schedule a MRI after his start when his back started giving him trouble.  A return to the DL may be in his future.


Red Sox 2, Astros 4Prof: The Astros offense might run hot and cold, but there’s one thing you really can’t take away from them – that starting rotation is what dreams are made of. Lance McCullers Jr. continues to outshoot his coverage by pitching six solid innings and keeping his team in play. Carlos Correa got the party started with a two run homer in the first inning.

Yankees, Orioles – PPD (rain)

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/31/18

  1. Didn’t see the game last night. It’s end of school year season in these parts, and last night was the ceremonial awarding of scholarships and other academic awards for SomeDaughterInVA’s class. This meant I spent three hours in a high school auditorium following the game on ESPN and Twitter while being treated presentation speeches that were so rambling as to make Grandpa Simpson’s “wore an onion on my belt’ monologue look coherent. I returned home a shaken man, and immediately instructed SomeDaughterInVA2.0 to start failing in school, lest I have to endure another ordeal in a few years.

    Anyway, as I wrote yesterday, I’m hoping that the Braves and Phillies challenge the Nats for division supremacy all year long, and I’ll be quite happy with a 2-2 split this weekend.

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    1. Someguy doth protest too much, methinks. I’m sure you are very proud of your daughter’s accomplishments, as you should be, regardless of the “torture” you had to sit through. Having said that, glad my son didn’t do so well that I have to attend anything other than the standard commencement ceremony next week. Enjoy grad party season!

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  2. Ha ha you dirty damns Gods. I fell asleep before last night’s big comeback and collapse thereof.

    And should you try to convince me by Sunday that the Twins season is effectively over, I hear that there’s a Chinese satellite whose orbit is in a fatal decay.


    1. You really need to be careful what you say about the gods, little human. The Necronomicon reminds us the ancient old ones created baseball as a joke:


  3. As Scout has noted, at 20-36 the Feesh are at a season’s-worst 16 under the strange attractor and also a season’s worst 13 games behind the Barves in the NL East. Look for the Gnats to reconsider their plight at catcher, throw up their hands and go after J T Realmuto like an army ant march, probably with the proviso they take Starlin “Hands of Stone” Castro orf the Feesh’s fins at the same time (and then turn around and ship him to the Giants).

    According to Jar Jar Baseball, Lewis Brinson is still definitely improving. The .152-hitting grand prize in the Christian Yelich sweepstakes “looked like he saw the ball better during his two strikeouts last night than he has during his strikeouts of the previous couple of nights,” the manager noted of Brinson’s 0-4 performance, and “His swing has improved, even if it was nowhere near the baseball.” He also pointed out that Brinson was “too old” for Triple-A and might be embarrassed to have to play for a team idiotically named “The Babycakes” after marketing tests suggested that its fans weren’t literate enough to know what a “Zephyr” was.

    Mike Hill, who we must remember Beep Beep told us “is very good at what he does,” is rumored to plan putting J T Realmuto and Los Manos de Piedra on a cornmeal and soy diet to finish them for the July 31 trade deadline.

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    1. A hale and hearty “Hear, hear!” to any idea whatsoever that might free JT from the clutches of the Macondo’s most infamous tenant. Y’all may be interested to know—since it was on the left coast—that Weyoun Take-it-on-the Chin was in fine form again last last night at Petco Park. His first pitch to the league’s #2 home run hitter (Veeeeya-new wave-a!) was a fast ball right down the middle, and yes, it left the yard quickly, into the second deck of the Western Metal Supply Building to be exact. The other interesting thing that occurred in the Feeeeesh’s 8-3 loss was a curious move by JarJar. With Chin failing fast, and his replacement apparently needing a few more warmups in the bullpen, JarJar had Chin throw over to first base twice in a row (and slowly I will add), without actually pitching to the next batter. Ahhh, then came JarJar to bring in the reliever. Nothing like being on the ball in a, err, ball game. That’s the sort of thing you wouldn’t find in a box score!


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