Bits and Pieces Let’s Shorten the Game To Seven Innings Weekend Edition

The purpose of shortening the game to seven innings would not be to shorten the length in terms of minutes / hours but to steer the game away from increasingly becoming a home run derby / strike out fest. A big big change I know, but a needed one.

We’ll start with some of the close fun to watch ones.

Padres 3 Pirates 2 | Athletics 3 Blue Jays 2 | Diamondbacks 1 Mets 3

Increase Game Action By Compressing It

If we define a close game as one in which the margin between the teams is 2 runs or less in the final two innings, 5 of yesterday’s 14 games qualify, with most of the rest featuring what’s on the other channels and maybe we should head for the car now to beat the traffic type final innings. If the do or die innings became the 6th and the 7th instead of the 8th or 9th there would be less time for one of the teams to break the game open. There would also be a better chance that the game would be decided by a sudden death extra inning.

Here’s the other two close games and one other one which appears to have been fun to watch.

Marlins 2 Braves 0 | Tigers 4 Mariners 5 | Indians 1 Astros 4

More Web Gems – More Baserunners – Less Strikeouts

In today’s game managers guided by the stat heads tend to play for the big inning powered by the long ball until and unless they find themselves in need of a run or two in the final do or die innings. And if they find themselves behind by a lot in whatever inning they have no choice but to play for the big inning.

Guys who can inside out the ball for a single or at least put the ball in play to advance the runner, steal a base, or make a defensive play against those guys become more valuable. Guys who hit 30 or 40 dingers a year while striking out 25% of the time become less valuable.

Anyone who doesn’t like watching this doesn’t like watching base ball


Elite Starters Become Fan Drawing Stars Again

When I was growing up a Koufax start in October was an event in and of itself. I remember seeing Denny McClain for president bumper stickers (okay he turned out to be bum off the field but we’ve done worse in the position). Yeah the Kershaws are still a big deal, but they don’t have the young fan drawing glamour of the Koufaxs because somewhere around half the games are decided by the bullpens. Talking about the pace of play who needs to watch six or eight bullpen guys a game slowly trot in and warm up.

I suppose these two were okay to watch, especially considering the outcomes.

Orioles 7  Red Sox 4 | Yankees 2 Royals 5

More Pinch Hitters – More Pinch Runners

Maybe teams would go back to 4 man rotations and 10 instead of 12 or 13 man pitching staffs, doubling the number of bench moves available to the manager. More cat and mouse between the pitcher and the speedster on first. More Gates Brown’s and Randy Bush’s.

These three don’t look like they were very fun to watch. I can attest that the last one wasn’t

Cubs 8 Reds 1 |  | Rangers 12 White Sox 5 | Brewers 8 Twins 3

Warning: Silence Below Will Be Treated As Agreement

Ho hum. Ho hum. Ho hum. God meant for baseball to played inside!!!

Phillies 4 Cardinals 12 | Rays 8 Angels 3 |  Rockies 6 Giants 1 | Dodger Nationals PP


15 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Let’s Shorten the Game To Seven Innings Weekend Edition

  1. Wouldn’t 4 man staffs with more bench players allowing more pinch hitters lead to more pitching changes to counteract the pinch hitters thus slowing the pace of play and make a 7 inning game as long as a 9 inning game? (and yes that was 1 beautiful run-on sentence). Plus, 7 inning games mean less time to sell beer so I vote no.

    Leaving this here in honor of my dad who passed away yesterday. Big baseball and CCR fan. Gonna miss that man.

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    1. As the cognitive defense systems protecting me from me from the social consequences of saying what I feel decline with the arrival of vodka in their essential cells, while I await the start of the Twins game, I’ve been thinking. For about the first year after my dad died I couldn’t talk about it because every time I did it felt like a frog was trying to jump out of my mouth.

      Brother it will take time. If your dad dug CCR I dig him. Here’s my favorite


    2. My condolences, Sparty. Your parents are your anchor growing up and when you lose one, you feel a little rudderless. It takes a bit to have confidence in your bearings. Whenever you feel a little overwhelmed, remember we are here for you.

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    3. I am sorry for your loss Spartan. My Father passed away in April of 2014. I miss him every day and sometimes I still pick up the phone to call him (typically to discuss the Cardinals). I still haven’t been able to change the contact name in my phone from “Mom and Dad” to just “Mom.” I wish I could say it gets easier but it doesn’t. Perhaps more manageable. But not easier. My condolences.

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    4. Oh my gosh, Sparty, I am just now seeing this. I’m so, so sorry, dear heart. All my best to you and your family. ❤


    5. Very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately I know that pain. This weekend will be the 1 year anniversary, and it never really goes away. Sure it gets dull and you don’t notice it as much, but there will forever be a hole in my heart. All you can do is take solace in knowing they lived a full and happy life, which is all any of us can really ask for. My deepest condolences.


  2. The Barves re-awaken and the Feesh continue to plummet. They administered an 8-1 pounding to the Rainbow Warriors, who played the field as if they were wearing wrist and ankle braces. I think that’s the second game in the last few days wherein Starcrossed Castro’s manos de piedra contributed majorly to a loss. However, the ugliest aspect of this game, to me, was Lewis Brinson’s 0-4 batting line. I don’t think he’s had a hit in the past three or four games and his average is down to .160. It’s past time to send him down to Nawlins to get some oysters Rockefeller at Antoine’s and more seasoning he clearly needs before he’s a psychological wreck. He’s already a singularity in the batting order; it’s less like he’s unproductive than that potential runs are getting sucked into his place in the lineup, emitting little screams of x-rays.

    The Feesh now sit at 17-28, 10.5 games out, with the Gopher King returning to the hill for the finale tomorrow like Ben Franklin’s mouse to his kite.


  3. Sorry to avoid not voting, but I can see this as one of those best laid plans we’ve always heard about. The sponsors would demand more time for their commercials, so the game would tend to lengthen back toward nine innings’ time. The batters would swing harder since they have less opportunities to get hits or score runs, so there’d be even more HR’s relatively to other hits, and even more strikeouts in the same vein. Less opportunity for strategy too. And more encouragement for ADD in the stands since the shorter game would encourage people with little patience to be fans, and more fans severely injured by foul balls while trying to get a video of the play for God-only-knows-what-reason, etc. How abut instead going to Charlie O. Finley’s three-ball walk, or the two-pitch strikeout, or remove a couple of fielders or limit the number of relievers?

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  4. The only real issue is statistical. Every complete game would bear an asterisk, but especially shutouts and don’t even start on no hitters. Then there would be the 20 year vet, a great hitter, who had 2200 hits, 300 homers, and one thousand RBI. WAR says he’s a great one, but stat totals are woefully short of previous HoF’ers. We’d see a Hall voter battle that pales the PED user war.


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