He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5/28/18

Prof: Well, we’re back in the saddle again. What do the fickle gods (trademark 2018, Happy) have in store for us today?

Giants 5, Rockies 6 F/10  – Scouts: Colorado came back to tie it in the 8th, then win it in the 10th when Chris Lannetta singled in a run to walk it off against the Giants.

Mets 3, Braves 4 (Game 1) – Scouts: The Braves just refuse to lose, firing off all four runs over the final three innings, including a two-run walk-off home run by Charlie Culberson.


Mets, Braves (Game 2)Scouts: The Mets blew game 1 in part because they sent Seth Lugo out for a second inning because they were short on pitching already.  It’s less inviting when you have to wait out a nearly three-hour rain delay.  Somehow the Mets overcame all of that and snapped a four-game losing streak.  Luis Guillorme stepped up with the go-ahead hit in the 7th, part of a three-run inning that was the difference maker.

Phillies 4, Dodgers 5Scouts: Held hitless through 5 innings, the Dodgers suddenly woke up, picking up 2 in the 6th and 3 in the 8th to stun the Phillies.  The Dodgers have now won 9 of their last 11.


Astros 5, Yankees 1Prof: It’s always great when a guy embraces the villain role, and Justin Verlander has decided to do that. Yankees fans began booing the Houston ace, and he actually tipped his cap to them. Then he went seven and 2/3 innings allowing only one run and striking out five of the Bronx Bombers. That only Yankees run? Came off the bat of Greg Bird, who returned from a long stint on the DL.

Nationals 6, Orioles 0Scouts: It wasn’t that long ago that this annual series would be a hotly contested affair by two good teams.  Now, well exactly what should have happened, happened.

Blue Jays 3, Red Sox 8 – Prof: Guys, I seriously think something is wrong with Aaron Sanchez. The Not-Food-Network-Guy keeps dropping games, including this loss, allowing seven runs in five innings, including five in the fourth. David Price, on the other hand, also went five innings but only allowed two runs. Andrew Benintendi hit a three run dinger.


Angels 3, Tigers 9Scouts: James McCan smacked a grand slam in the 3rd and Matthrew Boyd put together a solid start for the Tigers.  The only bright spot for the Angels was Mike Trout hitting a league-leading 18th home run in garbage time.

Cubs 7, Pirates 0Scouts: This was a close one for the first 6 innings, then the Cubbies put a few crooked numbers on the board, scoring two in each of the final three innings to turn this one into a laugher.  Pittsburgh managed as many errors (2) as they did hits.  There was some controversy in the 8th, when Anthony Rizzo slid into home plate and took out the catcher who was standing quite a bit in front of the plate.  The slide was ruled legal and one two runs scored.


Cardinals 3, Brewers 8Prof: Ryan Braun went 3-3, and drove in one, while Christian Yelich and Jonathan Villar both mashed taters in this win over the Redbirds.

White Sox 6, Spiders 9Prof: Adam Plutko is out of this world! OMG please don’t applaud this. Anyway, Chicago started out strong, but the Magical Land of Cleve got hot in the fourth and never looked back.

Reds 5, Diamondbacks 12Prof: WELL FINALLY. This is a sad, sad stat: The Diamondbacks have only won 3 games in the last 18 games. WHAT? Come on, Gritty Snakes! Y’all know better than this. The Snakes went yard thrice – Nick Ahmed, Chris Owings, and John Ryan Murphy helped Arizona put the whoopin’ on the Reds.

Rays 1, Athletics 0 F/13Scouts: It took 13 long innings for either of these teams to score.  The game winner came on a two-out single by Mallex Smith.  Just typing all that up made me very sleepy.

Rangers 1, Mariners 2Scouts: Seattle is impressively 13 games above .500 and continue to win while missing a large section of the top of their lineup.  This time they broke through with RBI singles from Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager in the 6th.


Marlins 7, Padres 2Prof: As I mentioned yesterday, my roomie brought home a crap ton of fish. Yesterday, the Feesh brought home a bunch of runs in the fourth inning. Cameron Maybin was 3-4 with two RBI.

Twins 8, Royals 5Scouts: Lance Lynn pitched just well enough to keep the hapless Royals off the board, and the Twins offense woke up a little with some timely hits from the likes of Miguel Sano, Brian Dozier, Eddie Rosario and Mitch Garver.

16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5/28/18

  1. Wait, we’re back in the saddle again and we don’t get this?

    With the win yesterday the Tigers move to 15 – 11 at home and 12 of their next 15 games are at Comerica National Park. Percentage points ahead of Happy’s crew for 2nd and only 3.5 games behind the Spiders. Just sayin’…


  2. Today I learned that it’s possible to have a BABIP that is significantly lower than one’s BA, as young Mr. Harpler has a paltry .203 BABIP to go with his less than robust .228 BA. I know BA’s not everything, and the cool kids rightly focus on OPS and such, and his OPS is still .907, but damn. Word is that he’s hitting the ball as hard as he ever has, although perhaps pulling it more than usual, but dude’s got a career .316 BABIP, so assuming some semblance of regression to the mean, I expect that someone’s going to pay dearly, and soon.

    The Caps’ deep run in the playoffs has drawn more of my attention than the Nats so far, and so I hadn’t really noticed that despite all their injuries, they’re actually playing quite well, winning 19 of their last 25 and now sitting only half a game back of the Barves. The two teams will meet in Atlanta for four this weekend, when the remnants of Alberto should be soaking us here in DC, and perhaps the weather will be more pleasant in Atlanta than it was yesterday. Scherzer will miss the series, as he’s scheduled to go Wednesday against the O’s, but if I were the Nats, I’d try to figure out a way to push him back a day, both because of the importance of the series and due to the fact that he looked pretty gassed in his last start over the weekend in Miami.

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  3. The Gods giveth and they taketh away; the Tigers had an easy win but my flight was canceled and I had to spend another night in the fricking hot Frying Pan.

    Also, those crappy Memorial Day hats were ugly. The colors were not good for the Tigers. Blech. I hope no one buys this year’s.

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  4. There’s nothing like Kansas City cooking to cure a losing streak. The Twins have actually been pitching well of late but before yesterday hadn’t scored 5 or more runs since – further back than the Gods allow me to remember.

    Although Cleveland might be slowly putting it together, the AL Central so far this year reminds me of a question posed by Woody Allen – what happens when a sword swallower gets the hiccups?


  5. The Padres sent one of the worst pitchers I’ve ever seen – Lauer, I think – to face the Feesh last night and the Rainbow Warriors took advantage. I caught just a drib of it – as much of the Feesh as I can stand to watch anymore – and this guy was throwing beachballs up there. You’d have to be Lewis Brinson to miss those pitches, which of course he did – ohfer four with a whiff, now batting .155 while Jar Jar Baseball does his best Sarah Sanders impersonation and goes on claiming with a straight face that this poor kid’s batting eye is “improving.” Brinson’s got to be dying inside. I figure any policy as cruel and soulless as Jeter’s towards this kid must have been developed by Jeff Sessions.

    On the bright side, I emailed Northwest Wild Foods the other day about maybe sending me a few more ounces of that crumbled morel mushroom rubble I used so sublimely in my salmon sauce. And heyheyheyhey, they wrote back today to say they’d send some, gratis, I just gotta pay the shipping. First thing I plan to do is make a quart of morel stock and saute the pulp into a frittata.

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      1. If they haven’t already. Really, I can’t watch anymore. I can’t. And it’s not just resentment of Beep Beep; it’s the same aversion to cruelty that makes me leave and latch the backyard shed when I’ve just thrown a mouse to Friendo. Nature may be irreversibly red in fang and claw but human beings are supposed to be able to rise above that. Apparently the present loathsome regime that owns the Feesh can’t.

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        1. You underestimate the wear and tear of humiliation. It can be as crippling as a shark attack.


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