She Said, Scores and Updates for 5/24/2018

Scouts: I’ll tell ya, I can not be happier we have a three-day weekend on the horizon.  I plan on seeing both Han Solo and Deadpool movies this weekend.  It looks to be quite the busy summer this year.  We’ve already had Avengers hit, Deadpool, Han Solo, Incredibles 2, Ant-Man and Wasp, Mission Impossible, Oceans 8, and Venom all hitting this year.  And that’s just the biggest names off the top of my head.  What movies are you excited for this year, or will you be sitting this year and waiting for everything to hit Redbox/Streaming Media?


Pirates 4, Reds 5Prof: Well, damn. The Pirates have been dropping lately. Are they going to wilt as the season gets hotter? Time will tell. The Reds, however, had a wild third inning, with Eugenio Suarez knocking a grand slam for the bulk of their runs.

Angels 8, Blue Jays 1Prof: Quick! Tell me big time Angels who connected bat to ball? If you answered “Pujols, Simba, Trout, and Ohtani” I commend you and give you a hat tip. Trouty and APu both hit home runs as well.


Orioles 9, White Sox 3Prof: What do you know? Birds win! The Orioles get a big, fat W off the BRILLIANT play of Dylan Bundy, who absolutely smoked the White Sox last night: a career high 14 K, a two hit complete game to not only redeem himself from that recent Worst Game Ever(tm), but also give the exhausted bullpen a break. Adam Jones and Trey Mancini hit back to back dingers.


Mariners 3, A’s 4Prof: I am going to say something that might be blasphemous, and might be controversial. Can we really call Felix Hernandez an ace anymore? He has fallen off significantly in the last few years, and last night’s performance wasn’t a one-off. Four runs in the first inning and only two strikeouts. His ERA this season is a whopping 5.58. It just seems like when it comes to King Felix….maybe he should abdicate.


Astros 8, Spyders 2Prof: Charlie Freakin’ Morton (cleaned up for the delicate among us)!!!!! This brother has not lost YET. Stex, peep who hit a homer – our kid, Jake from State Farm! Alex Bregman also hit a homer – both of these guys hit three-run bombs. Big things poppin’.


Red Sox 3, Rays 6Prof: While I’m burning down every bridge with Hot Pitcher Takes, here’s another one: Rick Porcello was one of the worst Cy Young award winners of the last decade. There! I said it! And I mean it, too. Go ahead and rip me to shreds. Justin Verlander was better. But then again, there are a few times when the voters and I don’t agree, and (not surprisingly) it’s usually about the Cy Young vote. Anyway. Porcello got the hook after only three and 2/3 innings after coughing up nearly every run the Sea Creatures needed to defeat the Red Sox. Blake Snell went six, and got the win.


Royals 8, Rangers 2Prof: “We are outgunned! Outmanned! Outnumbered, outplanned!” Hamilton lyrics, or the Rangers dugout? Danny Duffy went deep into the eighth and had a shutout broken up by a Rougned Odor single.


Mets 5, Brewers 0Prof: Oof! Shutout at home on Bark in the Park night. That’s…. ruff. HEY! A great outing from Steven Matz (a pitcher I have always liked, and think has great potential…but his window is getting smaller), and Brandon Nimmo found base five times. PROF WITH ALL THE PUNS TODAY! I’m OUT!

6 thoughts on “She Said, Scores and Updates for 5/24/2018

  1. Yeah, Prof, I felt good about Jake last night. And he flashed the glove in a big way, catching a screaming liner that was tailing away from him in deep left center. That is why they really need him to succeed. He has a really good team attitude. A little like the things you were saying about Scooter yesterday.

    I hope he builds on this.

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    1. Yeah, that’s why I like Jake, too. It’s funny, for pitchers I like them to be mythic creatures, but for everyday players I want them to be the kid next door. Probably why I am drawn to Jakes and Scooters and Ben Zobrists.


        1. If you had to pick a weakness for the Astros (other than RP, which is weak for everyone) it is left field. They have Springer and Reddick pretty locked in. But otherwise they are trying to figure out between Derek Fisher, Tony Kemp, Jake, and Marwin Gonzalez. Jake is an outstanding fielder. if he can be even a average-minus hitter there is a place for him out there. A platoon with Fisher might be optimal.

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