He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5/15/18

Scouts: Sorry for the late post, I typically get to work a little early and write up my portion of the post.  Today I got slammed by some stuff and well here we are.  Television networks have announced their big cuts and renewals of the season.  The three biggest cuts were Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Expanse, and Lucifer.  Thankfully Brooklyn Nine Nine was picked up by NBC nearly immediately.  A lot of celebrations were had.  I’ve never seen the Expanse, but I’ve added it to my watch list.  It’s a shame it’s probably too late.  Lucifer started off great, but the last season it really got terrible.  I’ll miss it, but at this point, I can’t say I blame them for giving it the axe.  And of course there was the greatest tragedy of television history, Firefly.  Followed closely by Forever, Better Off Ted, Dead Like Me, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and Terriers.  What was the last show you really loved that was cancelled before it’s time?


Rockies 0, Padres 4Prof: Oh, so close! Jordan Lyles was five outs away from a perfecto, but alas. Trevor Story happened. Did you know the Padres have never had a perfect game pitched in their uniform? It’s true. Lyles was right there, having struck out ten Rockies In fact, the only hit that Lyles gave up was the single to Story.

Blue Jays 2, Mets 12Prof: Strikeouts? Wins? Doubles? RBI? Get you a pitcher who can do it all. That would be Noah Syndergaard, who went five innings, fanned seven, only allowed two, but made up for those runs by driving in two runs himself at the plate. The Mets must’ve had their V8 last night, with a monster fourth inning, and then a big fifth and eighth to boot. Looks like recent addition Devin Mesoraco has found a nice place in the Big Apple, going 2-2.

Athletics 5, Red Sox 3Scouts: Stephen Piscotty smacked a very emotional homer over the green monster and the Athletics came away with one in Boston.


Brewers 1, Diamondbacks 2Scouts: What a great matchup between two fantastic teams.  The D-backs edged out the Brewers late when Daniel Descalso broke it open with a two-out single in the 8th.

Reds 3, Giants 5Scouts: Pablo Sandoval (remember him?) pinch-hit for Ty Blach with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the fourth and launched a two-run double past third base.  It was a bold move for sure Cotton, but it worked out this time.

White Sox 0, Pirates 7Prof: Six hits, but nothing comes of it. Meanwhile, the Bucs took complete control, dropping seven on a sad South Side team, including four in the first inning alone. Adam Frazier started it off with a solo homer and it just escalated from there.

Spiders 8, Tigers 9Prof: What happened?!?!?! The Magical Land of Cleve had started off hot, with a Brandon Guyer grand slam in the first inning, eventually getting eight runs by the sixth inning. But then… Andrew Miller!?!? You don’t get losses, Andrew Miller! But that’s exactly what happened, as the Tigers rallied in the seventh for five runs and Detroit Rock City takes candy from a baby.


Astros 5, Angels 3Scouts: Things were looking pretty grim for the Astros, but that was before everyone was reminded about Jose Altuve, who took it to the Angel’s bullpen with a three-run homer in the 8th.  The Astros added an insurance run in the 9th and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s today’s game.


Rangers 8, Mariners 9Scouts: It feels like it’s been a while since we had a good walk-off, and Guillermo Heredia delivered.  It wasn’t all great news for the Mariners organization as it was announced that Robinson Cano will serve an 80-game suspension effective immediately after testing positive for the diuretic furosemide.  The drug is banned as it is commonly used to mask PED use.  Cano claimed responsibility for taking the substance, claiming that it was prescribed to him by a doctor to treat another condition.  However this is highly suspect because under MLB’s drug policy, a player is not automatically suspended for use of a diuretic unless MLB can prove it was intended to be used as a masking agent.  Per ESPN:

A source familiar with the case told ESPN’s T.J. Quinn that Cano tested positive before the season and appealed. During the appeal, MLB apparently was able to determine his intent, which resulted in Cano dropping his appeal, the source said.

For reasons passing my understanding and basic fucking logic, Robinson Cano will be allowed to serve his suspension at the same time he was scheduled to be out on injury anyways after having surgery on his right hand.  Cano is now ineligible for the playoffs, a factor that may not matter for the Mariners anyways.  In the end the only actual punishment Cano will face is the loss of salary for 80 games, which till total up to 11.85 million.

Dodgers 2, Marlins 4Prof: What the heck, Dodgers? It’s almost like the Devil has come to get his due from LA for giving them the greatest pitcher of our generation for so long. Nothing is ever free, you know. And Satan strikes a hard bargain, going 0 for 7 RISP and losing to the woe-begotten British Virgin Islands Feesh. In fact, with this loss, the Dodgers are on a five game skid and their W-L is almost exact the same as the Marlins’. Kids, that’s ultra bad.

Cubs 3, Braves 2Scouts: I guess even Gods can fall.  After streaking to the best record in MLB, and dominating absolutely everyone, the Braves finally lose a game.  Arodys Vizcaino blew a 2-1 lead in the top of the ninth.  Hey Atlanta, I have a closer if you want one.  He’ll be done with his rehab in about two or three months.  If you don’t like that one, I have like three more if you are interested…. Hey, by the way.  How happy are you with your Short Stop/Third Base situation?  Maybe you could use an Outfielder or two?  Maybe we could throw in a second baseman or a pitcher or two if you really want to get serious.  Better strike now, you never know how long this run will last.


Cardinals 1, Twins 4 Scouts: Jose Berrios finally found his curveball, striking out 10 over 7.1 innings.  Bobby Wilson helped a pitcher out with a two-run dinger.

Rays 6, Royals 5Prof: I’ll be honest, I don’t care about the Royals or the Rays. I know, shocker. But I am really glad about one aspect of this game, and that is that former Braves great Jonny Venters got the win for Tampa Bay. In case you missed it earlier this month, Venters came back from having had THREE Tommy John surgeries and had not pitched in the major leagues in over three years. He’s healthy again, and the Rays gave him a chance. He came in, held the win for Tampa, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m really proud of him; Venters was a part of the best reliever core in the history of Atlanta, colloquially known as O’Ventbrel. Those days are over, but all Atlanta faithful still love Jonny and wish him the very best.

Phillies, Orioles PPD

Yankees 3, Nationals 3 – suspended due to rain! Will resume tomorrow evening.

14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5/15/18

  1. I covered the Feesh-Bums vaudeville game in my next thread, which was supposed to have come up ahead of this one, but hey, Satan can visit more than one target at a time, right? Anton Szandor LaVey, where were you when I really needed you?

    Oh, I see – your were chaperoning former Feesh “top prospect” Jake Marisnick back to Oklahoma City (that’s got to be close to the bottom rung of Hell, no?) . It’s been a bad week for Feesh top prospects, current and former.

    Little known fact: John Mellencamp’s drummer, Kenny Aronoff toured as the Jefferson Airplane’s drummer during their 1989 reunion tour. The tour resulted in an eponymous album on Epic Records which didn’t sell all that well. When I asked the late wonderful Paul Kantner about that, he replied (oh, and this is classic Kantner), “if they really wanted to halt the spread of AIDS they would give it to Epic to distribute.”

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  2. Oh, as far as TV goes… I really liked Jericho, which won one extra season due to the Nuts campaign.

    My favorite show of all time is Mystery Science Theater 3000, which was saved from cancellation a few times. Now it lives in a third mutation on Netflix, where we have go fund me accounts to fund it beforehand. Never get between a MSTie and their riffs.


      1. It was like Parks and Rec in that it started slow and a little dull but you still knew something good was there. Towards the fifth episode of S1 there was a thing that happened and then it was on. Lol


  3. Minor quibble – Nats/Yanks suspension is supposed to resume today at 5:05PM ET, followed by Scherzer/Sabathia in the regularly scheduled contest, and only people who had tickets for tonight’s affair are allowed in. The forecast rain might have other ideas, though, and while both teams are off tomorrow, the Yanks have traveling to do, so if they don’t play tonight, not sure when they might make them up.

    As for “Dead Like Me”, I’m happy to learn that I wasn’t the only one who watched that show. And speaking of dead things, “Deadwood” is a show that I thought ended too early.

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    1. It is to this day the only show I’ve ever subscribed to a premium channel for. I absolutely loved it and I was heartbroken when they cancelled it right at a cliffhanger. All the characters, and subcharacters. Fantastic. I still rewatch it digitaly from time to time.

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    2. I very well could have done a typo last night when I was doing my section. It’s already started raining here on and off. Did y’all have flooding? I was out in it for a while and the roads where I was were a small lake.


      1. Get used to it. Pretty typical Maryland storm. Rains like cats and dogs for 20 mins, flooding everything, then it’s like nothing ever happened. Sometimes it’ll rain like that and you think it’ll lower the temp, but nooooooooo, it’ll just get hotter and more humid.


      2. There’s been some flooding in my part of Northern VA over the past couple of days, and perhaps more on the way will all the rain that’s supposed to be coming in.


  4. Coda to the Dodger karmic sluice: Yoenis Cespeeder put on the 10-day DL today with “hip flexor soreness.” Kiss him goodbye for six weeks to two months. There’s a medieval motif that when Satan was expelled from heaven he hit the ground so hard he burrowed all the way to Hell, and that’s why he’s there now.

    I suspect the Dodgers must feel like the same thing has happened to them.

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  5. Before he was called up to fill in for Castro, Bobby Wilson was hitting about 150 with 0 homers at AAA. Watching his at bats you can see why. Most any contact he makes is by luck. So when I saw the home run I cracked up.

    Histro, did Paper’s TV get the tongue lashing it deserved.


  6. My list of canceled too soon shows includes Vinyl (HBO), Sun Records (Country Music Television), Sports Night (ABC), and the biggest of all, Nowhere Man, a show on UPN in the mid 90’s with Bruce Greenwood. Bet no one remembers that one.

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