He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/30/18

Prof: I would choose music for today’s post, but I’m so obsessed with the Weezer songs that I’d just post those again. I’ll let Scout do the honors. 😛

Mets 4, Braves 1Prof: Am I disappointed that the Braves lost? Of course. Am I surprised? Sadly, no, because Julio Teheran was pitching at home and it’s always a real possibility that they are gonna grab that L. It doesn’t help that helping to bolster the bullpen is one Miguel Socolovich, who is straight up bad. He’s currently rocking a 9.00 ERA and that’s GOOD for him. Yuck. Anyway, I’m not going to ignore the Mets’ part in this win. Brandon Nimmo and Adrian Gonzalez were on fire and drove in all of New York’s runs. And speaking of Mets fires…

So many dumpster fires, not enough time to talk about them all.

Angels 1, Tigers 6Prof: This match was bedeviled by rain delays, which ultimately forced Shohei Ohtani from the game in the fifth inning and brought in the Angels’ bullpen…which promptly gave up five runs. Everyone has a problem with relief pitching these days, and the burning dumpster fire on the back end here was Cam Bedrosian. I met his dad once at a Braves Alumni Game. Cam is not his dad. Anyway, I’m sorry for our resident Angels fan and happy for Historio and Sparty, as much as I can be for an AL game.

Twins 8, Royals 11Prof: MOUSTAKAS! A bargain for Kansas City, a gift to us all (except to Twins fans). Mike Moustakas went 2-5, and was responsible for four RBI. Now, the Twins tried their best, and really battled for a while, but a pair of solo homers in late innings put the Royals just out of reach. Fun fact – there was a guy named Dozier on both sides of the diamond. That’s actually kind of cool, it’s an unusual name to see being doubled. It’s not like Smith or Jones or something.

Giants 7, Rockies 4 – Scouts: Colorado considered attempting a rally in the 5th inning, but Gorky Hernandez made a spectacular diving grab to catch a line drive and strand two runners.  That as it turns out pretty much sealed the game.


Rays 6, Athletics 0Scouts: Nathan Eovaldi pitched in his first game since August 2016 after finally returning from Tommy John surgery, and he came back in style kids.  Eovaldi no-hit the Athletics for 6 innings before being pulled after throwing just 70 pitches.  It’s a real shame he was pitch count limited, as it looked like he may have been able to go the distance.

Rangers 7, Mariners 6Scouts: Texas put up 4 on the board in the 7th inning to come from behind and take another from the Mariners.

Phillies 2, Dodgers 8 – Scouts: Don’t look now, but the Dodgers are starting to win again.  They have won 10 of their last 13 and are now just three games below .500 and 3.5 games back from the division lead due to a fairly week division.


Marlins 2, Padres 3Prof: The Feesh lobster, and never flounder. Say that a couple of times, fast. OK, I know, it’s a crappy joke and I stole it from Pinkard and Bowden, so save your applause. Miami looked to be in winning position in the fourth inning with a two run homer, but they catfished their fans, allowing the Padres to skate on a throwing error in the ninth inning. I’m gonna clam up now.


Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 6Prof: The Red Sox swept the Blue Jays, and they are still white hot (see what I did there?). Boston is nearing 40 wins. J.D. Martinez hit a park leaving two run dinger over the Green Monster. Craig Kimbrel has eighteen saves and friends, we’re not even at the All-Star Break yet.

White Sox 1, Spiders 9Scouts: Corey Kluber looks like Corey Kluber again.  He allowed just three hits and struck out 10 over 6 frames for the team that shall not be named.

Cardinals 2, Brewers 3Prof: Right now, at this very moment, if you told me that I could trade, say, one of our future potential lights out starters (like Touki Toussaint or Kolby Allard, even though I highly covet them both) and, say, Dustin Peterson, but in return we get Jeremy Jeffress, Josh Hader, and Corey Knebel…guys, I take that trade. For me the the Brewers bullpen is the cream of the crop right now. Even with Knebel having had a meltdown the other day, he’s still one of the most reliable guys in the wee hours of an outing. Jeffress has returned to form from being not-so-great during a sojourn in Texas, and his ERA is currently .062. Josh Hader is busting out all over, with an ERA of 1.09. In fact, Hader routinely strikes out as many people in his limited innings as some starters (granted, not as great starters) do in twice or three times the innings. Example – Junior Guerra, the Brewers’ starter, who went 6 innings and struck out seven. Hader went 1 and a half innings, struck out four. Guys, I’m so mad I don’t get to see this every day like I used to. Awesome stuff ALWAYS happens when I leave town.

Reds 7, Diamondbacks 4Prof: Game Notes: Scooter Gennett did not start because Patrick Corbin was the guy on the bump for Arizona, and Scoots Magoots is historically not good against lefties. He still ended up making a brief appearance in this game, although he zeroed at the plate. Did the Reds miss the electric spark of my tiny kiddo? Nope, because Adam Duvall happened. The outfielder absolutely CRUSHED a grand slam, bringing home Tucker Barnhart, Joey “World’s Sassiest Canadian” Votto, and Eugenio Suarez to tie it up in the fourth. Corbin gets the loss, coughed up six runs and STILL struck out ten. That’s kind of everything you need to know about the Gritty Snakes this season – they show flashes of excellence even in losing.


Astros 3, Yankees 5Prof: As someone who is friends with both Astros and Yankees fans, and having no particular care who wins (except that the Astros have one of the greatest mascots of all time and the Yanks have nothing even remotely called a mascot), I pay attention purely for the spectacle of it all. Fam, they brought it last night. It was a matchup between Luis Severino, who is pitching like a man possessed these days, and Dallas Keuchel, who has lost his touch a little from the last couple of years but has a reputation of being a Yankees Killer. However, the hunter was captured by the game, as Severino pitched seven full innings and struck out eleven! Houston really didn’t have much of a chance, their offense mired down, and only Max Stassi breaking free for any kind of power at home plate.

Nationals 2, Orioles 0Prof: The Beltway Series is finished now, and the Nats completed an expected three game sweep against one of the saddest, lowliest teams in all of baseball. Bryce Harper hit another home run, and Max Scherzer K’d 12 over eight innings. Are you not entertained!?!?


Cubs 1, Pirates 2Scouts: It looks like the beef has not subsided between the Cubbies and Pittsburgh, as the benches cleared when Joe Musgrove slid hard into second.  Musgrove allowed just one run over 7 innings to take one to the Cubs.  I suppose it’s ok for the Riz to take out a catcher with a blindside slide, but a pitcher bumping into a second baseman is cause for a lot of name calling and rabble rousing.  You be the judge.  The best part of this beef?  It looks like Baez and Musgrove were going to settle this amongst themselves quietly before the two bullpens decided they had to really, really jump in and get involved.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/30/18

  1. Fifty four games in, and the Nats are finally back to where most pundits thought they’d be this season, leading the NL East, albeit only by a half game over the Braves. The fact that they’ve gotten there with only 234 combined plate appearances from Adam Eaton, Ryan Zimmerman, Matt Wieters, and Daniel Murphy (Harper and Turner each have more than 240 by themselves) is a testament mostly to the starting rotation, which has been blessed with both good health (so far) and outstanding performances; they’re on a run right now where for the last 20-some odd games, a starting pitcher has yielded more than three runs only once, and believe it or not it was Scherzer in his last outing.

    The other guy who really deserves credit here is Mike Rizzo, who’s come up huge on basically every reclamation project so far this year. Fans expected Matt Adams to be a significant contributor, but not second on the team in HRs (12) and a .937 OPS at this juncture. Beyond that, Jeremy Hellickson is arguably the best fifth starter in baseball, Mark Reynolds (6 HRs in 40 ABs) should bring back a decent haul if and when they trade him when Zimmerman comes back, Juan Soto isn’t even supposed to be here yet but he’s making people less and less worried about Harper leaving, and Justin Miller and Tim Collins look like they could be answers to lack of length in the bullpen.

    I still hope the Braves and the Phillies put up a helluva fight for the NL East this year, because I think the Nats could stand to be more battle-tested coming into October than they have in past years, but I sure do like this team’s chances a lot better today than I did a month ago.

    Four in Atlanta starting tonight, let’s start the pennant race now.

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  2. Cleveland comes into town tonight to play 4. The Twins are 5.5 games back and if they’re swept they will need a meteorite to hit Cleveland to have a chance of making the playoffs.

    Or maybe the Gods will prefer to toy with me and then hit Minneapolis with an October snowstorm instead.

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  3. Brad Ziegler exploded again, this time in the 9th (we will henceforth refer to him as “the Suicide Bomber”), disably abetted by The Versatile Miguel Rojas and his throwing error, to hand the Friars a walkoff win and leave the Feesh at a season low 20-35, 12.5 games orf the pace behind the Gnats and not even bothering to discuss the strange attractor anymore. Brinson? 0-2 with a K and a HBP. You can only wince and look away.

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