Jeter Says he’s Unhappy with the Feesh’s Attendance. No Kidding?

In an interview published in the Sun-Sentinel today, Rainbow Warriors managing partner Derek Jeter says he’s not happy with the way the team is drawing at home. Well how about that. The Feesh are dead last in attendance in MLB by a pretty wide margin and ackcherley threaten to usurp the season-low record of an average 9500 or so fans per game set by the Expos before they migrated to Washington to become the Gnats.

Beep beep doesn’t seem to be facing the reality that he, as much as the team’s basement quality play, is responsible for the fans’ collective allergy to his team. His heavy handed, arrogant, callous behavior towards the fan base, as if he enjoyed spitting in their faces, is as big a part of why they stay away from the stadium (and the television and radio broadcasts) as the product on the field. Once (if briefly) regarded as the savior of the franchise, Jeter marched in, traded away the most popular players, fired the most popular announcers and commentators, grotesquely sacked a long time scout who was battling cancer, and got into a buffoonish spat with the mayor of Miami over getting rid of Tommy.

Rather than draining Scroog McLoria’s swamp, Jeter merely reoccupied his niche in the Feesh fecosystem.

Now he’s unhappy with the attendance. That’s a good one.

4 thoughts on “Jeter Says he’s Unhappy with the Feesh’s Attendance. No Kidding?

  1. Maybe Feesh fans will teach front offices that deliberately tanking can also tank your revenues. And maybe the AL Central will teach them that some years that 85th win might be worth a lot more than they thought.


    1. Speaking of tanking, maybe the Feeeesh just need an entertainment diversion to get people to ignore the “product” out on the field. The Rays have their famous “Ray tank,” so why not just section off part of centerfield and make it a big Marlin Tank? New suit to whomever hits a fish with their fly!


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