He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates For 5/17/2018

Prof: It’s Girl Power in today’s musical selections.

Dodgers 7, Marlins 0Prof: The Dodgers pumped the breaks on the fail bus and was able to snap their six game skid. Justin Turner (AKA JT The Red Panda) had five RBI and Kenta Maeda (along with Kenley Jansen) were able to shutout Miami.


Tigers 3, Mariners 2  – Scouts: Seattle blew it in the 8th allowing Matthew Boyd a happy return home and Jose Iglesias to show up as a late game hero with a bases-loaded single to take the lead and Histo’s heart.  Sorry Mr. Histo, honeymoons over brother.

Athletics 10, Blue Jays 5Prof: Fun fact – the A’s and the Jays now have identical records – 22-22! That’s some synchronicity. Now, back to the actual game. Rough days for non-Food Network Aaron Sanchez, who is pitching like he might actually BE the Food Network chef. Sanchez only went four innings and gave up four earned runs (but he did have eight strikeouts). It all started falling apart top of the third, when Jed Lowrie hit an RBI double, then Khris Davis went yard ,bringing Lowrie home. Davis had a perfect day at the plate, going 4-4.


Padres 4, Pirates 5Scouts: Pittsburgh just keeps on winning and winning.  They aren’t supposed to be this good. And yet they are.  Or are they?  Or are we all just dust in the wind?

Orioles 2, Red Sox 6Prof: David Price was sooooo close to a Maddux. Alas, Manny Machado wasn’t having it and hit a two run homer, but it was too little too late for a lackluster Baltimore team that has been limping around the country and pulled their broken down wagon into Boston. Kevin Gausman got lit up in four and 2/3 innings, giving up all six of Boston’s runs.


Phillies 6, Cardinals 2Prof: A few days ago, Philadelphia revealed that Vince Velasquez underwent surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome (fancy way of saying your nerves are compressed by your collarbone and first rib, causing numbness) during the offseason. You might remember that one of my enemies, M-tt H-rv-y, also had this disorder, and had some lingering problems. So far, Velasquez doesn’t seem to be phased. The Phillies pitcher went deep into the seventh, pitching a shutout and racking up five strikeouts.

Rangers 2, White Sox 4  – Scouts: James Shields was pitching pretty good, but wasn’t getting any support, that is until he left the ball game.  Then the Sox busted out for 4 in the 8th handing the Rangers a Cold Stone Stunner.  The Sox scored all four of their runs during a two-out rally that fueled by walks and errors and at least one White Sox fan that really needs to settle down.


Rays 7, Angels 1 Scouts:  Chris Archer has run the full gambit this season.  He’s at times looked absolutely dominant, and been absolutely rocked. last-night was his best game on the season throwing a 6.2 inning shutout and giving up just a pair of hits.

Rockies 5, Giants 3 F/12 – Scouts: Carlos Gonzalez finally ended the extra inning affair with a two-out two-run single.  The win was Colorado’s third in the last 8 contests.

Cubs, Braves – PPD (August 30th)

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates For 5/17/2018

  1. Between two scheduled days off and the rain on Wednesday, the Nats have only played 5 1/2 innings of baseball in the last four days, which is basically an All-Star Break for most of them, so everyone’s rested and rusty in time for the Dodgers to come to town this weekend. Lots more rain in the forecast, especially today, and since this is the last time the teams will see each other this year, it could mean for some long days and nights at the ballpark over the weekend, as they try to figure out how to play three games in between rain delays. Here’s hoping the bases aren’t slippery.

    In other news, Matt Wieters had surgery on the hamstring that he “tweaked” rounding first base last week, so we’ve gone from “hope to be back in ten days or so” to “now in need of a catcher”. Some fans around here are casting wistful glances toward Florida, where former fan fave Wilson Ramos is raking (relative for a catcher) for a Rays team that’s treading water, and where J.T. Realmuto is doing all kinds of J.T. Realmuto things for a Marlins team that’s going nowhere soon.

    Ramos would be the much cheaper of the two options, what with being a free agent at the end of the year, but for now it’s all idle speculation, and the Nats have Pedro Severino and Spencer Kieboom as their catching tandem. How Severino handles the job will determine whether the Nats chase after a starter for him to back up or a backup for him to start in front of. In the meantime, we wait for Daniel Murphy to get in his reps in real games in extended spring training and hopefully return before the kids are out of school for the summer.


  2. You know why I hate stats? Because I love Iggy and I cannot comprehend how his metrics can be so low when he’s so defensively reliable for us. Sigh Why don’t you get points for flash, barehanding, etc????

    Also, whenever I go on about JaCoby Jones (who I tend to conflate with Don Kelly and accidentally call JaCoby Kelly), paper will pipe up with “You know he’s been really good for you this season,” and then blathers on with some factational BS that just pisses me off. Stat-hole.

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  3. Things may have gone well for Kenta Maeda yesterday but his countryman Junichi Tazawa, with his gaudy 10.0 or so ERA, got DFA’d after the game after the Dodgers smacked him around and my guess is he’ll be pitching back home again soon if he pitches anywhere at all. Not to worry. The food’s really good over there. It’s too bad Ren isn’t around anymore to greet him at the airport a la Howard Cosell in Bananas. That, with the non-renewal of Ichiro during the orfseason, puts an end to the Japanese representation on the Feesh. Taiwanese participation, in the form of Why Yin Chen, will probably continue given his ridiculous contract as he becomes the new designated “innings eater” of Macondo Banana Massacre Field.

    This morning, I prepped for oyster stew with morel mushrooms, laying in a dozen plump beauties, goat cream, imported St. Anne cheese, coconut flour (for the roux) and imported French butter, plus a motherlode of straight-from-the-pig’s-nose-to-table fresh morels. The air in the kitchen will be a lot more amenable to the nasal passages than, say, the air around Kilauea this morning.

    I’ll include my recipe for everyone later today. Right now I have to go buy crickets, minnows, ghost shrimp and mealworms for my turtles and a mouse for Friendo. Eating is life, especially when the baseball is so bad.


    1. I just bought my first bag of coconut flour, what do you recommend it for besides rouxxx? And wait, you named your snake Friendo? Did you flip a coin to make that choice?


      1. Re coconut flour, you can use it for just about anything you use wheat flour for, including bread (but make sure you get some good recipes that tell you which yeasts you can and can’t use with it).

        Friendo got his name in a “Name OG’s Pet Rattlesnake” contest on the Cormac McCarthy Society web site almost nine years ago when a friend of mine found him under an old tire in his garden, just a couple of miles from here. At that time he was pretty close to newborn and could have curled up on a fifty cent piece. When I described his size that way on the site, the mention of the coin inspired one of the correspondents to submit that name.

        It was so obviously perfect that we shut the contest down and I Fedexed the winner his prize: a home made raspberry-pomegranate cheesecake.

        Friendo is now about 17″ long. That’s as big as Sistrurus milliarius barbouri, the southern pygmy rattler, ever gets. Here’s a typical picture of one, just so you know what he looks like:

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        1. He’s a beaut! And thanks for the tip on yeasts, which have typically been too small for me to see the differences between since I don’t own a scanning electron microscope. Maybe Google does….


  4. Imagine if Madonna had been born German, that’s just what this first video would’ve been like! I’ll admit Lady GagMe and Mealy Gyrus both make me think of Scheise, so perhaps that was an apt pairing.


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